Jack Dorsey is a slimeball

Register at twitter
I opted to use Email. Note that it says “instead”.

I verified

Then I logged in, clicked around seeing what different icons did.

I did nothing suspicious. My computer did nothing suspicious.
This is Jack Dorsey being a total slimeball by initially saying “You can use email” and then denying you access unless you give him your phone number.

Scummy tactic.

Russell Brand is a

He told Evan Davis: “I don’t want to look at a graph, mate. I ain’t got time for a bloody graph… This is the kind of stuff that people like you use to confuse people like us.”


So Russell Brand is too stupid to understand a graph? Or does he just act like a window-licker to try and garner votes for the “revolution”?

Nope. The simple fact is that this guy is a phag*.

Believe him and you need locking up as well.

GMail. Stupid.

Making sure you are logged out of all your Google accounts go to http://gmail.com. You want another email account and being the savvy net user you see that you can check availability of a name. Having signed up at places like AIM, Yahoo, MSN etc it saves hassle to get that name checked first. So you put in all the names and each time it says it has been taken but offers you the “random number on the end” crap each time too. Ever hopeful you plough on until all of a sudden it gives you a captcha you need to solve before you can check another. Annoying but you have to. Study the letters, enter them carefully and click ‘Check availability’. In nice red letters it said you got it wrong. You know you did not so you check again, enter carefully again and again you are wrong. Like wtf? One last time. The swirly letters appear and you are sure they say I D I O T S so being super careful you type in I D I O T S and again it tells you you are wrong.

It’s because there are 2 captchas on the page. One right at the bottom. I can’t see it and my monitor is pretty large. Do they give any hint that you should scroll down? No. Do they highlight other boxes in red to hint that completing them may help? No. Does the page move down to the other captcha? No. Do they make the big assumption that everyone will always complete the whole form before checking for a free name? Yes. Can you simply open another browser and continue battering away for new names? Yes. Has this measure stopped the millions of gmail spammers? Not.one.little.bit.

A WTF from the PM

BBC Mr Cameron referred to the situation in 1940 during an interview with Sky News in which he was asked about the changing nature of the “special relationship” with the US and his meeting with President Obama on Tuesday.

“I think it is important in life to speak as it is and the fact is that we are a very effective partner of the US but we are the junior partner,” he said.

“We were the junior partner in 1940 when we were fighting the Nazis.”

David Cameron is in charge of the govt and he hasn’t the balls to stop sucking up to the US. Still, those that voted the Govt in must be proud of him. Someone has to be. But the rest of knew and now have the proof that he’s an idiot. A toffee-nosed, silver spoon in the mouth sycophant. I wonder when he’ll have the history books changed.

Volumes do not exist

cd Volumes


Carrie Ext-1 Mac2 Play

Play is the actual HD .
Carrie is an external HD but it is not attached. It is unplugged, not there, off.
Ext-1 is an external HD but it is not attached. It is unplugged, not there, off. It is actually called something else.
Mac2 is an external HD but it is not attached. It is unplugged, not there, off. I think this is what Carrie now is.

When I run Grand Perspective to see what space is occupied and by what it tells me that many gb of data is in /Volumes/Ext-1/ but it does not report both the drives, just that one and the name is still wrong. I can rollover the graphics in Grand Perspective (GP) and it will tell me the images and file names. So it’s not just saying “10gb” it lists every single image.

I can cd to Mac2 and it tells me the directory ‘d2’ is there. cd ext-1 and it says ‘Pictures’ is there. How? They don’t exist. Nothing is mapped, shared, connected. I cann0t cd Carrie because it is not attached. But I can to 2 that do not exist? Weird.

Now, were this Leopard I could in some odd way begin to think it could be remembering old data. But this is Snow Leopard, clean install. No archiving. So it is obviously not a clean install because SL has knowledge of something it could not remember? Or it stores and then uses information on external HD – why load old names?


It does exactly the same thing.

From GP, open an image file. It does – a long list of them in Finder. Get Info /Volumes/Ext-1/Pictures/2006/10-10-2006 (it’s a pigeon). But how?

Here’s the problem – if I set up Time Machine it’s going to copy that which does not exist. And even if it does not, why is Mac OS 10.6.1 not getting a clue and removing that which does not exist? Time to go look (again) in the Apple forums for the solution to (yet another) problem caused by Apple’s very own operating system.

The next day … the answer … http://forums.macosxhints.com/showthread.php?t=92023

Dr Google wants to sell you meds.

Google: When I first started working on Google Health, I was shocked by how hard it is for people to access their own medical records. I wondered why that’s the case when it’s so easy to access other types of personal information like bank transactions, cell phone records, and utility bills. In many states you can even renew your car registration online with a few clicks. Yet when it comes to something arguably much more important, such as your own medical records or a current list of medications, we have little to no access. It just doesn’t seem right.

Given that Google is saying it, it seems perfectly right.

We’re working to solve this problem. With the recent addition of CVS/pharmacy to our network of pharmacy partners, more than 100 million people can now access their prescription history online and import it into a central, secure place ? a Google Health Account.

Well hell yeah like the first place I’m going to think of writing ANYTHING that personal about my health will be online and even less so with Google.

How the hell can people see this as secure? People freak enough about cookies and yet Google wants to know what STD’s you’ve had so it can flog you some contraception.
We’re working to solve this problem. No. This is NOT a problem. You are saying it is a problem. You are inventing a problem that does not exist. You are selling hype, selling something for the sake of selling something. But then you would because without ads there is no Google.

Google Health? Not a fecking snowball’s chance in hell chance of that happening.

Want to link to GoDaddy?

From their website:

*By electing to place a link to GoDaddy.com on your Web site, you acknowledge and agree that you have no right to modify, change or alter in any way Go Daddy’s trademarks and other intellectual property, including, but not limited to, the link to GoDaddy.com. Any modification, change, alteration or similar action shall result in termination of the right to place such link on your Web site. You also acknowledge and agree that you have no right to use any of Go Daddy’s intellectual property except as contained in the links provided above. The right to place a link to GoDaddy.com may be terminated or revoked for any reason whatsoever in the sole and absolute discretion of Go Daddy.

Any modification, change, alteration or similar action” – what is this? Thesaurus time?

“... you have no right to modify, change or alter in any way … the link to GoDaddy.com
So you copy their link code, realise the img tag could do with an alt tag and instantly your right to place that link is terminated.

The right to place a link to GoDaddy.com may be terminated or revoked for any reason whatsoever in the sole and absolute discretion of Go Daddy.
And ANY link to them ANYWHERE can be terminated if they want. What? Bizarre, utterly bizarre.