A Strictly punch

Critics of Strictly Come Dancing’s first same-sex pairing advised to say it to Nicola Adams’ face

Really hope the trolls don’t get to her or her partner. She was SO happy and grounded when she won her medal that I cannot see why anyone could hate her.

Corrupt Qatar

Qatar will be cleared of corruption claims over the 2022 World Cup bidding process when a Fifa report is published on Thursday, BBC Sport has learned.

and then

After multiple corruption allegations, Fifa’s independent ethics investigator Michael Garcia began an inquiry.

Qatar’s 2022 bid committee denied “all allegations of wrongdoing”.


It is understood that the FA believes it was fully compliant with Garcia’s investigation and thinks any transgressions contained in the report will be relatively minor.

You are either compliant or you are not.
Qatar is not.
Therefore they are corrupt.

I wonder how much that slimeball in charge asked for to get this result.

Platini – not biased

Uefa president Michel Platini has told the BBC he is far from certain that England deserve to host the football World Cup in 2018. BBC

Well…… can’t possibly think why the frenchman would say that, but it’s got abso-bloody-lutely nothing to do with everything he said…….

(and in case you missed Hardtalk on News 24, he doesn’t mind racists. He won’t do anything about racists)


If I could find enough words to fit around the mass of abuse then I’d post about the Stupid Spaniard. How the hell no-one has given Fernando Alonso a damn good slapping is beyond me, it really is. I disliked Schumacher but Alonso has taken this to a whole new level. I hope McLaren keep him but don’t let him drive – after all, he’d not want to take any secrets eh?

Why is Jean Todt such a little shit?

Jean Todt admits that the Stepneygate scandal is sullying the good name of F1, but is adamant that the truth must come out. (and whose truth is that?)

When asked whether he felt that McLaren deserved to be excluded from the Championship, Todt explained that the Italian marque had no particular outcome in mind. (Really?)

Referring to the first hearing in July Todt said: “The decision [not to punish McLaren] was not appropriate. (But he had no outcome in mind…)

The CEO of Scuderia warned that legal action would continue even if the hearing exonerated McLaren.
“No, I mean really, for us it is something which is too important and we will move forward in Italy … and move on with the civil case in the UK as well.” (In other words he won’t accept anything BUT what he calls victory) (and that means he DOES have an outcome in mind)

“It’s a taint on the sport. (says the squat one despite the fact that Ferrari and Schumacher cheated more and gave team orders when they were banned.)

From Jackie Stewart: “There are more Ferrari representatives on the World Council than anybody else, and it seems that some of the most powerful people in this sport are more aligned to Ferrari than anybody else.”

The head of Williams: “Sir Frank Williams believes the FIA have embarked on their quest in this saga with “enormous tenacity”.

and this piece of absolute bollocks from the top fool at Ferrari:

Luca di Montezemolo claims that Ferrari would be deserving Champions should McLaren be excluded from the title race.

What the other teams should do is what they did in Indianapolis – just let the red cars go.

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