The Editor of

In whatever search engine you prefer – hopefully not Google – enter this into the search box and click to Search “After Math”

The editor of Engadget has to mean that the article is discussing something as a result of a mathematical exercise. “After Math” means “Something that happens following Math” (or as everyone else would say ‘Maths’)

Or does the editor mean “Aftermath” ?

If the latter, sack the existing editor.

Longreads is dead

Longreads follows the same fate as After The Deadline, Intense Debate, CloudUp and probably others I have forgotten.

Does not bode well for tumblr or that other blogging thing that predates WP.

WordPress & Google

Spent some time earlier tightening up what I want automatically blocking on my home network.
Top of that, and it will always be top, is Google.
Fuck Google. In every way possible.

I checked this site.
It is a normal WP install with 4 plugins:
Classic Editor
Email Subscribers & Newsletters (new addition so I do not have to use Jetpack)
Viper’s Video Quicktags Migrator (been here forever)

Among others I use the Firefox extension uMatrix to block nasty / privacy invading stuff.
This is what I see here in a Private Firefox Window:

I had no idea that giving Google data is baked into WordPress.

 link rel='dns-prefetch' href='//'

If anyone knows what I can edit to remove this I’d love to know.

Tim Berners-Lee

Headline from The Verge:

“Tim Berners-Lee launches Google and Facebook-backed plan to fix the web”

The two companies who are doing the most to damage the web and destroy privacy want to “fix” it.

What The Actual Fuck?

Tim Berners-Lee has now hopped into bed with Larry, Sergey and the lizard.

There is no hope.

#deletefacebook #fuckgoogle

Jack Dorsey is a slimeball

Register at twitter
I opted to use Email. Note that it says “instead”.

I verified

Then I logged in, clicked around seeing what different icons did.

I did nothing suspicious. My computer did nothing suspicious.
This is Jack Dorsey being a total slimeball by initially saying “You can use email” and then denying you access unless you give him your phone number.

Scummy tactic.