All day today I’ve had crap wifi here. I’ve gone from 27Mbps down to 1mbps, even 0.1mbps. Moved the laptop to within 4 feet of the modem – same result. D’s laptop was getting 27Mbps. Then I remembered I had installed Notifyr last night.
Removed it, rebooted.

Notifyr. Avoid.

A question

You discover you have a problem with a commercial product. You contact the creators and over 2 weeks, 17 emails, multiple restarts, logging, changing what starts at boot, timing startup and more you are told that something might have been found. Then silence. Then a new commercial version launches several months later. Would you expect an email saying Thanks? Would you buy the new version?


I’m sure since the last OS X Lion Service Pack (I forget what the slick Apple term is for “here’s a shedload more code to fix stuff” is) that the kernel_task process just takes off on it’s own. 40% CPU? 800mb RAM? Sure, help yourself. It must be very important it’s job whatever it is otherwise Apple wouldn’t let it work this way would they? Between it and mdworker it’s amazing that anything else runs. It is supremely annoying to have other processes judder to a halt because of this.


I thought I had a newer license than 1.0 for iWOW but apparently not so off to the SRSLabs site to see the price of the new version. $24.99. Not bad but that’s when I realised I’d lost my password and 3 minutes later realised that my password was not encrypted. (You’d think company’s would have a clue wouldn’t you?). If my password is not encrypted you think I’ll give my credit card details over? It also phones home on activation and after the 3rd call it won’t be answered. Not good at all. Looked around and found an alternative.

Hear. Costs $19.99, I can install in on whatever I own (Mac and Win) and it works for all sound, not just iTunes. This is excellent for gaming on the laptop and TV/film/music on the mac. The email asking about licensing was answered quickly too. So I bought it. And I am finding all new sounds in music I’ve played many many times. Click Hear off and it all goes flat, dull. Very noticeable. Tons of settings which are fun to play with. Tomorrow I’ll set the dogs off with some loud dubstep and heavy on the Bass. The only downside is that it sits in the dock not the menu bar but that’s minor compared to the sound enhancement.

Snagit. Junk

Why is to so damn hard to capture an entire window in a screenshot? Not what I can see but what I can scroll too? Snagit for the Mac – and for Firefox only – says it can. Junk. It can’t. Numerous Chrome extensions say then can and they can’t. I have a long page and I want it all but nothing can do it. And they want money for Snagit too. Pfft.

Lion sleeps and sleeps

Number of times I reinstalled Windows because the system slowed: 1
Number of times I have reinstalled Lion because it has practically ground to a halt: 2
Difference is that I had Windows for years. Lion has been out for 7 months?
System prefs should open fast, not take 30 seconds. Terminal takes forever. Aperture? Go for a walk. OS Lion itself when you have a couple of drives attached? Ages. I could reboot XP is just under 45 seconds. This machine takes that long to shut down.
This time it’s nuke and install. None of that “Restore” rubbish.

Edit the dot

I needed a program for a specific task – like you do – and found one with a trial so opted for that. Took me a few clicks and errors before I worked it out and liked it and then I’d run out of changes. I tried to buy the program but the transaction failed. Tried 3 more times with the same result. They had a form to fill out for if this happened so I completed that for them. Because I was in the mood to keep doing this particular task I thought I’d uninstall the app, reinstall and see what happened. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
Of course dragging/dropping to the Trash does not remove the whole program and anyone who thinks it does on a mac wants their head felt. I used App Cleaner to see what files were where and there was a dot file in Prefs. Wondering what was in it I opened it in Textedit and found a perfectly formatted file with an integer count. So I when made a change and the counter incremented, it hits the preset number the program stops. I changed it to -1000000 and reopened the program. It works, I can now have a million changes for the ‘trial’.
Went back to their site and grabbed another of their apps and it works exactly the same way. No attempt to encode the dot file or write it somewhere odd, was obviously listed in some receipt or otherwise. Why? As more people with a clue use apps like App Cleaner which show the files and when they are opened they are clearly written as to what to change they they’ll lose money. No need for cracks, connection limiting or other workrounds. Just Textedit. Surely as their potential market gets bigger they need to be sure they profit from that and a dot file just isn’t going to do it.

And I will buy it – I like it. (and I obviously can’t tell you what it is).

On Tuesday

D took her macbook in to a Genius. It was the optical drive and something that sits alongside it. He totted up the cost and it came to around £150. Then he said he would change the cracked display fascia, change the keyboard assembly because of a crack and he could do that as the job and drop the cost to £60 for all the same work. If I’d have gone in I’m sure it would have stayed at £150. Not that we are complaining. So she loves Apple more than she already did.

Pre-ordered Tactics Ogre which – along with the PC RPG’s I now have – keep me away from the PS3 and it’s finger damaging controller. Some of the RPG’s include Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Planescape Torment, The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, Starcraft and Warcraft 3. Steam + GOG are a lethal combination for the games I want to play (which are the old stuff).

My mac has decided today to not just unmount the 2 ext drives but to completely forget they are there. Have to remove and re-attach the cable. Happened 4 times. Odd.

I imported a few thousand pics into iPhoto earlier. One that flashed up was me with a mohican but that import crashed and I cannot find the pic anywhere. There are about 16k so I’ll have to try again. and again. Don’t think I’ll stick with it, might just make folders myself.


On July 3 2002 Blizzard released Warcraft 3. Over the weekend I loaded the original game from cd into a macbook pro that was made some time in 2009. That’s 7 years difference in technology and yet the game made the machine run at blistering temperatures. Not just hot – Youtube does that – but skin burning hot, Health and Safety hot. Why? Why is the mac so hugely inefficient at running code that was written over 7 years ago? (I have a Starcraft cd from the same time which just won’t run). And this was on the prologue when you learn the controls/control panel. Hardly anything was going on. What happens when I get to construction and battles? Does it melt? Do I need to put it on ice? I remember running this on my PC and the fan just rolled around normally. Nothing burned, nothing fried, nothing gave any cause for concern. That level of heat cannot be good for a computer, any computer, even one that was first designed to look good and a far far second to work well.
So I can’t play consoles because of my left hand, I could play with the brace and my right hand but not if the machine is going to cook itself to death. Looks like I’ll be buying a Windows laptop that can handle games (Warcraft 3 through to Civ 5). Nuts.

Edit: Downloading the latest from Blizzard. Also have seen that the ASUS G73 is the one to go for. I find it for around £1700 though which is just a little pricey. And I’ve found the Starcraft Installer for OS X.