Grace Dent

I am used to seeing Grace Dent on Masterchef, and in her photo that accompanies her writing in The Guardian.

I like her style, her way with words.

But wow – I’m watching Pop Charts Britannia and she is one of the commentators, one of the ‘talking heads’ and there she is looking fantastic.

I always told J that ‘bed head’ was more attractive than a sleek ‘do’ and Grace Dent proves that yet again.

Lockdown TV shows


Some of these I’ve watched for ages, some new. Various freeview channels

Restaurant Stakeout
– I think I’ve seen all these and I like the ‘mini-mafia’ Willie Degel approach

Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares USA
– I think I’ve seen all of these and I love the change management style he has. It’s not one I have used but it works

Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen
– Great

Ramsey’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back
– It’s okay, not a fan of the format

Mystery Diners
– “Hi, Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners”. Seen them all, love them.

The F Word
– Excellent

Saturday Kitchen / Best Bites
– Great

Bake Off: The Professionals
– No. Not at all. Cherish Finden is horrible.

Restaurant Impossible
– Utterly terrible. Arrogant nasty vain Robert Irvine.

Salvage Hunters
– Tee is the star for me with his witty comments. I’d love to go to Drew Pritchard’s place just to look at what I cannot afford. Or like.

Hardcore Pawn
– Good grief. The balls on some people!

– All repeats, all bring me close to crying

Pioneer Woman
– Too twee for me

Masterchef (UK)
– Great

Masterchef Professional (UK)
– Great

Man V Food (Adam)
– Great, think I’ve seen them all

Man V Food (Casey)
– Feels like a totally different show and Casey seems to be forcing some personality. No not like.

Great British Menu
– Loved it until Susan Calman joined. What on earth does she bring to the show?

Jamie Oliver
– I don’t like any of the shows he presents on his own. But I really do like Jamie & Jimmy’s on C4

Celebrity IOU
– Just saw the first one with Brad Pitt. Liked it. Could be good.

What should I be watching?

Roku batteries

I bought a Roku 2 some time ago. Installed Roksbox and the wife is very happy and the NAS becomes more useful. All is good. Noticed a couple of days ago that a battery icon flashed very briefly while starting up. Thought nothing of it. I just got an email.
“Tips from Roku: Replacing batteries in your remote”. So that too is being tracked? After all, they cannot know what batteries are in it can they?

This is odd:

When inserting the included batteries, be sure to insert each battery, negative (-) side first, pushing into the coil and then into the compartment. Never insert batteries positive side first.

What? If they have built a device that can be killed by this then they’ve done it wrong surely.