So what makes YOU happy ?

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  1. Thinking about finally moving abroad and living my dream :) The one that involves paddling in warm tropical water on a white sandy beach… oh and receiving text messages from one particular person, who shall remain nameless and who I should really know better than to go squishy over!!

  2. I’m gonna answer for the third time, just for the hell of it.

    My new iBook!

    1.33GHz PowerPC G4
    512K L2 cache @1.33GHz
    512MB memory (DDR333 SDRAM)
    12.1-inch TFT Display
    1024×768 resolution
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9550
    32MB DDR video memory
    100GB Ultra ATA hard drive
    Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
    Built-in AirPort Extreme
    Built-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
    Scrolling Trackpad
    Sudden Motion Sensor

    Also, I’m getting a free iPod Mini from Apple and a Bluetooth wireless mouse. :-D

  3. Happy…
    … getting home from work and feeling relaxed and not wound up by someone or something stupid.
    … getting a cuddle or a phonecall from a certain person for no real reason except that he thought of me.
    … fridays, when work is over and I can relax (or my version of relaxing, which is just slightly less tense!)
    … when my mum makes me tea and cake
    … when my dad makes me egg n chips
    … being good at my job
    … friends


  5. i guess what makes me happy is having somebody to love and somebody who loves me. and snuggling. and waking up and actually wanting to be awake. or when someone makes u smile on the inside and u walk away and can’t help but beam from ear to ear. yeh i like that.

  6. I like this, i actually made a colour palette about this awhile back…

    * a good hair day
    * pumpkin pie (so seasonal, only get to eat one around autumn every year)
    * nothing to do on a rainy day but curl up and snooze under a cozy blanket
    * not having to punch a timeclock anymore
    * acceptance, being treated respectfully, seeing someone do something kind for someone else
    * $ on hand, $ set aside, $ coming to me soon
    * sweet smiles & coos from a tiny baby, especially when it’s just for me
    * reading blogs, i love being a fly inside peoples heads, each & every one is unique & gifted

  7. …TASH.

    Tash on 15:19 Sunday 16 Apr 2006 at 15:19 Sunday 16 Apr said:

    Being loved and loving in return. Right now i can’t commit, to whom i want to because my baby is so far away and i’m just dying inside…


  8. ….awww jonny..just awakenin to a new day is a motive to be happy cause we alive..beleive me ive been near to death..and since then i just thank god for another day his givin me even tho sometimes is not what we expect..look around there is always someone that trully cares about u…hugsssss..u have a friend here..yea yea if u wish lol..take care my friend..Mirza

  9. What makes me happy is knowing I’m alive and I’ve survived… for a long time I made others responsible for my happiness, but I realised that’s too much pressure to put on someone… So if I can be happy just being me, I’ll be better at making others happy.. I love it when someone loves me being me but until he turns up in my life I’m just going to stand small amidst mountains, feel the weather on my skin and stop to smell the roses all around me :o)

  10. a good ear, genuine respect, being taken seriously.
    those moments when tension and suffering lift and the world feels like a place I’m glad to be.
    when I’m fiddling and my bow finds that place, of swinging between weight and lightness, that raw/delicate syncopation, remarkably hard to describe, but takes the tune into this surreal ecstatic place, and my brain with it.

  11. 1: Completing my project to build a fully functional Johnny Five Robot as seen in the Short Circuit films of the 1980s would make me happy,

    2: To have a caring loving lady in my life would make me feel happy to know that someone cares and that i make a differents to somebodys life, somebody really special…


  12. wow, so many really awesome thoughts here. i loved the getting stoned and the one with the combine. i grew up partly in the south and i remember what the golden fields look like first thing in the a.m.

    hm, what makes me happy? i guess i make me happy. i have the power to find joy in nearly every moment of my life. there are always a great manu contributing ingredients: my writing, my company, my niece, random wonderful and beautiful things. i stir them up but in the end i make the happy. :)

  13. Further to my previous post… have just remembered I was meant to be trying that positive thinking thing “Cosmic Ordering Service” recently promoted by Noel Edmunds. Basically you just write down your wishes and therefore place your order with the Cosmos. So here goes … my main wish is …. “to find a decent honest man who will be my best mate and love and care about me almost as much as I do him.” This is the one thing I have always wanted in my life … I also believe that 8 is my lucky number … so maybe the powers of the Cosmos could kindly make my wish come true by the 8 August 2006 …. cos that would be 888 ( 8+8+2+6) Sorry for the short notice … but apparently wishes for loving purposes come true quicker.

