A WTF from the PM

BBC Mr Cameron referred to the situation in 1940 during an interview with Sky News in which he was asked about the changing nature of the “special relationship” with the US and his meeting with President Obama on Tuesday.

“I think it is important in life to speak as it is and the fact is that we are a very effective partner of the US but we are the junior partner,” he said.

“We were the junior partner in 1940 when we were fighting the Nazis.”

David Cameron is in charge of the govt and he hasn’t the balls to stop sucking up to the US. Still, those that voted the Govt in must be proud of him. Someone has to be. But the rest of knew and now have the proof that he’s an idiot. A toffee-nosed, silver spoon in the mouth sycophant. I wonder when he’ll have the history books changed.

Cheatwell games and Technoballs

Your Name: Mark

Subject: Techno Balls

Message: Hi,
Just tried to build the Techno Balls. I’ve given up. I’ve built MFI, I’ve built dolls houses for my girls and I can do IKEA half asleep but the views and lack of detail just mean I’ve run out of time. How to apply the wires is just not detailed enough. Maybe I’m the only one but you did ask for general feedback


Many thanks for your feedback regarding the instructions for one of our technoballs. We are currently reviewing the instruction and will try to add additional views when we next go to print.

Again, many thanks.

Cheatwell Games

No “sorry”, no “we apologise”, no “could we have your address so we can send some amended instructions or pictures”. Just a pre-defined reply and why create one of those unless this is a recurring problem?

So Jane Barrett at Cheatwell Games – I am sorry that money here was spent on one of your incompetently designed products.


Ever worked in a shop or a bar? You know those people that don’t actually give you the money but put it on the counter? Doesn’t matter if it’s a note or someone determined to empty their penny jar it really annoys me. It’s like you are not worthy, that you are an untouchable, that you are there to serve and do their bidding. That’s why they count the money out so they don’t have to touch anything that you have had your filthy dirty disease-riddled necrotic fingers near.

Well it’s the same when someone sends an email which is full of junk but has no actual substance because it says “Read the attached”. IT USUALLY HAS A LOT OF CAPS IN IT. Oh, and it’s sometimes a .doc screenshot. What in hell is going on there then?

Really fucking irritating.

Fraser Wallace. Unintelligent.

Chairman of the bench, Fraser Wallace, said: “We find the manner of your skating put pedestrians at risk and exposed them to harm.”
He said it was clear Chapel Street was not meant to be used as a “skate park” and said Dornan’s behaviour “causes a danger” to the public. BBC

Mr Dornan is 71 and someone many can learn from.
Mr Wallace is probably younger and should remember that rules are there to be followed by the thick and creatively interpreted by the intelligent. Mr Wallace failed to interpret and has proved himself to be thick. Sefton Council must be proud.

Developer Hut aka Jon Warass steals your blog content

This domain just stole my content.

Created On:23-Apr-2007 05:12:04 UTC
Last Updated On:18-Oct-2007 16:37:37 UTC
Expiration Date:23-Apr-2008 05:12:04 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:GoDaddy.com, Inc. (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:GODA-030591892
Registrant Name:Developer Hut Inc Developer Hut Inc
Registrant Organization:Developer Hut Inc
Registrant Street1:P.O Box 3743
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Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Idaho Falls
Registrant State/Province:Idaho
Registrant Postal Code:83403-3743
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.2087579111

Hosted at http://hostingloser.com who have no sitemap, no contact, no aup / tos.
So the loser that steal anyone’s blog content hide away in the State of Idaho.
They have http://www.buyblogcomments.com, they sell ads and have ads on stolen blog content.

Google ‘developer hut inc’.

And the jerk behind this? The man who steals? The man who takes the work of others to make himself money? Jon Waraas. Behold – a thief.


Update 12 Dec.
I find http://growablog.com/ as part of my work. Why do I find it? It’s spamming. Spamming trackbacks.
And guess who it is?

