More Accolo nonsense.

To followup from that post 2 below this I just got an email.

Your e-mail address mark@* was successfully removed from e-mail communications from “Accolo”.

Please allow up to two weeks for this “unsubscribe” request to be completed. While we have unsubscribed you from the “Accolo” master database, you may still receive communications through marketing activities that were already in progress.

2 weeks. Garbage. Should and could be instant especially when what I got was unsolicited email in the first place.

Isn’t there a law in California to stop this? I’d love to lodge a complaint somewhere.

Videoswiper. Spammers.

From an email:

> How would you like 1500 unique backlinks to your website
> for just 1 cent a bookmark ?
> That’s just $15 for 1500 social bookmarks creating 1500
> new, fresh oneway backlinks directly to your sites.

> *We create all the accounts
> *We click on all the activation emails
> *We do all the submissions
> All you have to do is give us your URL.
> Grab your $15 for 1500 links right now!

> Regards
> VideoSwiper Team

So Videoswiper are spammers because if that isn’t spamming nothing is. Just my personal opinion of course.

GMail. Stupid.

Making sure you are logged out of all your Google accounts go to You want another email account and being the savvy net user you see that you can check availability of a name. Having signed up at places like AIM, Yahoo, MSN etc it saves hassle to get that name checked first. So you put in all the names and each time it says it has been taken but offers you the “random number on the end” crap each time too. Ever hopeful you plough on until all of a sudden it gives you a captcha you need to solve before you can check another. Annoying but you have to. Study the letters, enter them carefully and click ‘Check availability’. In nice red letters it said you got it wrong. You know you did not so you check again, enter carefully again and again you are wrong. Like wtf? One last time. The swirly letters appear and you are sure they say I D I O T S so being super careful you type in I D I O T S and again it tells you you are wrong.

It’s because there are 2 captchas on the page. One right at the bottom. I can’t see it and my monitor is pretty large. Do they give any hint that you should scroll down? No. Do they highlight other boxes in red to hint that completing them may help? No. Does the page move down to the other captcha? No. Do they make the big assumption that everyone will always complete the whole form before checking for a free name? Yes. Can you simply open another browser and continue battering away for new names? Yes. Has this measure stopped the millions of gmail spammers?

Thanks Google

As far as I’m concerned, Google Groups is dead.

What is a Usenet Newsgroup?

Usenet is an online bulletin board system that began at Duke University in 1979. Usenet users can post messages to newsgroups that can be read (and responded to) by anyone who has access to the system through a newsreader. Over the years, the number of newsgroups has grown into the thousands; they’re hosted all over the world and cover every conceivable topic.

Google Groups contains the world’s most comprehensive archive of Usenet postings, dating back to 1981. Using Groups, you won’t need a newsreader and you can search this archive the same way you’d search on the web. You can also use Groups to post your own comments to an existing Usenet newsgroup.

It started in 1979. Google bought’s archives in 2001. And what happens with each and every Google product without a single exception? Spam. You’d think they would (1) recognise it and (2) have a clue how to deal with it. But they can’t, they don’t and their lack of interest means one of the most interesting places on the net has gone. Just went looking for uk.people.bodyart and it’s all spam. rec.arts.bodyart is slightly better but only just. is spammy. Everywhere is. Yet the company that says it makes billions of dollars cannot be bothered to clean things up. Brightest people work at Google? So why can’t they figure spam out? Anyway, it’s a shame because Usenet was a great place despite some trolls.

Thanks Google. – spammers

There is a dirty little company going around forums promoting the fact that they will install hundreds of blogs. I asked them something:

Hi, I saw your post at Digitalpoint.
You say you can setup blogs and customize them. This is what I would
be after:
– I choose 5 themes, each blog to use one of those
– feedwordpress installed and prepopulated with the feeds I will be
pulling in. There will one set of feeds for every 10 blogs.
– cron jobs set up to regularly pull the feeds in
– my adsense publisher ID to be inserted into each blog / plugin as
– I would like the default ping list in the blog changed to one I
already use elsewhere. It pings 30 services.
– do you auto-upgrade? I’d like these blogs set up and for me to do
nothing except collect those Google checks 🙂

Hi Mark,
It can be done.

Do you have MSN , AIM or skype?
It is easier for me to take down all the things you need.
AIM: jjwaterfall82

I suggest setup a blog with all the plugins & theme..i will duplicate it into multiple copies.

Do you have root access for your server?

So if you too want to join the splogging, spamming and thieving pondlife you just need to give joseph at your money. – content theft our speciality.