A story in the local paper about a someone doing wheelies on a motorbike and being seen by police reminded me of an incident in 1990.

Jacqui had bought a moped type thing (I forget the model. It was bright red, fairing, you rode in the racing position) which I started using. I could ride it on a Provisional driving license. It was power restricted (as per law so top speed was 35mph) and it had a rev counter. At a stop I could rev to a certain number, drop the clutch and take off smoothly.
I wrote the bike off when turning left at a junction and wet leaves took the bike out from under me. I slid across the road (I was all kitted out so was fine) but the insurance later said the bike was toast.

I went looking for another bike.

Honda CBR 125 unrestricted. unrestricted

Bought it from someone on the other side of the city and rode it home. Position was more sitting up. I recall belting along a road (dual carriageway, no other traffic) back at 80mph. The pressure on my chest from the wind was amazing. Very cool ride. No full license and 80mph? I liked.

This bike did not have a rev counter.

Couple of days later I’m out on the bike and heading home. Coming back through the closest village and there are roadworks. Traffic lights regulating traffic and it happens that I end up at the front on my side when the light goes red. I listen to the engine as I keep it ticking over and reckon by the sound (of this still new to me bike) that I’ve got the revs right. Traffic light turns green. I drop the clutch.

I got the sound wrong. I went straight into a wheelie flying past maybe a dozen cars on the opposite side of the road. They probably thought “What a wanker” while I’m holding on for dear life and for reasons I’ll never understand I managed to drop the front wheel, get myself together and made it home.

It was not long after that when I had the bike crash that almost killed me. Jacqui asked me not to ride bikes after that, and I agreed.

It’s not the going fast that kills, it’s the stopping.

Unrealistic Automattic

So Matt says teams should take time off together. How about Happiness Teams?
Why not?
Support has done a massive amount of work recently – along with the 3rd party Support services that have been paid to help – but I’ll bet anything that people in Support are being denied leave because of the workload (currently 1500+ tickets).



There’s a little game on Steam called Mini Words which I bought and have been playing.
You get the grid of letters and on the left it shows you what you need to create. This image shows the default setting. It helpfully(?) tells you it wants a Verb and a Noun in this case. It also uses Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjectives and more through the puzzles. I say ‘helpfully’ because I still have no clue what a noun is. Or a verb. Or a pronoun. None. No idea at all. I passed by English Language O level back in the day and I’m sure this will have been covered but nope, I know nothing of them. And no, this game won’t help me learn. It’s mildly diverting though and that’s all I wanted it to be.

The Editor of Engadget.com

In whatever search engine you prefer – hopefully not Google – enter this into the search box and click to Search

site:engadget.com “After Math”

The editor of Engadget has to mean that the article is discussing something as a result of a mathematical exercise. “After Math” means “Something that happens following Math” (or as everyone else would say ‘Maths’)

Or does the editor mean “Aftermath” ?

If the latter, sack the existing editor.