Grant Shapps : What you might not know

I am 100% sure that he was behind some spam campaign when I worked in Akismet but a cursory search doesn’t find the links. I might search my work archives.

Either way he is part of an incompetent government.

Priti Damn Stupid

– “Travellers to the UK from Monday will have to quarantine in one specific address for 14 days when they come into the UK”

– “But they will be allowed to break the two-week coronavirus quarantine to pop out for food, attend funerals and can use public transport”

So people can arrive, take several buses / underground to a shop of their choice, takeaway, Nandos, McD’s etc

Priti Patel just redefined quarantine.

Still happy you voted Tory?

The National Press is pathetic

I used to subscribe to The Guardian. I did so after their work with Edward Snowden and Wikileaks. Then the Govt told the national press that mentioning Assange and his incarceration was a no-no. This absolutely happened because all mention of Assange disappeared. He became non-news. The foreign press would write, but no domestic.

Craig Murray wrote though. And he also covered, in detail, the recent trial of Alex Salmond. If you compared our national press reporting to what Craig reported you can see that the Press were conforming to an agreed narrative. They did not report what they could have done.

The Guardian, despite trumpeting their reporting prowess has been a puppet of the Govt. They have no more bite than a jelly baby. Hence I no longer subscribe and their site is certainly not whitelisted in all my adblocking measures (use to adblock on all devices, along with uMatrix and Block Origin).

Now though the Scottish Govt are after Craig himself. How much of this is being reported in the nation’s press? Nothing at all.

Read his post:

Looks like a Show Trial to me. Here, in the UK, in 2020.

Dominic Draaaaaaab

About as dynamic as a blancmange.

And at the same .. propaganda .. we have some old guy with spectacles perched on the end of his nose wearing a camouflage uniform.

A camo uniform with a background of wood panelling……

He probably hasn’t worn that ever before and certainly not when there was a flying bullet within 50 miles.

He just mentioned Google and eBay.


Oh, and now he brings in the fantastic Cpt. Tom Moore.

This press conference is a total shitshow.

If you voted Tory though you must be happy.

Old woman wants to blather on

“Queen to address country on Sunday as deaths rise”

Who gives a shit?

What is the fucking point?

What effect does she think it will have?

Royalty means nothing these days. Zero.

What is she scared off? The proles storming the palaces?

Beware – Boris probably asked – it could be the Kansas City Shuffle.