A box of tech

While searching for my – still lost – bluetooth earbuds I realised I have a few gadgets and things which I will never use again but I’m not about to throw them out. So I found a box, plonked them all in and next up is finding any charging cables.

What’s in the box?

Top row:
Portable speaker that uses a cable.
WP branded earphones
Creative Zen Vision 30GB Music / Video player
Creative Zen Micro
Broadlink Remote device

USB video camera
Blackberry Bold
Sandisk Clip+ MP3 player
WP branded Flip video camera
iPod Classic 160GB
GPS device

Psion 5
Flip video camera
Nikon Coolshot camera
Minidisc player

Two more cameras
iPod Touch
iPod Touch
Garmin forerunner watch
Five different Fitbits

The WP branded Flip was I think given out to everyone at the first Automattic Team meetup – which was Support – in London 2009.
The iPod Classic gets very hot very fast when plugged in so that needs a new battery at least.
The Psion 5 works perfectly as do many of the items.
I just can’t bring myself to throw them away.

Nixie clock

At some point I bought a nixie tube clock from eBay but for whatever reason could not get my head around the setup at the time. Today I worked (most of) it out.


Two issues I have to fix:
1. Get the time correct. It’s exactly two hours ahead despite Raspian having all the correct settings
2. Add the path to .bashrc so it autoruns

The device can be bought here


It’s on my PC and works okay.
It’s on my work macbook pro and works okay.
It’s on my phone and works okay.
But on my macbook air? Something happened – no idea what – “upgrade”? – it won’t work.

It insists I login to an account at 1Password.com that I do not have. Very very annoying.

So later I’ll copy the app from the pro, install that into the air and then see if that will get it working.

If it does, okay.
If it does not then I’ll go back to LastPass.