  14. wat makes me happy? i honestly can say I dont know as it has been so long since i have been truly happy. I wonder if I eva will be COMPLETELY happy, which at 20 years of age, is slightly upsetting.

    I have moments of happiness dont get me wrong, waking up to a certain someone, stolen kisses , laughing with friends, watching the sun set… they are all moments of relaxed, contented blissful happiness. But to be happy totally happy? wat would make me happy is maybe my life being far more simple and not feeling so pressured and vulnerable and lost. I think happiness is when u r where you wanna be, doing wat u wanna be doing with someone who wants to be there with u as much as you do and without either of u having to sacrifice or lose out on anything.

    wow, all those comments above sure inspired me. lol, and i’ve worked out wat i need to do to make me happy, glad i found this blog ;-)

    Jo-sexy x x x

  15. People watching
    walking to ur favourite tune that no one else cane here
    juice at the end of the calippo
    eye contact
    long hot showers
    changing old peoples perception of youths by smiling
    first kisses
    realising you were wrong
    turning to the cold side of the pillow
    being the first to offer the helping hand
    going against the rules
    making a plan hapen

  16. Music, my friends, my sis, parties, art, chocolate, shopping, holidays, school (but thats only because I live so far from my friends and school is the only place where I can see them. That and the good subjects like art) and msn-i couldnt live without it

  17. Reading a difficult text about something important and reading it again until I understand it completely (like Inwardness and Existence); seeing things finished especially a landscaped area or room or whole house; helping somebody who really needs it makes me happy; Siamese cat when he seems to be chasing something not there; the city.

  18. Dawn flying outta Ballico to Deans’ Strawberry field. Cool inversion layer in the San Joaquin the first 100 feet and then the heat. Chopn’ the power on my Hurc and slippn’ under the wires as Dean pull his Rotax 503 to life.

  19. My own family (my boyfriend Don and our dog Buddy) Whenever things are terrible, no matter what happens, I know I have the unending love and support from them that allows me to keep going. Sorry, this just seemed like a question I had to answer, more for me than anyone else =]

  20. Remembering that the tough bits will pass.
    Random acts of kindness.
    Soft sweet raspberries that melt on my tongue.
    Dancing with someone.
    Dancing down the street knowing that people think i’m peculiar.
    Soft kisses on my forehead.
    Knowing I’ve helped alleviate someone’s pain.
    Having someone special to care about.
    Bare feet on lush green grass.
    Knowing that someone-special is out there looking for me. (Remembering I must turn on my light so he can find me…)

  21. Remembering that the tough bits will pass.
    Random acts of kindness.
    Soft sweet raspberries that melt on my tongue.
    Dancing with someone.
    Dancing down the street knowing that people think i’m peculiar.
    Soft kisses on my forehead.
    Knowing I’ve helped alleviate someone’s pain.
    Having someone special to care about.
    Bare feet on lush green grass.
    Knowing that someone-special is out there looking for me.
    (Remembering I must turn on my light so he can find me…)

  22. It seems like nothing makes me happy nemore, every moment of happiness is closely followed by intense moments of sadness.If happiness was a constant state then i’d be happy.

    At the moment though a laptop that din’t break down every 2 seconds would be nice.

  23. Getting up every morning and seeing the light from the sun shining in my window. My memories of my ex-boyfriend and how we used to sleep in on Saturdays and just cuddle. I hate being so romantic, but this really made me cry. Seeing so many people saying that doing good makes them happy…it really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Maybe we will be ok in the end. Cheers, Liz

  24. releasing pent up energy.
    watching the stars.
    being completely wasted w ppl who care.
    dave chappel.
    watching the sunset on the ocean.
    crossing the bridge to go home.
    laying down when im tired.
    being held..

    feeling safe- like no one will hit me anymore.

