Fantastic Sounds

The first part of this Ibiza Prom is excellent.

This though is even better:
Tony McGuinness from Above & Beyond selects a beautiful Chill Mix for the Radio 1 Dance Weekend and it’s been on repeat here.

One question though, which also applies to the Carl Cox stuff on R1:
At times they press buttons / hold buttons and there is an obvious change in beat, tempo, sound etc
And at other times they press / hold buttons and there is no change

So what’s with the button pressing?

Vinyl Music

The skip arrived today so I started emptying the garage and very strictly deciding what should stay and what should go.

With almost perfect timing the local scrap guy came along the street and he took a heap of metal items from me (which has saved space in the skip so my neighbours can chuck stuff out). Scrap guy is standing on the drive as I get stuff out and he sees a very large shoulder bag – like a sports bag you could fit two tennis rackets in – full of 45s. He was smiling as he checked them out, remarking to me what memories the titles brought back. They were headed for the skip so I said he could take them, He was happy to do so.

Emotional traffic

I had a pile of LPs. Again he was loving looking through those so they ended up in his lorry cab. Then we found another case full of 45s which are by now probably being looked through at his home.

Red noise

The only two pieces of vinyl he didn’t get are the two pictured.

They date to 1979, I was a year away from my O levels and those two singles bring back … stuff. So they are here, and they are staying.

Screw Sony Music Entertainment

Clicked to listen/watch an AC/DC music video on Youtube.

This video contains content from SME

Fuck Sony and everyone associated with that company. I was buying their music when it was on LP. Then CD. Then video. Then DVD. And now you motherfuckers want to stop me seeing it online? How fucking stupid are you? Do you think this stops anyone? Dickheads. I and thousands of others were paying our money before SME even existed so screw you.