Snagit. Junk

Why is to so damn hard to capture an entire window in a screenshot? Not what I can see but what I can scroll too? Snagit for the Mac – and for Firefox only – says it can. Junk. It can’t. Numerous Chrome extensions say then can and they can’t. I have a long page and I want it all but nothing can do it. And they want money for Snagit too. Pfft.

No tape

Decide to listen to internet radio and remember I have Snowtape. Re-install it and soon after realise why I hate it.

  1. The Search box – when you click in it there is no indication you have. It still says Search
  2. It imports a stack of stations but then when YOU import some it just mixes them altogether. No way to see what you just did.
  3. It’s stations are out of date.
  4. If Radium can find a stack of Japan radio why can’t Snowtape?
  5. It says I should sign in for no benefit whatsoever. Does it store your favourites? No.

I went to ask questions at the Snowtape site. 123 tickets in the queue, 6 days until response. Far easier to un-install Snowtape and go back to Radium.

No help thanks.

Program developers: Tomorrow morning you go downstairs, open the door and flick on the light. At that moment a mass of little creatures appear from nowhere. They each scurry toward an appliance, pulling them out of cupboards, from under the stairs and plugging them in. You stand there with a “WTF?” expression and wishing you could just get to the kettle. The vacuum cleaner starts up and the little creature who did that holds the handle toward you, the TV goes on and another creature holds the remote out. You start toward the kitchen but your progress is hampered by wires and clutter and noise as appliances are switched on just in case you need it. The creatures look like they are trying to be helpful, not annoying. In the kitchen you finally manage to get the coffee you needed (as you had reached out for it the creature manning both thought you wanted the toaster so switching that off slowed your progress). The creatures hover close by as you prepare for your day and as you leave and switch the light off they pack everything away waiting for your return. You leave hoping they don’t return because all they did was get in the way, slow you down and annoy you. Now imagine that downstairs was a computer and those creatures were helper programs. Only they weren’t helping, were they?
When I want it, I’ll click it.

This program must exist.

I use Circus Ponies Notebook. I can use it on two machines but only have 1 open at a time.
I’ve used the trial of Together and when open it writes a lock file so if you try to open the program on another machine you risk damage to the data.
I have Things and other programs which can ‘sync’ using Dropbox but if two programs are open at once it could end badly.

Someone somewhere must have written a program that basically says “Add your programs here and when the screensaver starts those programs will be quit”. If they have I can’t find it. I have tried using Automator to detect when the screensaver starts but that fails. I do not want an action to happen when I leave this chair. I’m sure this will be possible with Applescript but I’ve not gone there. But given the number of apps that sync I’m really surprised I cannot find what must be a winner. Seen anything that does this?

Concentrated working

I’ve been using Concentrate for a while and thought it about time to write a few words about this excellent program.

Why use it? Because it focuses my attention and it breaks a task down into manageable chunks.  I have 6 activities – plugins, support etc – and each has broadly similar elements with the main difference being the urls that are opened. The core elements:

  • Quit applications. NetNewsWire, Thunderbird, Firefox, Opera, Unison, MacBreakz.  These cannot be launched while the activity is running.
  • Block websites. Range of my most visited including,,
  • Launch Applications. Depending on activity it is Safari, Mailplane, Mamp, Fraise
  • Set Adium / Skype to Away
  • Open websites and specify urls
  • …..and when it’s all over it brings the apps back and Growl’s me a message  (it says Done!).

I spent some time ages ago timing what I did and how much time I could do something before distractions kicked in and won. Around 30 minutes was good so each activity has a 30 minute limit. A couple of activities I find really hard work sometimes and the thought of 30 whole long minutes is simply too much. So I have a 15 minute version and when they start I get a Growl:

It’s only 15 minutes, don’t get scared now.

It works too.  I do not keep track of what activities I have done nor do I watch the time devoted. Some tasks fill the 30 minutes every time and always will, some are shorter and they too will always be but the organisation works, I do focus more and I am sure I am all the better for it. And after the 30 mins I can get a coffee, scan the sites I like, walk the dog and know I have done something and a manageable chunk is waiting for me.

Great program and one I would not now like to be without. Concentrate.


Dropbox – cannot have 2 accounts on 1 machine.
Mozy – does not sync or if it does I have no idea how.
Sugarsync – nice icon, crap program.
Spideroak – nice icon, stupid program.

What I want is 2 dropboxes but without the hassle of the second on the mac. Didn’t get it to work before and have no intention of trying again yet. I’ll keep looking though at this rate I’ll just email files to the laptop. And seriously the last above? Stay away.

Fever 1.

In Fever you can choose to use an anonymous referrer for links from your install. These go through and I’d prefer they went through a different service.


> I would like to change the anon referrer to and this
> is done with
> I have a found a function in reader.js but I cannot get it to work.
> Could you advise on how I could do this please?
> Could I ask if my login details are stored remotely? I thought my
> email was incorrect after I changed it and could find no reference
> in the db.
> Thanks.


Hi Mark,

I do not support modifications to Fever’s source code. Your email address is stored in the database base64 encoded. I do not support modification of database values outside of those actions performed by Fever’s UI.


This is his right of course but I will find it, I will make it do what I want and I will post it. Says something there though …. it was a simple enough question.

Image uploading is f*cked.

Little Snapper.
Try to upload and if something goes wrong it says “Login failed”. Why? Because the company that made it went and broke it. Posted to their forum on 23 September saying they’d fix it. It’s not fixed. Not even an update. Nice.

Fails and says “The server refused Skitch connection.
Please check your “user” and “password” settings” but it’s not those that are wrong. You could put a gun to my head and I’d still tell you the details I gave it are right. No wonder it’s still in beta – you’d think error messages should be helpful.

And all I want to do is upload an image. Yet 2 programs – 2 competing programs that really should be out-doing each other in improvements fail completely. Race no-one wants to win it seems.

If I copy, letter for letter, space for space, the Forklift settings into Skitch it should work right? Does it hell. It tells me my username and pw are wrong. No.they.are.not.

Time Machine – useless

Which fuckwit at Apple decided that everyone MUST backup every 60 minutes with Time Machine? Which other fuckwit decided that users are stupid and that giving them a choice is bad? So this pair of complete fuckwits should be shot. Imbeciles of the highest damn order. Yes I know there is software out there that will change this but default behaviours can be utterly crap at times and like just about everything from Apple this too is crap. Fucking useless.


Edit: Ages ago i bought ChronoSync. It has a stack of options, lets me do lots of things and overall I will use a very small set of it’s choices. But what it does really well is step me through, let me check what will happen, reports any errors in a form I can read and understand. It’s a one-time learning curve and with their Support behind it. I used it before and I’m now setting it up. Lots of choices – unlike that crap Time Machine – means I get precisely what I want – unlike that crap Time Machine. This technology should enable me, not cripple me. Chronosync lets me think about what I want. Apple tells me what I want. Chronosync wins. Excellent program.

One more step away from G

NewsGator just let FeedDemon and NetNewsWire be free. No ‘lite’ versions, fully free.
There were a couple of programs I really missed from Windows and FeedDemon was one. I forget just why NNW did not appeal, but the cost was one aspect. I’d already bought FD so paying made my judgement harsher. But now it’s free.
The shared items bit in Google Reader I do not like. There is the whole privacy thing with Google. There is also the fact that this astronomically rich company provide absolutely useless support – like trying to make stone sweat blood. I use gmail and google reader. Having NNW free means I can move feed reading away from Google. It also means I have just one app for feeds and podcasts.
The data that Google take in return from this being free is what Newsgator now get. I trust them more.