  25. My wife healing from radiation treatment for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
    My son not telling me that his car is having mechanical problems AGAIN
    My yellow labrador retriver
    Riding are quads / ATV’s in the mountains
    Relaxing and hanging out with Family and freinds.
    A good nights sleep
    No road rage in the morning and stupid drivers on the interstate hoggin the left lane, feel like putting a towtruck bumper on my truck and bumping every last one of them.
    Law enforcement that would do there JOBS instead of turning there heads the other way.
    Politicians that would NOT lie and cheat and be alchoholics and back stabbers
    And a whole lot more

  26. Being in love with someone whom I absolutely cant get ENOUGH of!!
    Knowing how he feels about me by just looking into his eyes.
    When i dont say a word to him and he knows exactly what is on my mind.
    Someone who loves me against all odds and who will risk everything to be with me.
    Life is way too short to live it not being happy…so dont worry about what other people think about you and just be happy.

  27. What makes me happy? When I wake up in the morning to the sun shining bright. I know I get it, I really get life and most of us walk around this world not really understanding life. The thing is you have to figure it out on your own, nobody can do that for you.I’m happy I understand life.

  28. What makes me happy?

    a long walk on streets at midnights,

    being alone in a beach at sunrise and sunset,

    a girl company who is as crazy as me and a hell a kind of lover, loving me and only me,

    spending time with smiling and talkative babies,

    getting wet and dirty on a rainy day,

    and most of all making others happy always makes me happy.

  29. Remembering my elderly grandparents as they were when I was little
    Waking up and realising there’s no work today
    Having one too many and dancing, even to music I don’t really like
    Hugs..especially from children that you know don’t get too many
    Making people laugh
    When my husband comes home early from work unexpectedly
    And finally..the fantasy that one day inventors will invent a machine that will follow me about all day tidying up after me

  30. Being Alive makes me happy, knowing that everything is interconnected and that everything happens for a reason makes me want to know what will happen next.

    My son’s innocence makes me happy.
    The sea’s vastness and openess makes me feel free.
    Generally to be on this planet makes me happy.

  31. Why worry about the spelling and grammar? Surely it matters more what the person is saying rather than the form? And anyway we can’t all have the same talents or life would be SO boring! (ps: ever heard of dyslexia? and all the others ways life can stop you doing it “right”?)

    Happiness: knowing Mark Mcgowan is going to eat a swan at the Guy Hilton Gallery, 35 Fournier Street on Saturday 13th January 2007 at 5pm. go for it Mark, just wish I get there and bring you some Duchy of Cornwall chutney to go with it!

  32. For me, the first flush of love is one powerful happiness drug, especially in the way that the feelings associated with love spill over into my perception of life, surprising me with its beauty – I don’t think that this has ever been expressed better than in these lines from Endymion by John Keats:

    …. but who, of men, can tell
    That flowers would bloom, or that green fruit would swell
    To melting pulp, that fish would have bright mail,
    The earth its dower of river, wood, and vale,
    The meadows runnels, runnels pebble-stones,
    The seed its harvest, or the lute its tones,
    Tones ravishment, or ravishment its sweet,
    If human souls did never kiss and greet?

  33. my beautiful yet brilliant (literally) girlfriend

    waking up and thinking its time for school then remembering its a weekend so i can sleep in!

    thinking deeply for my own pleasure

    making game-winning plays

    being the only one who knows the answer in class

    reading this list

    helping people



  34. What makes me happy?!? Well, I couldn’t sit here and type one thing in this box as I’m sure there are many more things to make me happy then just one. But one thing that would truely make me the happiest person out there, is if my innocent boyfriend was freed from jail. I have been without him for almost 8 months now and it’s becoming unbareable. I am not lonley because i was unable to find someone that was perfect for me, I am lonely because of something that is neither his, nor my fault. So..I guess I CAN, after all, sit here and name one thing that would truely make me happy. And believe me when I say, this thing would compensate for all the other things that could make me happy. Well, besides the extreme amount of laughter my best friend Vanessa provides.
    -Spencer’s Lady forver

  35. taking a road trip with a 57′ mustang with my siberian husky and my Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin albums. Getting stoned with friends and reminiscing. The annual cookout where my extended family of 50 get together and enjoy a day of soccer, good food and hopefully good conversation.

  36. 1. Knowing that I am the creator of my reality.
    2. A girl with black hair, piercing green eyes and a naughty tom-boy attitude.
    3. Seeing people smile.
    4. Making people smile.
    5. A clear beautiful day.
    6. Knowing I and We All can make a difference to the world with a simple choice. What to be or not to be?
    7. A candle on dark night.
    8. A good joint.
    9. Peace.

