A WTF from the PM

BBC Mr Cameron referred to the situation in 1940 during an interview with Sky News in which he was asked about the changing nature of the “special relationship” with the US and his meeting with President Obama on Tuesday.

“I think it is important in life to speak as it is and the fact is that we are a very effective partner of the US but we are the junior partner,” he said.

“We were the junior partner in 1940 when we were fighting the Nazis.”

David Cameron is in charge of the govt and he hasn’t the balls to stop sucking up to the US. Still, those that voted the Govt in must be proud of him. Someone has to be. But the rest of knew and now have the proof that he’s an idiot. A toffee-nosed, silver spoon in the mouth sycophant. I wonder when he’ll have the history books changed.

How clever is that?

If you voted for the government you voted for this.

Inequality will now, without doubt, yawn yet wider again, as the distributional impact becomes depressingly clear. Many well-paid people, like myself, have now found they have been barely touched at all by the budget – not even my winter fuel allowance or Freedom Pass. But even the better-off will see local libraries, leisure centres and police stations closing, dirty streets and overgrown parks, fewer buses, the homeless back on the streets in 1980s numbers, rising crime and public squalor. The sense that the cuts were needlessly brutal will soon take hold.
Polly Toynbee – The Guardian

Voting conservative would be a bad thing to do.

Journalists usually ask politicians questions in an election campaign to catch them out, trip them up and cause a gaffe. Not this time. I genuinely wanted there to be no story yesterday when I asked Michael Gove a question that matters more than most things. I asked if he could guarantee that nursery schools would not be allowed to charge top-up fees for the currently free places of every three- and four-year old. I asked it this way, that way and the other way. Other journalists joined in, too, but no. He would not, could not give that pledge. I sincerely hoped he would kill the story dead, but no.

Polly Toynbee | The Guardian.


Your heart might say Clegg. But vote with your head

“Until the electoral system is reformed, progressives are stuck. If you do not want a Tory government, it’s tactics, not romance Get real. Keep your head screwed on. What result do you want? I will assume, dear Guardian reader, that like me you have two prime purposes. One is to prevent Cameron walking into Downing Street on 7 May. Equal first is to secure electoral reform so that we are never again presented with such a disgraceful voting choice. If that’s not your view, you can save time, stop reading here and push off to some Murdoch organ that will amply satisfy your needs.”

(Polly Toynbee | guardian.co.uk.)

Miss the vote

Phone call earlier from someone representing the Labour Party. He told me that there was a meeting of Labour supporters tomorrow and would I be interested in going? I said ‘not really’. He then said that there would be someone from the Labour Party there (that’ll be everyone surely?) and went into conspiratorial mode, he said there would be a high ranking member of the Labour Party there, a minister, a senior minister. And did I want to go? I said ‘No, not really’. He said thanks, would be in touch (I hope not) and rang off.

I suppose they want turnout and that’s fair enough but I certainly don’t want to go simply because I’ll be within a few dozen yards (maybe) of someone in the government. Except they aren’t, they are all PPC’s, not ministers afaik. And it’s not like I need to go to convince myself that this person is real. TV and media has not yet got to the point where I believe everything is made up just for the proles.

And I’m sorting a proxy vote as I’ll be in the US/in the air on the 6th. Annoying that I will miss not just voting but the staying up all night watching the coverage. I’ve done that every year (remember Portillo losing to Twigg?) and I really will miss that. It will make the event less real. Unlike the elected.


There is a stunning number of non-white people being asked about Nick Griffin. Statistically it is twisted. You could even say it is engineered.

Why did he have to give exact answers when no other politician in the history of the BBC (save the Paxman interview) has had that requirement?

Why did the BBC and why do they still keep up the self-promotion. If ITV had done this it would have been a nothing?

Why does one man still dominate the entire news schedule despite the rest of crap going on? Why? Because the BBC are controlled by either the big banks or politicians and they both want people to look the other way.

I’m ashamed that I am forced by law to prop up this bigoted organisation.