Developer Hut Inc
P.O Box 3743
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83403-3743
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 02-Jun-07
Expires on: 02-Jun-08
Last Updated on: 18-Oct-07

Administrative Contact:
Developer Hut Inc, Developer Hut Inc developerhut@gmail.com
Developer Hut Inc
P.O Box 3743
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83403-3743
United States
2087579111 Fax —

It’s that thief Jon Warass again. He is stealing from every blog he can scrape.
Oh yes, and I did email him to ask him to stop stealing. His response was that I got 2 free links from him. Well hell yes, that’s just great eh? He’s still Jon Waraas – thief

Update again – Tuesday 24 March 2009

Developer Hut, Inc.
P.O Box 3743
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83403-3743
United States

Dear Mark R,
It has come to our attention that your Dec. 11, 2007 blog posting on romanticrobot.net, “Developer Hut aka Jon Warass steals your blog content,” is making false and deceptive claims that are or may be misleading customers about Developer Hut, Inc. We request that you immediately cease and desist from continuing to make any such claims. We further request that you immediately remove such claims from your website, including Web site pages.

Developer Hut, Inc. is Internet Marketing company based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Since 2006 we have been offering web based advertisement to company’s looking to increase there SEO ranking. Developer Hut, Inc. is widely recognized for our quality seo services and has a well-deserved reputation of providing our customers quality seo link building. This reputation has been harmed, and will continue to be harmed, by any and all false and deceptive claims that romanticrobot.net has made.

In light of the foregoing, we request that you immediately cease and desist from continuing to make any false, deceptive or misleading claims, statements, assertions or representations — whether explicit or implicit — regarding Developer Hut, Inc. We further request that you immediately remove all such claims from all your website, whether in written, electronic, verbal, visual or audio form, including, but not limited to, advertisements, emails, Web site materials, press releases, announcements and correspondence.

If you fail to take this requested action within 2 business days, Developer Hut, Inc. will have no choice but to pursue all available legal remedies against you, Mark R.

You will also be receiving a certified cease and desist letter sent to your whois address. If you have any questions or would like to talk to our lawyer then please set up a time for a conference call. Your full cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Developer Hut, Inc.

Fishermen. Slow.

The fishing industry has warned it faces ruin because fish caught after quotas are exceeded have to be dumped. BBC

So they want to raise their quotas so they don’t have to throw their fish away. And that of course will still decimate stocks and they will face ruin because they will then still catch over-quota so they can bring back the exact quota. Which part of ‘facing ruin’ do these fisherman not understand?

Oliver Knowles, a campaigner for Greenpeace, also believes quotas are not working for the UK’s mixed fisheries. He says the only answer is to stop fishing altogether in 40% of the world’s oceans.

My actual standpoint: All fishing is cruel. Be that “Hey I caught one this big” ripping the hook out of it’s face and tossing it back into the water or the slow drowning in a net. Sport? In as much as hare-coursing, fox-hunting and badger-baiting.

Dimmock spin

So the brilliant file “An Inconvenient Truth” can be seen in schools. Apart from the last few minutes when it’s a case of USA! USA! it’s a damn fine film and one that all kids should see.
One guy thought different and challenged the Government. He won – though it can still be seen.

Mr Dimmock said: “I am elated with today’s result, but still disappointed that the film is able to be shown in schools.
“If it was not for the case brought by myself, our young people would still be being indoctrinated with this political spin.”

I sincerely hope you are not bringing your kids as having to belong to any faith – that’s called indoctrination.

And if you believe global warming is “political spin” then you need to get a grip.

My chicken got censored!

We were going to have chicken fajitas tonight. We’d bought the chicken, got the ‘yellow box’ of ‘ingredients’ and I was quite looking forward to it. But for what may seem an arbitrary reason we decided not to have the chicken tonight. We thought instead we would have it tomorrow. Possibly the next day. I thought it was just putting it back some time, or delaying it. But no.
It is much more serious than that.
It’s censorship.

The BBC has postponed the broadcast of a story about western hostages being executed in Iraq as concern grows for missing BBC journalist Alan Johnston.

The author, Hanif Kureishi, criticised the decision as censorship, saying: “It all seems rather arbitrary”.

“It seems to me that as a journalist, he would be against censorship,” he told the Guardian newspaper.

So postponed=censorship. I’m sure the journalist concerned would be against censorship – after all, he was in a war zone – but to equate the delaying of a piece of fiction to the real life dangers of a man and then to pretend it’s “censorship” is ludicrous.

Mr Kuresihi – get a grip and stop being an complete idiot. And apologise.