Nixie clock

At some point I bought a nixie tube clock from eBay but for whatever reason could not get my head around the setup at the time. Today I worked (most of) it out.


Two issues I have to fix:
1. Get the time correct. It’s exactly two hours ahead despite Raspian having all the correct settings
2. Add the path to .bashrc so it autoruns

The device can be bought here


It’s on my PC and works okay.
It’s on my work macbook pro and works okay.
It’s on my phone and works okay.
But on my macbook air? Something happened – no idea what – “upgrade”? – it won’t work.

It insists I login to an account at that I do not have. Very very annoying.

So later I’ll copy the app from the pro, install that into the air and then see if that will get it working.

If it does, okay.
If it does not then I’ll go back to LastPass.

An email problem

I cannot send email from my address to my wife’s at It fails with “retry timeout exceeded”. How to fix? She also cannot send email to me Yes she can. Mine is hosted here, her’s with Google Apps. Her (only with priority 0) mx record points at Google.

I can send to her from my email. It’s only my own address. Mail servers seem to have a language all of their own. It’s hardly vital but it’s bugging me why it fails.