Dumb Boris Voters

Sniper neededBoris Johnson thanks North for trusting Tories
and while you dumb Tory-voting knuckle-draggers go YAY about Brexit Boris Johnson will also continue to dismantle and privatise the NHS and he will continue the scourge that is Universal Credit so increasing poverty and homelessness, he will tax the less well-off while letting the rich do what they want.

The UK has been under the Tory power for nine – NINE – years and you think it’s going to get better?

If you think that …. you poor dumb idiot.

I don’t care if you voted tactically – YOU have given the most right-wing government in this country a blank page and said “Hey, do what you want!”

Boris the marriage cheat and his smarmy crew don’t give a flying fuck about real people.

But your Tory vote just gave him license to destroy so much.

Just don’t fucking complain.

The Lizard and Liar Show

Facebook will allow UK election candidates to run false ads

The policy is being championed by Facebook executive Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom who himself once complained about “lies” spread during the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Nick Clegg – the man that lied to students to get their vote and then fucked them all over with increased University fees.

Trump, Zuckerberg – is there a lack of snipers in the USA? Does no-one want everlasting infamy and a Wikipedia page about themselves?

Recycled Truism

Strange post here presenting what they probably think is vaguely original: The worst truism in information security

“Attackers just need one vulnerability, defenders need to be perfect”

First time I saw something like this? 1984. That’s 34 years ago.
BBC – IRA bombs Brighton Hotel

The IRA has issued a statement claiming it had placed a 100lb bomb in the hotel.

The statement read: “Today we were unlucky, but remember, we only have to be lucky once; you will have to be lucky always. Give Ireland peace and there will be no war.”

I bet that type of statement is older than the hills.

Note – I’m not picking on that post or the author. He has valid points. What I am saying is this: Nothing is new.

Love this.

If you don’t read the Blind Date section of the weekend Guardian you are missing out.

This quote today is wonderful:

What were you hoping for?
Someone who looks at me the way they do when they spot their luggage on an airport carousel.

Isn’t that great?

Link to article

Sick of being sick

Every single day for over 2 weeks now it's the same.
My eyes sting, I ache all over all day, I get really hot and then shiver, sense of taste is gone, head feels blocked, sneezing+++.  It's the same from when I wake to when I sleep.

I am so fucking tired.

This too shall pass but hell I wish it would pass a bit quicker.