GoFundMe for Assassination?

Is there one?

I’d contribute to any that said they’d shoot – and kill – Mark Zuckerberg

I’d contribute to any that said they’d shoot – and kill – Donald J Trump

Facebook will let Trump run ads on election night prematurely claiming victory

Both should die and the planet would be a much better place.

Seriously – if you use facebook or instagram STOP. Life does exist without them.

And if you vote Republican, grab that gun you so lovingly own, stick it in your mouth and pull the trigger. TIA

Project Garden continues

Weather was good today, forecast is for crap weather for three days so along with eldest we went to a garden center.

Lots of money, some varied plant posts and varied plants.
Probably going to buy another bunch of pots & plants for the right side. But for now, the new arrivals remain in their original plastic pots and at the weekend I’ll repot them to the proper pots.
Apart from the pansies – which will live in hanging baskets – they are perennials, pollinator friendly and I picked them because I like them.

2015 ….
“Hey Mark, in 5 years time you’ll be wandering around a garden centre and enjoying it”


A box of tech

While searching for my – still lost – bluetooth earbuds I realised I have a few gadgets and things which I will never use again but I’m not about to throw them out. So I found a box, plonked them all in and next up is finding any charging cables.

What’s in the box?

Top row:
Portable speaker that uses a cable.
WP branded earphones
Creative Zen Vision 30GB Music / Video player
Creative Zen Micro
Broadlink Remote device

USB video camera
Blackberry Bold
Sandisk Clip+ MP3 player
WP branded Flip video camera
iPod Classic 160GB
GPS device

Psion 5
Flip video camera
Nikon Coolshot camera
Minidisc player

Two more cameras
iPod Touch
iPod Touch
Garmin forerunner watch
Five different Fitbits

The WP branded Flip was I think given out to everyone at the first Automattic Team meetup – which was Support – in London 2009.
The iPod Classic gets very hot very fast when plugged in so that needs a new battery at least.
The Psion 5 works perfectly as do many of the items.
I just can’t bring myself to throw them away.

Task complete

The area behind the rear garage door is now pretty much complete.

The weed membrane is working really well and the bindweed looks to be dead.
The gap between the walls is – while not pretty because membrane can be seen – is covered in pea gravel.
The mess that covered the block paving is clear.

The rear garage door does not really need to open, so that area could be used, but I’ve no idea what for.
Eldest suggested a brick BBQ, but why build something that would be used a handful of days only? Same for her other suggestion of an outside pizza over (my g3ferrari works perfectly and predictably).

If anything I’m leaning toward building a walk-in cage for some ferrets.

Or maybe nothing.

No masks for me!

Went Costco yesterday with eldest. You need to be wearing a mask to get in. That’s exactly what I would expect and of course we both had masks. As we are wandering round though I noted something.

All the white shoppers were wearing masks.
The couple of black guys I saw wearing masks.
And most of the Asian appearing singles and couples had removed theirs.

Our city has been locked down more than most, covid is known to affect BAME people to a greater degree than others yet these complete idiots didn’t give a damn.

Huel Hot & Savoury – AVOID

The above is the image on their site. Check that bowl. Looks like a bowl full of maybe a risotto.

Here is another

So what do you GET?

A pot noodle sized container. You add the required scoop, add the water and you get watery soup.
That’s it.

Watery soup with a few lumps in.

You do NOT get anything resembling their photos.

I liked Huel powder and it was on the strength of that plus seeking a savoury
alternative that I bought this.

Very bad move.

Don’t believe their hype – it’s just soup and to be honest I’d rather have a Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle.

I need to measure my nipples

I had two days this week where I did not speak to another human. I walked the dogs 4x every day but passed no-one. I – I was going to say talk to the dogs / cats but that implies I’m either maaaaad (which I could be given paperwork from a Dr but has not been tested legally and ended in a positive and to be honest I’d never use as a defence) or that I’m Doolittle. Neither apply.
I speak to them, reassure them, fuss them.
But yeah, no humans.

IMG 0728
The pub I used to take the dogs too is open. Table seating, dogs can’t wander round, can’t stand at the bar chatting. That’s not a pub. So we don’t go.

I have my ear plugs for the wedding of my youngest ready – assuming that idiot Prime Minister and his sixth former moron Hancock don’t cancel weddings. If you are in a Slack channel with me, just ask and I’ll post the image.

Diablo 3, Necro, Solo 105, Paragon 1600 something.

I have titanium rainbow bcr’s in both nipples. When I go out, one of them shrinks/tightens and it stings. I assume that’s because of the ring curvature. So as winter approaches it’s time to measure the nips and buy straight barbells.

The bad dreams continue.

More garden

The nettles and bindweed have been chopped back, weedkilled again and covered.

The area is covered with a trampoline bouncy thing fabric + weed membrane + wood so the wind fails to remove it.
ETA to take that off? April 2021 maybe

Next in the garden are three steps in this one pic.

On the left I need to fill the gap between the walls with stone / gravel.
In the middle I need to weed, clean and tidy
On the right I need to repaint the garage brickwork (it’s breeze blocks), then clean, strip, sand and paint the back garage door.

The first two items are when I have the motivation. The garage stuff I need both good weather and the motivation. (It’s like planets aligning….)

As to why the garage has a full back door that leads onto a garden? Apparently a previous owner of the house owned a boat. So the garage is bigger than a single, not as wide as a double and longer than most. Weird.
Oh, and it’ll be green. The paint for the door that is.

The front door of the garage also needs repainting. I did it several years ago but it’s flaked. I have 3 choices:
– the same boring white
– sunflower yellow (which Jacqui would have liked)
– or both

Time will tell 🙂