Bosworth Homecare

It has been an eventful week that if I had not already been scheduled to be away from work would have meant that I would have had to take time off anyway.


Details don’t need to be gone into for personal reasons but there is some information I do need/want to write about.

My wife has/had 2 carers 4 times a day for personal care for over a year now – multiple sclerosis is a nasty thing. The company providing the carers is based in Leicestershire and is called Bosworth Homecare. This is important.
Several months ago I bought a set of measuring spoons from Amazon – a hoop on which you have 1/4, 1/2, teaspoon etc. And some months ago they completely disappeared from the house. Do you have a place in your house where you put change? I did, and I was sure on a couple of occasions  that when I went to grab a couple of coins to buy milk that there were a few coins less. I put both of these down to me being forgetful. And then I did one particular online shop.
In that shop I bought 2 large bars of popping candy chocolate. 2 were delivered – I recall that because as I took them out of the shopping crate they were both broken. I put them in a kitchen cupboard. A couple of hours later my daughter goes to get some chocolate – they were bought for her – and there was one bar there. Not two. One had gone.
This was reported to Bosworth Homecare.

So there is no confusion, this is Bosworth Homecare, Leics.

Nothing happened but the carers were told that we knew something had  gone missing. I told Bosworth Homecare about the previous incidents.

Let me ask you a question – where are your car keys? If you are at home I bet you know where you left them. If not the exact place then you know the room, yes? Important things are keys and we all have habits. Last Monday my daughter went to get her car keys from the kitchen – and they had gone. This wasn’t just one key – it was a full set of car keys, several keyrings (including some with great personal value)  and a full set of house keys. Not a small bunch and hard to miss on a kitchen counter.
They had gone.
I don’t mean misplaced, dropped down the side of a chair, behind the toaster. I mean completely and totally not in the house. My daughter and I searched everywhere. We looked inside mugs, inside cereal packets, the fridge, the freezer, the bin, cupboards. No keys.
I rang Bosworth Homecare and they said to report it to the police. (And the policeman that visited laughed when I told him that saying “Well as there is no proof their staff did it they would”). So it has been reported and will be pursued.
One of the carers – and it’s one of 2 – we have the attendance sheet – took the keys. Why? Maybe because we had reported them for not ringing in/out of the call as they are required to do. Maybe because they were reported for not wearing aprons as they are required to do. Maybe because they were providing intimate care and then preparing food without changing gloves. Who knows… but regardless those keys were stolen from this house by employees of Bosworth Homecare, Leicester.
It cost over £200 for 2 new sets of keys. (Can you afford that if you employ Bosworth Homecare?)

Bosworth Homecare then stopped all care without notice. Nice eh?

This is where if you are after a care provider that you go back to the CQC website, find someone else and insist on them. You don’t need the people you invite into your house to steal from you.

Dr Trossel

Not that what I has to say meant a thing but it’s nice to be proved right.

In March 2006 I said:

One can only hope that the lying, cheating and greedy Catherine Orridge, Sean Castle, Robert Trossel and others equally of such low moral and ethical standards are caught out in the defrauding of people who really will clutch at even the most imaginary of straws. This nasty deceiving of people is worthy of the deepest contempt. It’s a con from start to finish and they all know it. in response to this Guardian post.

From The Independent now:

A doctor who exploited a group of “vulnerable” multiple sclerosis patients used stem cells that were not designed for human use, a fitness to practise panel found.

Dr Trossel, 55, exaggerated the benefits of treatment which was based on “anecdotal and aspirational information” and “scientific research that had been carried out only on animals”.

Dr Trossel did not have the necessary neurological or scientific expertise upon which to proceed with such therapy

Problem with having an uncommon surname like Orridge is the search results. My old blog is the 4th result in Google for her name. I can but hope that causes problems for her. And everyone else still involved? they should be jailed. in Leicester

Walk into any Orange mobile phone shop.
Buy a phone
At the till the sales person will open the box and insert the SIM. They say they are “setting the phone up”.
You pay.
On leaving the shop turn around and walk straight back to the same person. Say you have changed your mind, that you want a refund.
He will say you cannot because the box is opened.

Never buy anything at all from them and certainly not toward xmas because the ability to change it does not exist.

And the Orange shop at Fosse Park in Leicester? Stay away. That’s one place for this scam, this rip-off, this theft, this con.