  37. Well there’s a lot I think..

    1. When I met the man who’s been in my dreams at night and named him Xaegevuhs.
    2. Our babies: Ruru, Shibby and Jarrah.
    3. Strawberries with kisses from Xaegevuhs.
    4. Peace all over.
    5. Flowers.
    6. Butterflies.
    7. Chocolates.
    8. Ice cream.

  38. The thing that makes me happy is to see my parents are cool! What i meant was they are not fighting or arguing. And finding Mr. Right! heheh. But there is a saying that if you keep chasing the butterfly, it eludes you. So, he’s just somewhere but forgot to ask directions so he’s lost! haha

  39. That is a lot of things ..
    love, silly stuff, having people around you that loves you, a sunday morning with family guy, food, people who like you for who you are. And a lot of other things! Just life I guess :)

  40. Painting, just being creative.
    Spending time with other people’s kids
    Knowing fully well that in a few hours, they’ll be back with
    their parents who will be receiving the stress & not me!!!
    Living in my caribbean paradise
    Happy to be born in this part of the world
    loud Music…… drown my sorrows!

  41. to silent pyjamas(78)- that is great, you truly understand where happiness comes from.

    to drmike (52)- I know what you mean. Same thing happened to me. That’s when I learned how right SP is.

    Oh and my dogs help. Can’t beat a living being that is always happy to see you! ;-)

  42. What makes me happy? that was a question which brought me to this site, and I am happy I’m here. Thanks all for inspiring. We all share so much in common though we may be from places all round the world. For me, being with family, friends, having good food, pleasant drive .. would all make me happy. Travel & nature excites me, going places around the world is my dream. I would say its important we understand life, & lives of others,& what is it that we want, & may be just count what we already have. that should make us happy

  43. Contributing makes me happy.

    You can’t have the ying without the yang. Buddhism suggests that all is suffering. If that is the case, then happiness must be a state of delusion. Somehow I have managed to delude myself for many years simply by believing that my hard work and suffering through contributing to others is a route to happiness, and therefore I am always happy. Positive thinking?? People say I’m the happiest person they know, but also the most correct in perspective. I don’t know about the latter but it makes them happy so I am humble.

    Protecting people from the bad things in life makes me happy.

    I’d throw myself in front of a train if I knew it would make the world a happier place. But, for now, I work for other’s happiness and take pleasure in them being happy. :-)

  44. What makes me happy is taking walks in the park with that special someone,sitting under the stars and cuddling,being able to trust that special someone with anything and know they will feel the same.
    Learning everything I can about almost every topic I can, that grabs my interest. Reading good books and meditating to bring peace within me. Having balance in my life makes me happy. Having someone I can share it with makes me happy. Someone I can trust and be completely honest and open with about everything. A warm fire on cold nights. Helping people when I can, and being able to laugh. I used to laugh and smile a lot more than I do now. Always keeping a positive attitude helps keep me happy.

  45. Appreciating the positives in people
    The smell of new mown grass
    A beautiful sky
    A thunderplump of rain
    Being creative
    Making new friends
    Capturing a great image with my trusty camera
    Taking time out to just watch the world doing it’s thing
    Having a good nights sleep
    Finding this blog…x

  46. – Living the moment without a worry about the future or a thought from the past(except a good one, maybe).

    – Doing everything to the best of my capability.

    – Trying something new everyday and meeting new people.

    – Good deed i.e. bringing a good change in the world or smiling at a stranger.

    – Reading news on World Socialist Web Site, feels good to read something that is not corporate, gvt biased.

    – Wealth. How did everyone miss that?

    – World Peace?

  47. A good song that I can sing and dance to

    Knowing that I made a difference in someone’s day

    Accomplishing something I never thought I could

    Watching the sunrise/sunset

    Spending time with the kids- knowing they look up to me and that I can make a difference in there life even if it’s small

    Seeing that one very shy child that you always see in the corner playing by themselves finally open up and have fun with there friends, watching them smile

    Seeing my parents finally happy again as I once saw them

    Knowing my sister is finally content with her life, not hurting anymore

  48. happiness is me finding the woman of my dreams. the one i have fantasised about, pictured in my mind all those countless moments that i have thought during my life. imagine the most perfect woman for you that was ever born in the history of the world, and somehow u meet her. i guess onlly that is possible with god. i will find her. if u want something badly enough, u can find it. i believe this.

