Sick of being sick

Every single day for over 2 weeks now it's the same.
My eyes sting, I ache all over all day, I get really hot and then shiver, sense of taste is gone, head feels blocked, sneezing+++.  It's the same from when I wake to when I sleep.

I am so fucking tired.

This too shall pass but hell I wish it would pass a bit quicker.

Dr Reid has a little pill for us.

John Reid. The UK’s Defence Secretary.
That’s a very senior position – after all, the armed forces are under his control (yeah yeah, we all know that’s crap but for the sake of this bit of spiel..) so you’d expect him to have a grip.

Bird Flu isn’t far from these shores and he was mentioned today on the BBC:

“The difficulty if bird flu ever transfers to humans – and it hasn’t yet, so don’t let’s panic – if it does, up until the point that it does and mixes with human flu it isn’t possible to have a vaccine in advance,”

I haven’t the slightest problem with that. What he says is very very true. But then …

“The most you can do is prepare and have a type of pill you take which diminishes the symptoms after it arrives.”

WHAT ? Can’t you just picture him with a kindly smile patting us all on the head with a ‘there there I know best’ ? What he is actually doing is trying to get us away from the idea that an injection will be needed. To stop people clamouring at GP surgeries across the land as soon as they see a sparrow coughing.
Maybe if he had said “The most we can do is prepare our resources and have the correct medications at the correct time (and hopefully in the right quantities)”. I could have picked at that and he would have said essentially the same thing, but to use the words “a type of pill” ? Eh ? What type ? Will square pills be better than oval ? Will they be in that ‘easy to swallow’ shape that you just hope goes down sideways ? Can we have what the Govt gets ?
Another pick… “diminishes the symptoms“. I’m fairly sure that you can get drugs that ‘diminish symptoms’ but still allow the underlying event to kill you. I would be more reassured if Mr Reid had said that these ‘yet to be designed’ types of pills would “keep you alive” or “treat the cause” or even “knock you out for a bit but then you’ll be fine”. His choice of words does not make me feel more comfortable.

From the same link, this is amusing (to me):

Chemist retailer Boots has revealed it is to train staff in recognising the human symptoms of avian flu to assist customers with their enquiries.

“…and if you see a customer with these symptoms, send them off to Superdrug. Or Tesco. Or those little chemists who may take our trade. This is a commercial opportunity we must make the most of !”

and …. How to be beautifully, blissfully wrong about Tamiflu: just call it a bird flu vaccine

Govt experts – clevur

From The Telegraph

The Government has confirmed that bird flu is “likely” to reach UK shores

No shit !

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said that consultation with experts had confirmed that the development [of an infected bird in France] – the closest reported case of bird flu to the UK – increased the chances of the disease arriving in Britain.

It’s sweeping around the damn globe. It’s spreading across the World. What did they think ? That the germs would look over and not bother with this tiny island ?

Dear Your Tonyness,
Can I please be an expert too ?
I’d like a salary far in excess of my intellectual abilities and experience just like those idiots you keep talking to.
Thanks everso,

Tories continue to lose the plot

It seems that Patrick “I want my name in the papers too” Mercer is showing the usual colours for a politician in Opposition. He is saying that the UK needs a “homeland security minister, who could oversee all bird flu planning. Yes, he did say “Homeland Security” and “Bird Flu”. What is this guy on ?
He says:

“I want a single minister for homeland security.”

Now why would the Conservative Party homeland security spokesman want a Homeland Security minister ?
Would it be so he can join forces and work together for the good of the country ? No.
Would it be because he actually thinks it would be a useful thing ? No.
Would it be because he thinks the action being taken now by such a minister would avert the problem ? No.
So … why does Patrick “I can do the job better than him” Mercer want the position to be created ? Could it be that as the current Govt do not have a minister for homeland security it makes his title look even more made up than most ? Could it be that he just wants to be able to stand at the Dispatch Box and argue with someONE rather than the whole cabinet (has he even stood there ?). Could it be that he wants to use Bird Flu as a way to make political capital for himself instead of actually doing something useful ?
Mind you….. I can’t doubt the towering intellect of Patrick “I think deep I do” Mercer. On the very subject of Bird Flu, he has declared:

“There are lots of implications for this.”


EU Ministers – Very Clever People

From The Guardian Unlimited:

EU foreign ministers today said the spread of bird flu from Asia into Europe presented a “global threat” requiring broad international cooperation.

I am so relieved that we have such an intelligent, forward-thinking group of officials in charge of the welfare of millions of people across Europe. I think that their far-sightedness in spotting this obscure event and then highlighting it as being worthy of some sort of action is admirable, truly wonderful dedication to their work. The European Union a gravy train ? Perish the thought !

Looking back a bit …

Back in January, I wrote this:

On the buses around here, there is a freebie newspaper “Metro”. Mildly diverting for a short journey which I guess is the aim of it in some ways, but wouldn’t it be oh-so-easy to load it with germs / bugs and then let it do it’s deadly mission all day long ? Fact is, everyone on YOUR bus could be totally healthy yet that newspaper acts as the agent of transmission between busloads does it not ? Okay, so other surfaces do as well, but not as many are touched so much and can guarantee hand to face / other skin type contact. Death by newspaper ……. conspiracy theory – you could wipe out a town with some strategic reading material (heh, they’d have to use comics in some towns 🙂 )

Wonder if they will stop that freebie …….

Tony Blair – “Bird Flu ? What Bird Flu ?”

If an outbreak did occur. If. I believe the word ‘if’ is a conditional as in “If it does” or “If it does not”. It implies that a circumstances can be one or the other. While that is indeed true when one is in control of a situation, it’s a fairly daft stance to take when one is in no control whatsoever and the consequences will be fatal to thousands. To paraphrase: In years to come people will gather and say “Now what did Tony Blair ever do for us ?