Kickstarters – still still waiting

April 2017 I wrote this post: Kickstarters – still waiting.
After 3 and half years, here’s an update:

Delver’s Drop.
Est Delivery Oct 2013
Still not delivered, KS page last updated 2018

Est Delivery Dec 2013
Demo given to backers, but still no release date.

Soul Saga
Est Delivery July 2014

Est Delivery Jan 2014

Est Delivery Dec 2014
Increasingly looks like a scam

Bloom: Memories
Est Delivery Dec 2015
Still not delivered, has a Steam date of Spring 2021

I’ve backed hardware since and got the product. I’ve backed The White Pande but software? The devs above have poisoned that well for me and very probably others.

No more Kickstarters

About 2 years ago I made my first pledge to fund a project on Kickstarter. It was – very stupidly – the Doublefine Adventure where they wanted 400k, got 3.3 MILLION and as of today still haven’t released even a beta.
Since then I have put money toward 35 projects of which 29 were successful. In total it’s about $450:

    Catacomb Kids – A Very Roguelike Platformer

    MiniCiv, 4X game for Android

    Lords of Xulima – An Epic Story of Gods and Humans

    Bloom: Memories — A new kind of action adventure RPG!

    Night In The Woods



    Worlds of Magic

    Neverending Nightmares

    Soul Saga! A J-RPG inspired by Playstation classics.

    Our Darker Purpose

    Unrest : An Unconventional RPG Set in Ancient India

    TinyKeep – AI Focused Dungeon Crawler

    Risk of Rain

    Shovel Knight

    Humans Must Answer – An explosive 2D shmup

    Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars

    The Pop-Up Pinhole Project

    Worlds of Magic – A new classic 4X fantasy game

    Torment: Tides of Numenera

    Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues

    ASYLUM: From the designer of Scratches


    Unwritten: That Which Happened

    Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey



    Predestination – A turn-based space 4X strategy game

    Double Fine Adventure

I looked through them this morning.

Predestination has been back with the begging bowl.
Worlds of Magic has also asked for more.
I think Shroud of the Avatar too.
Unwritten has been effectively cancelled.

Successful – as in I got something:
Neocolonialism (is on the Humble Store but the dev won’t give keys for that.)
Humans Must Answer
Risk of Rain
The Pop-Up Pinhole Project – which was superb.

The rest have slowly but surely moving ‘Expected delivery dates’ which were Dec 2013/Jan 2014 now going to 2015.

I know things take time but I’m getting a little fed up of reading how they are getting on, what’s got in the way this time blah blah. I read them and wonder if they would have a little more drive if they hadn’t had a wedge of cash up front. So I have decided that I will fund nothing else. I won’t visit the site and I will ignore all games that have the KS widget on their site.

No Elite kickstarter

I’d been looking for more turn-based games and Predestination on Kickstarter was linked from somewhere. Looked good so I backed it. Progress went on, it all looked very good and to help close the goal I increased my backing to $40 in the last 2 days. It’s been successful and it’s all looking very good.

I’d vaguely played Elite some time in my youth and there it is on Kickstarter – Elite: Dangerous. At about the same time as Predestination I backed this for £25 (note that this is in real money and the other was in US$). I was fairly okay with the project but for £25 it was a punt I’d take. But then Braben changed his backing levels – and in the email that went out if you backed £90 (it is now £80) you got all future DLC included.

So backing for £80 gets you the game and more for less than others will pay. I’d be backing for £25 and yet still have to pay full price for this DLC and that means the base cost of the game and this projected DLC would be more expensive than any other game I can think of. If the DLC will be so much – and I’d not know final figures – then how crippled will the base launch game be? Would I be paying for something so basic that it was not really a game without the rest? No idea. So I cancelled my backing.

I’ll pay full price for games on console and I’ll pay full price for niche titles on PC (Commander at War, Panzer Corps are the most recent) but I’m not prepared to pay full price only for unknown prices on DLC on what is still an unplayed and unreviewed game. Elite has 11 days and some £330,000 still to go. If he doesn’t make it I wonder what he’ll blame it on – and if he does…… I’ll watch the reviews and see if I need to kick myself.

Double Fine not so good

I was one of the (tens of thousands) backers for the new Double Fine game they punted on kickstarter. I got this email and I could not be more annoyed that I’d given them money. If I could I’d take it right back. The last 3 words are incredibly offensive and I say that as someone who you have to work hard hard to really offend me.

Be nice. Double Fine is a nice company. We only hire nice people. We try to make nice games. And I think we have the nicest fans anywhere. So be nice on the forums. Let the DFAF be an oasis of niceness in a mean, mean world. We encourage lively debate, but please don’t be rude, insulting, or make personal attacks. Treat each other with respect. We reserve the right to delete any malicious posts, or to just re-edit them to make the original author look like a moron, or a pedophile.

A Bike Headlight

When I biked to work and back every day I had one headlight. But I had 2 backlights, 1 reflector and 2 red flashing LED lights attached to my backpack. I figured that my front light was pretty bright and I could see where I was going. I took a lot of care in the dark. And the reason I was lit up like a christmas tree on the back was because I don’t trust car drivers at all. I’d be amazed if any cyclist does. I wanted them to be in no doubt at all that there was something in front of them. So this light looks good but it won’t stop you being hit from the back. Kickstarter: A Bike Headlight To End All Bike Headlights.

Oh, and roundabouts? Totally avoided, went on the footpath around it.