  49. having someone that really loves you and knowing they would come cross the country/world just for u… and wud do anyting for and to c u happy….. anything is to small when u ask them becoz they love for you is too strong so everytin compared to that looks real smal….now is that ever gona happen>?

  50. Remembering that the tough bits will pass.
    Random acts of kindness.
    Soft sweet raspberries that melt on my tongue.
    Dancing with someone.
    Dancing down the street knowing that people think i’m peculiar.
    Soft kisses on my forehead.
    Knowing I’ve helped alleviate someone’s pain.
    Having someone special to care about.
    Bare feet on lush green grass.
    Knowing that someone-special is out there looking for me.
    (Remembering I must turn on my light so he can find me…) Remembering that the tough bits will pass.
    Random acts of kindness.
    Soft sweet raspberries that melt on my tongue.
    Dancing with someone.
    Dancing down the street knowing that people think i’m peculiar.
    Soft kisses on my forehead.
    Knowing I’ve helped alleviate someone’s pain.
    Having someone special to care about.
    Bare feet on lush green grass.
    Knowing that someone-special is out there looking for me.
    (Remembering I must turn on my light so he can find me…) Remembering that the tough bits will pass.
    Random acts of kindness.
    Soft sweet raspberries that melt on my tongue.
    Dancing with someone.
    Dancing down the street knowing that people think i’m peculiar.
    Soft kisses on my forehead.
    Knowing I’ve helped alleviate someone’s pain.
    Having someone special to care about.
    Bare feet on lush green grass.
    Knowing that someone-special is out there looking for me.
    (Remembering I must turn on my light so he can find me…) Remembering that the tough bits will pass.
    Random acts of kindness.
    Soft sweet raspberries that melt on my tongue.
    Dancing with someone.
    Dancing down the street knowing that people think i’m peculiar.
    Soft kisses on my forehead.
    Knowing I’ve helped alleviate someone’s pain.
    Having someone special to care about.
    Bare feet on lush green grass.
    Knowing that someone-special is out there looking for me.
    (Remembering I must turn on my light so he can find me…) jewlz ur so annoying

  51. PROZAK!!!!

    only kidding here goes….

    knowing i’m loved,
    the smell of rain on trees,
    drawing, painting
    being around my loved ones,
    learning new crap i’ll probubly never have a need for,
    bare feet in snow, its great for about twominutes then the frost bite kicks in so prob not too happy bout that aspect.
    when i get an email iv been expeting.
    being kind and helping others,
    when iv acheived something,
    the pub.
    being told your beutiful first thing in the morning when your hairs a afro and you’ve got dried drool on the side of you face and breath that can take down a skunk.
    thick feather duvets on a cold winters night.
    seeing people smile and laugh especially if it was me that caused it.
    getting totally shit faced and talking complete inchoherant nostalgia about the good old days with a old friend
    realising that the world is a beutiful place if you look past all the shit that comes with daily life.


  52. on hiking trips…. waking up insanely early, making coffe in a tin can, and watching the sun rise up through the fog. priceless!

    on road trips… the ipod on random, coffee to go, the weather warm and sunny, the window open, and nothing but open road for you to cruise down. that and i just love driving my vw gti! lol…

  53. – closing my eyes during a concert
    – Realizing how lucky I am, all considering.
    – daydreaming about a girl I just met
    – crying at the happy ending of a cheesy movie
    – taking the train when I don’t have to work, just looking through the window and listening to my favorite music

  54. – eye contacts with good looking strangers who smile at you
    – long walks in a large city at night
    – the moment right before you fall asleep with somebody you really love
    – long walks in parks
    – looking at somebody laughing to tears
    – toddlers trying to learn speak, walk…
    – unexpected someone remembering your birthday
    – family gatherings
    – good gossip

  55. Inner Peace. It’s Thanksgiving today, and I’m spending it not with my family, but online looking for a way to be happy. I think happiness is finding your inner peace; that with which we can feel at ease, so we can truly experience a happy moment when it comes our way. I think it’s different for everyone, and I wish inner peace and happiness for all 231 posts before me. Oh yeah, and myself too.
    Writing this made me feel a little better…

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  56. I’m Happy that finals are over and I can now look forward to doing better next semister. I happy that I have already told my parents that my grades suck and they did not do anything drasric. I am happy that I am a free thinker. I am happy that I broke off a serious relationship that should not have gotten to the point it did and even though it was hard because I really care deeply for her but it was the right thing to do. I am happy that I will someday meet the girl that I am supposed to be with. I love how life gives second chances and happiness follows sadness. It is the troubles in life that reminds us the value of sharing good times with the people we care about. I’m happy to know that everybody goes through down and out times but I have the ability to turn a negative into a positive. I am happy that I am in controll of my own destiny.

