Enduring PCW again.

So the last of the daytime shopping has been done. Two midnight trips left. After much hunting for something we wanted to get the girls it came down to one place and one place only – PC World. I did the payment online, checked that it really really was definitely there. Went in.
Girl at the desk confirmed the model – there are 2, and I know precisely the one I wanted. She seemed to have clue. She takes a note to a muppet – who promptly goes to the back to presumably find something broken to shove in the box. He brings the items out. Wrong model. The boxes have obviously been opened – he claimed they were brand new, just arrived, not even been checked. I make a big deal out of checking the boxes, the models. The muppet takes them back. I pay at the till and muppet returns. This time the boxes are pristine. Not a crease on the opening part. In the car I check and the items appear to be perfectly wrapped inside. So thankfully this time PC World didn’t get to sell me a dead item.

I hate, loathe and detest the place for any number of reasons and I tried really hard to need to not go there, but this time I had to. There was no other option. Strangely, yesterday when passing I popped in and said “Do you have any of these” and gave him a full description. He said no, never heard of them. And yet they sell them. So there’s one lazy muppet already.

Anyway, the girls should be happy and yes I’ll be keeping every single bit of the wrapping, even the cable ties.