Dr Google wants to sell you meds.

Google: When I first started working on Google Health, I was shocked by how hard it is for people to access their own medical records. I wondered why that’s the case when it’s so easy to access other types of personal information like bank transactions, cell phone records, and utility bills. In many states you can even renew your car registration online with a few clicks. Yet when it comes to something arguably much more important, such as your own medical records or a current list of medications, we have little to no access. It just doesn’t seem right.

Given that Google is saying it, it seems perfectly right.

We’re working to solve this problem. With the recent addition of CVS/pharmacy to our network of pharmacy partners, more than 100 million people can now access their prescription history online and import it into a central, secure place ? a Google Health Account.

Well hell yeah like the first place I’m going to think of writing ANYTHING that personal about my health will be online and even less so with Google.

How the hell can people see this as secure? People freak enough about cookies and yet Google wants to know what STD’s you’ve had so it can flog you some contraception.
We’re working to solve this problem. No. This is NOT a problem. You are saying it is a problem. You are inventing a problem that does not exist. You are selling hype, selling something for the sake of selling something. But then you would because without ads there is no Google.

Google Health? Not a fecking snowball’s chance in hell chance of that happening.

Want to link to GoDaddy?

From their website:

*By electing to place a link to GoDaddy.com on your Web site, you acknowledge and agree that you have no right to modify, change or alter in any way Go Daddy’s trademarks and other intellectual property, including, but not limited to, the link to GoDaddy.com. Any modification, change, alteration or similar action shall result in termination of the right to place such link on your Web site. You also acknowledge and agree that you have no right to use any of Go Daddy’s intellectual property except as contained in the links provided above. The right to place a link to GoDaddy.com may be terminated or revoked for any reason whatsoever in the sole and absolute discretion of Go Daddy.

Any modification, change, alteration or similar action” – what is this? Thesaurus time?

“... you have no right to modify, change or alter in any way … the link to GoDaddy.com
So you copy their link code, realise the img tag could do with an alt tag and instantly your right to place that link is terminated.

The right to place a link to GoDaddy.com may be terminated or revoked for any reason whatsoever in the sole and absolute discretion of Go Daddy.
And ANY link to them ANYWHERE can be terminated if they want. What? Bizarre, utterly bizarre.

Shore it’s mine.

Under a new UN treaty, countries can claim a greater share of the ocean floor if they can show a direct link with their own land mass. Belfast Telegraph

So the UK can have lots of places then – after all, we are an island and unless we were directly linked we’d sink. It’s another example of nonsense – “I’m more connected that you”.. what is this? LinkedIn for tectonic plates? And if the gas/oil (GWB will say he’s connected next) is under all of them as is probable, who then gets it? Stupid.

Trevor “Call me Mr PC” Phillips

British history should be rewritten to make it “more inclusive”, says Trevor Phillips, the head of the new human rights and equality commission. BBC

There is no other word for this – bollocks. It’s complete garbage. History is done. Rewriting history is the stuff of Dictators, censors and those with an alternate agenda (That’s you Mr Phillips).
Who will write it, who will appeal to everyone that wants to help? Who will then want a slice of British life because of something their forefather’s forefathers’s great uncle did? Where do we start? Wherever you pick I can argue for 100 years previously. Who will demand that history books are tossed onto a fire to make way for the new world version? (And who will pay for the schools to get new books when they can’t afford old ones even now?) Who decides what is or is not worthy of inclusion, what did or did not affect England / Britain / United Kingdom / the British Empire / the Commonwealth (and any other variants successfully argued and agreed by all present at the junket convened to waste money while making out they are pondering it).
Trevor Phillips – the rest of us know that Political Correctness is a terrible thing. It’s genuinely Bad. And crap like this coming from your “new commission” simply reinforces the fact that people like me see people like you as leeches on society. You suck that cash in but you give nothing tangible back. Trevor Phillips – a waste of time and oxygen.

The very simple fact is this: No amount of rewriting will change a damn thing.

Want a rewrite? Thank the Butterfly instead.

Fancy a corgi kebab?


A performance artist says he will eat a corgi live on a London radio show in protest at a hunt led by Prince Philip.

That would be so much better if it said live corgi.
I blogged about this nutter some time ago with his water ‘event’. What you need to do though is go to his site – http://www.markmcgowan.org – and check his past events. Bear in mind he is (allegedly) serious, I challenge you to go through every page there while keeping a straight face and oozing empathy for his valiant efforts in the face of society’s inertia.
Or you could laugh and say the words I did – you don’t need me to say, it’ll come naturally :)

Council Intrusion

Council agrees on home smoke ban

The near-total ban even applies to people who receive home visits – they will now get letters asking them not to smoke in front of council staff.

What? Telling people what they can do in their own homes?

We had someone around yesterday. Said he has a dog phobia – why is he allowed to visit homes then? What’s he going to do – sue me because the dog barked? FFS this stuff is all just crazy. Beyond crazy.