  57. Making me happy now is to know we all come on here with something in common. we are all in search of happiness or of what makes other people happy…i’m happy that Ryan’s ^ (above me) comment has helped me in my personal life…ryans insight and perspective is helping me be happier. i hope u all have a really happy christmas & New Year. xo

  58. What makes me happy is being alive. Since i am a teenager in all (17) what really makes me happy is smoking weed, having intercourse, counting my money and spending it, seeing my little brother happy, and being away from the house. I wasnt trying to be disgusting or anything.

  59. if i told u that nothing makes me happy in this life,i said the truth nothing can makes me happy,i dont really know the meaning of hapiness,i tried everything but nothing works;everything is equal to me ,whit equal blak,hapiness equal sadness………..hind

  60. if i told u that nothing makes me happy in this life,i said the truth nothing can makes me happy,i dont really know the meaning of hapiness,i tried everything but nothing works;everything is equal to me ,whit equal blak,hapiness equal sadness………..hind

  61. Acheiveing your dreams, (swimming in every lake in the lake district :D )
    feeling proud, wanted, loved,
    Knowing someone gives a dame about you,
    chocolate, coffe, friends, the sun,
    The beauty of nature, soft cuddly animals
    helping the less fortunate,
    doing things that arnt pointless

    reading through some of these has made me wonder,
    there will always be bad patches, but look on the bright side of life, be happy :D


  62. What makes me happy?
    Travelling..having friends from different countries. Visiting them :)
    Nice weather, being on the beach during the sunset, warm rain.
    Quality humor and laughing with friends, making people smile.
    Performing, applause.
    Dancing, flirtind, reading, working out..
    Good music, singing along, memories that come with certain songs.
    Falling in love ofcourse :)
    Eating sushi with friends, prepareing food..

    and the list goes on

  63. I think being alone one morning in the garden,,laying on grass watching the sky,,thinking..hindi happy yata yun??and someone wud come along n lay beside me hold my hand without a word n we watch the clouds togethe,we feel the morning ambiance.That simple things could make me happy.BUt my real happiness depends on the person who held my hand..

  64. Knowing things will work out and get better – they always do.
    Rediscovering myself.
    Going for my dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem (you’ll never know untill you try).
    Being with TRUE friends – which are so hard to find.
    Being with Family.
    Feeling content and peaceful.
    Realising that I’ll get there one day – wherever there is.
    Knowing that just being me is enough.

  65. Serving Jesus
    Psalm 107:8-9
    8 Let them give thanks to the Lord for His loving-kindness, And for His wonders to the sons of men.
    9 For He has satisfied the thirsty soul,
    And the hungry soul He has filled with what is good.

  66. When stupid things happen when you’re in the best of moods. Like when it rains after doing your hair for hours, but you’re just too happy to see the downside so you just smile and laugh.

    Seeing the better parts of bad situations. Like losing money if you’re out, rather than thinking that I’d lost money, I saw it as making someone elses day better. I know I’d be cheerful finding a bit of cash. That attitude helped.

    Knowing that my family and friends are proud of everything I do, and are proud of the person I’ve become and will as I grow older, wiser and happier.

    Having friends that I know I can lean on for any problem, big, small or stupid.

    And having health, intelligence, enough money, food, shelter, warmth, love and life.

    I am truly aware of everything I have, and I know that I’m so utterly lucky. If I were capable I’d share my happiness, but I do my best to do so by being there for friends, family, strangers if needs be, and keeping a positive, down to earth attitude.

    Life’s too short to cry it away.

