Wobble wobble

Scrolling though Freeview I often see a channel that has the program “Vibrapower Slim 3”
I have no idea what it actually is, but the name…

Just now I took a look at that channel.

Someone somewhere …..

From me to you tattoo

Seen a tackle box? Lots of little compartments for stuff. I have several which cover the amount of body jewellery I have accumulated over the year.

Wood, bone, stone, steel, titanium, glass, amber and more.

I usually just open the one that contains all the 28mm plugs/tunnels but after a sort out yesterday I opened the big box at the bottom. It has tattoo inks, the little plastic cups, sterile wipes and two of the old style tattoo guns. I never could get on with them. It also has some Reelskin which I had forgotten about (impulse buy).

I found a pack of flat Reelskins and a hand.
Then I dug out the tattoo gun I have – rotary – and started playing with the Reelskin. Some adjustments later and I was happy.

On the little finger of my right hand I now have two broad stripes – one blue, one green on the first section of that finger – and a blue ‘comma’ on the middle. They were done with the needle tip that composes 4 or 5 needles.

Today I checked the needles I have and found I have single tipped needles. They aren’t actually one-tipped. It’s one needle but is split into three fine points. Practiced on some Reelskin, all was good. Laid some ink into my finger, all was good.

My eldest came around and the above was mentioned.

She asked, and now she has a tattoo, by me, on her.

It is ornate, spectacular and award winning?
Hell no.
Is it cute?
It is a reminder of today that will live with her forever?
Hell yes.

That works.

An incompetent photographer

At the wedding there was a photographer. He did his thing and the next day sent a link to an online album. My daughter and new husband could order prints of those they liked.
She sent me the link and the password. I took a look wondering if there was a way of removing the watermark. There was not. Then I looked again at the password.
I went up a directory to the photographer’s main album which is visible to anyone. All the albums he had were there – weddings, xmas family photos and more.

The password for each and every one of them was the surname of the featured people. The password was there in plain sight and if other customers had a clue they could look at what are meant to be photos that are privately shared.

I’ve msg’d my daughter and told her. I said she should demand the photographer change the password. If he does not then I’ll name him.

A bitchy post

I make no apologies at all for this.

At some point in my last few months at Automattic I got up at my usual 6am, walked the dogs, showered etc and sat down at my computer at my usual 15-20 mins before my 7am start.
I liked to take the time to read the some internal P2’s, slack channels and get up to speed.

There was a power cut.

I could do nothing but wait and a couple of minutes after 7am the power came back. The router did it’s thing, I connected, opened the Live Chat and started work. This is maybe 5 minutes past 7am UK.

I have a Slack DM from one of the schedulers. She demands to know why I was late, that I should have let people know. I told her it was a power cut, that I had no idea it was about to happen so how could I have let people know? She went on about the fact I was late. I told her that I had been at Automattic forever and that if I was late it would been for a very good reason. She didn’t care. She was wielding the power she thought she had to come down on me. All it did was make me despise her.

The schedulers are not above the HE’s at Automattic. In fact, with this particular female I reckoned she wanted the scheduler job because she couldn’t do Support. And she wanted the power.

And the 7am? She was in Canada. She was up watching people sign in despite it being very very early in Canada.

I heard some news.

A Team Lead is stepping down. Perfectly normal event. And guess who will be taking that place? The person who wanted to be a scheduler so she did not have to do Support. This female will now be telling others how to do a job she cannot do herself.

Whoever said Yes to this Team Lead position is either desperate or crazy. This female will hurt those she will be the lead of. It’s a terrible terrible appointment.

Jen McF as a Team Lead? If I was on that team I’d be taking HR for a move.

A re-read

I’ve said for a long time that I thought The Stand by Stephen King was my #1 book. I read it on release, read it a few times and was amazed by the depth that the unabridged version brought when it was released in 1989.

I’ve changed my mind.

I first read Firestarter (by the same King) in Omni magazine back around 1980. Loved it and bought the book on release. For some reason I don’t think I ever re-read it, or if I had it’s not in the last 20 years.
I could remember the opening. I could remember the scene at the end. But the rest of the story arc I’d lost.
Wanting to take a break from reading non-fiction but not wanting to read a new book, I noodled through Calibre and saw Firestarter.


Over the last 3 days I read it again and I am so glad I did. It is amazing.

While I still love The Stand, and intend to now re-read the unabridged version again, Firestarter takes the #1 spot.

On gaming

When I left Automattic one of the things I wrote in my farewell post was

I have a huge gaming backlog (Fallout New Vegas beckons)

That backlog has grown (got to buy a good game deal, right?) but it has not gone down. It has been bugging me as to why an activity (video games) that I have played since I was a teen at school (truant yay!) just has not figured in my life since April when I got all the time I needed to play.

After some time I figured that is was escapism.

Flip back some years …. I am caring for Jacqui. I have an increasingly stressful job at Automattic yet I still found time to play so many games – Burnout Paradise, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Far Cry 4 and others took thousands of hours of my time.
Playing those – and many many more – games gave my mind a rest, a diversion, an escape. I very much believe in games providing the escape you need from life and that made sense.

Look at now. I have no caring role since Jacqui died. I left Automattic in April this year, so maybe my need for escapism has gone so that’s why I don’t play games.

That made sense to me. Almost.

I got to thinking about all the years – decades – I have played games. I would bunk off school to go into the city and plug 10 pence into video game cabinets. I got the Megadrive (Genesis), SNES, PS, Saturn, Dreamcast and way more yet in those days I did not have the job at Automattic and Jacqui was well.
Looking at it that way, the use of games as escapism makes no sense. I had nothing to escape from.

Over the last few days I have made an effort – and it was an effort – to play some games. I even renewed my PS+ subscription to play online.

And earlier it hit me.

I played games because I enjoyed them. There is not now any enjoyment. It is not fun, it is not satisfying, it’s just something to do to pass the time. In some ways once I open a game it becomes a chore.

When I realised this I thought about other activities – walking the dogs, TV, films, reading. There is no enjoyment in any of them.
There may be a fleeting like in a short video, a meme.
But overall my enjoyment level has flatlined.

“It’s dead Jim.”


Yesterday my youngest daughter got married.

First plans involved 100+ guests, reception.
Then Covid Tier 2 caused it to be cancelled.

Second plan involved 15 at the wedding followed by a socially distant meal afterwards.
Last week their area dropped into Tier 3.

The ceremony went ahead, and then we all went home. Not ideal, but the two of them really enjoyed the ceremony and the photos after and they are just relieved that at last they could become a couple.

I got the full ceremony on video, took a shedload of pics and the happy couple now have all those.

No pics of the bride and groom will be here.

IMG 1010

Google and Fitbit

Google’s Fitbit acquisition wins EU approval

Among the concessions, Google has agreed not to use Fitbit data, including GPS and health data, gathered from any user in the European Economic Area (EEA) for targeted advertising

Of course they will not.
Until it’s established that THEY WILL DO EXACTLY THAT.

They will blame a coding error, an errant engineer, or some other lies.
They, like facebook, routinely use those excuses and are allowed to get away with it – and that’s precisely why they will do it.

Fuck Fitbit.

Oh – and if you are not in the EU? Well what do you think??

Toothy Tom is a Twat

A recording has emerged of Tom Cruise apparently shouting at workers on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 and threatening to fire them if they broke Covid-19 guidelines. BBC

Toothy Tom doesn’t give a flying fuck about Covid-19

Toothy Tom doesn’t give a flying fuck about the film

Toothy Tom only cares about himself

Fuck Scientology

Fuck Cults

And with a ten foot pole suitably condomed, fuck Toothy Tom. Dry.