Priti clevur

Donald Trump’s comments “directly led” to his supporters storming Congress and clashing with police, Home Secretary Priti Patel has said.

Ms Patel said the president’s words had fuelled the violence and he “didn’t do anything to de-escalate that”. BBC

See, this is why the smirking Tory is the Home Secretary – she is so very very clever. Who else could have thought what she did?


The local paper is reporting a sighting of a possible Banksy. I recognised the location so wandered all of 3 minutes from the house to take a look.

IMG 0813

This bridge has had several random graffiti’s over the years. One of the local beat cops had the bright idea of supervising the guilty as they painted over their graffiti as can be seen as the background above. It always struck me as weird that the cop was essentially making them create a better canvas for the next paint.

David Icke and the NHS

More than 10,000 COVID conspiracy theorists gather in London: Huge crowd of anti-vaxxers led by David Icke gather to argue that virus is a lie spread in secret global plot organised by Bill Gates (Daily Mail)

Hi, so what brings you to the GP, A&E, walk-in center today

“I think I have Covid”

Did you go to the protest in London lead by David Icke?

“I did”

Well… off you go home, after all, it’s not real is it?

The Guardian’s False News

Amazon’s Halo wristband: the fitness tracker that listens to your mood

Quote: “A pair of always-on microphones will listen to users, trying to assess their mood and stress levels.”

Lies lies lies

I thought journalists could read.

“You also have the option to turn the mics off any time to disable the feature—just press the button on the band for about three seconds until you see the LED light flash red.”
The Amazon blog

I used to like The Guardian but they are now devoid of balls. Want proof? The above shows they are clueless, the fact they report nothing about Assange and even less about Craig Murray and the SNP?

The Govt has The Guardian by their empty limp scrotum and The Guardian is totally happy with that warm caress.