  67. be with your true love
    2. mother and father’s love
    3. my wise little sister
    4. dreaming
    5. to have perhaps one day the power to go back and forth in time, and even freeze time
    6. cooking
    7. suprises
    8. reading
    9. achieving my goals
    10. my prayers being answered
    11. knowing that we are all in it together
    12. kissing my loved ones
    13.cuddles, affection,
    14. learning something new about the universe
    15. being strong despite hard times
    16. an interesting conversation
    17. seeing compassion from people
    18. knowing who i am, what i stand for and not being misunderstood.
    19. if my former lover came back to me for good.

    so many!!

  68. …knowing that i am mine and nothing can break that.
    knowing that what goes around comes around.
    knowing that i will be loved.
    knowing that what is meant to be will, eventually, be.
    knowing that my problems are so tiny compared to the problems of so many people in this world.
    knowing that i have the power to change the world.

  69. 1. Losing weight
    2. Rainy days
    3. Thunderstorms
    4. Sammy
    5. Exercise
    6. Cleaning my room
    7. Having a clean bedroom
    8. Text messages
    9. Voicemail messages
    10. Wearing new clothes
    11. Hugs
    12. Being lost in a book
    13. Writing in my journal
    14. Having someone to talk to
    15. Babies
    16. Knowing that I have survived
    17. Wind
    18. Driving with the windows down
    19. Eye contact
    20. Bones
    21. Happy people
    22. Soft kisses
    23. Having someone to care about, and knowing they care about me
    24. Honesty
    25. Intelligence
    26. Using big words
    27. Sitting on the beach on a cool night
    28. Water
    29. Sitting in silence with someone
    30. Nature
    31. Whipped cream
    32. Hot chocolate with cream at work
    33. Getting a good grade on a test
    34. Praise
    35. Crying
    36. Reaching a goal

  70. i think what makes me happy is my girlfriend kyara she is the only thing that matters to me and i love her more than everything. We have been going out for months now and everyday with her was the best. I love it when she runs into my arms everyday in school. She has the most sexiest body you could ever see when she puts on that bathing suit of hers. I love the smell of her perfume that she alwasys uses. Her smile is so beautiful, evertime she smiles she puts a smile on my face. Most importantly i love her personality she can be so much different things like a nice calm peacful girl but at times she can be a bit crazy too but thats what i love about her so much! Kyara Bunoa i love you more than anything and i wanna spend the rest of my life with you!!!!

  71. All i know is that before i met the women i thought i was going to spend the rest of my life with. i was quite a shy and insecure boy. I had gained more confidence, when i started to loose weight and i started college and made new friends. When i met this women she was the best catch a boy could ask for. She was my first love and we had a connection right from the start. We grew together having fun like all relationships in the honeymoon period. and during the end of the relationship she started to have a few second thoughts, such as were still young. Im 19 and she’s 17, she’s going to UNI next year. and other things that i am not aware of. when we broke up, it were her decision to break up, making me make the decision to end it. i knew that she was having second thoughts about breaking up, as she was reluctant to end it by ending it with me and then calling me up after i dropped her home and she calls me up saying that she still want to be with me and can we get back together, then ending it again in the morning. But yea back to what i was saying, she said that we got so serious and it felt like we were married. and she’s going to UNI next year and it would be worse if we were together for another year. So i am well and truly confused about what has happened. I still really miss her 2 months down the line. I am going round her house for coffee soon. What do you think about this whole situation? would be greatly appreciated. because this whole situation is making me unhappy and making me not get on with my life, the way i know i should be.

    Hope everyone else is okay :)

    Many Thanks


  72. Last night the guy I’ve liked for a while very nearly kissed me, and I’m going to see him again tonight at work. I hate to hinge my happiness on another person’s actions, but reading through it seems most of us are made happy by Love. Also, I read in the paper today that happy people tend to have lots of close friends, so I think that happiness is linked with feeling connected. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that there are people you can always fall back on.

    Love xx

    Dear M,
    It sounds like she doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore, but is finding letting go hard. If you can’t make it work when you live in the same town, how can you expect to get on when she moves away?

  73. Honestly, I want to be able to say that I find complete joy in Jesus. I want to be able to say all my happiness comes from the Lord and not the things of this world. However, in the words of Bradley Hathaway, “I’m not there yet, but I’m past the start.”

  74. after heart-broken few years back my pursuit to happyness is
    to try to smile in small moments of life…
    – talking to friends or extending any help to them
    – on seeing couples in love
    – on seeing kids playing
    – memories of past golden times
    – memories of playing with my dog

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