A moron works at Apple

Lots of apps open, all the regular stuff. Then Safari crashes and it takes everything with it. The machine is totally unresponsive and eventually I kill it after several minutes of waiting by holding the power button down -I have no other choice. I power up and every app that was open re-opens, I get a pile on ‘Not Responding’ in the Activity Monitor and then the machine locks up again. Which knuckle dragging idiot decided that this was the preferred behaviour? There is no way to stop this – the “option” does not work. The OS KNOWS when this happens and yet it ignored that and just crash crash crash.
Lion is a trashy bug-ridden mess of crap that I should never have bought. I will probably go back to the (still buggy but less so) Snow Leopard but I will never ever again buy any software created by Apple. I’ll use it maybe but never pay. They don’t deserve it.

Apple and scrollbars

The new Lion OS. In Snow Leopard the scrollbars were visible and substantial. They were irritatingly a couple of pixels narrower than a Windows scrollbar but they were good enough. But in Lion Apple haven’t asked someone with limited fine motor control to check how the scrollbars behave for them. Apart from having to make them visible in the first place that are really narrow now and there is no indicator that shows they have been grabbed by the mouse. This makes clicking on them much harder and that means more frustration. Apple didn’t even see fit to address that in the Accessibility prefs. Looks like Apple employ only the beautiful people with perfect control.

MW2 Hacked game

Playing MW2 online with my daughter and some of her friends. RaGE_JaMeS joins the party. He has no emblem and red/green text was being posted on the left side of the screen – the same area the 360 ‘hackers’ put their nonsense. He invited me to an 11th lobby but I didn’t say Yes. At that match end he quit. I’ve sent a friend request but I doubt I’ll hear back but it shows that MW2 on the PSN is not as locked down as Sony and Infinity Ward would have you believe. That’s if you believed them in the first place.

GMail. Stupid.

Making sure you are logged out of all your Google accounts go to http://gmail.com. You want another email account and being the savvy net user you see that you can check availability of a name. Having signed up at places like AIM, Yahoo, MSN etc it saves hassle to get that name checked first. So you put in all the names and each time it says it has been taken but offers you the “random number on the end” crap each time too. Ever hopeful you plough on until all of a sudden it gives you a captcha you need to solve before you can check another. Annoying but you have to. Study the letters, enter them carefully and click ‘Check availability’. In nice red letters it said you got it wrong. You know you did not so you check again, enter carefully again and again you are wrong. Like wtf? One last time. The swirly letters appear and you are sure they say I D I O T S so being super careful you type in I D I O T S and again it tells you you are wrong.

It’s because there are 2 captchas on the page. One right at the bottom. I can’t see it and my monitor is pretty large. Do they give any hint that you should scroll down? No. Do they highlight other boxes in red to hint that completing them may help? No. Does the page move down to the other captcha? No. Do they make the big assumption that everyone will always complete the whole form before checking for a free name? Yes. Can you simply open another browser and continue battering away for new names? Yes. Has this measure stopped the millions of gmail spammers? Not.one.little.bit.

Spitting a word

Happened to be in San Francisco at the time / just after the drilling platform exploded. And the anti-british bile which continues was amazing. Here in the UK BP is BP is BP. It’s full company name is used as often as we see pink rabbits yet American Senators were again and again saying BRITISH. Despite the fact it was another company that were running it all they said on Fox and CNN and CBS was BRITISH. I really hope that next time there is anything that the US does which damages something – which shouldn’t take long – that politicians and other leaders across the globe make damn sure they say YANKEE or AMERICAN over and over again. Fact is the USA needs BP and they really should just shut the fuck up and get on with the damn job.

The USA is demanding bans on drilling, on BRITISH companies and yet they absolutely refuse to ban landmines. So losing oil annoys them, killing innocent people does not. Something wrong there?

About Google. Again.

Safe Browsing

Diagnostic page for example.com

What is the current listing status for example.com?

This site is not currently listed as suspicious.

What happened when Google visited this site?

Google has not visited this site within the past 90 days.

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

Over the past 90 days, example.com did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

Has this site hosted malware?

No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

So Google has not visited the site for 90 days but has decided that the site has not acted as an intermediary and has not hosted malicious software. But that site DOES host malware – I just checked. It’s a nasty site I will not link to but trust me, the above result is what Google says. If you skim that page – as people do – Google say it’s safe. The very first line says it’s safe. So maybe people go there and get their sites and computers infected with crap because Google say it’s safe. If they think they are important – and we all know they do – then they should take stuff like this seriously and give a proper answer. They make billions of dollars and can’t get something as basic as this right.

Time Machine – useless

Which fuckwit at Apple decided that everyone MUST backup every 60 minutes with Time Machine? Which other fuckwit decided that users are stupid and that giving them a choice is bad? So this pair of complete fuckwits should be shot. Imbeciles of the highest damn order. Yes I know there is software out there that will change this but default behaviours can be utterly crap at times and like just about everything from Apple this too is crap. Fucking useless.


Edit: Ages ago i bought ChronoSync. It has a stack of options, lets me do lots of things and overall I will use a very small set of it’s choices. But what it does really well is step me through, let me check what will happen, reports any errors in a form I can read and understand. It’s a one-time learning curve and with their Support behind it. I used it before and I’m now setting it up. Lots of choices – unlike that crap Time Machine – means I get precisely what I want – unlike that crap Time Machine. This technology should enable me, not cripple me. Chronosync lets me think about what I want. Apple tells me what I want. Chronosync wins. Excellent program.

No invite? Sue you.

Hanni just pointed this out – boy does not invite 2 classmates to his party and is deemed to have violated their rights. That is absolutely stupidly ridiculous – and I can’t wait until some do-goody teacher/socialworker/headline grabber decides to do the same here. (My money is on the lazy do-nothings called Social workers. No-one has yet told what their reason for being is..).

Mind, you wouldn’t want to be online in Sweden anyway. They just passed a very nasty surveillance bill.