Amazon review

Found when looking for a blacklight torch.

I bought this torch to find out whether any parts of the house hadn’t been sprayed by our two cats. After using it, it would appear that burning the house down will be the simplest way to restore cleanliness.

Humour in death

Someone famous dies, first stop is Sickipedia. (1) to see just how famous they were which is judged by the speed and quality of the jokes and (2) to see if there is anything funny. Is it bad to make a joke so soon? No. Is it worse to be horrible about them? I don’t do all that “Do not speak ill of the dead”. If you were a dick when alive you were still a dick when you were alive. Dying does not excuse being a dick (or dickette). But that should be left for those that knew the person. If you did not know them then being horrible is mean and pointless. But being funny?
How many people say “Hey, when I die I want you to mourn forever. I never want you to be happy without me. You cannot marry or love or have kids or laugh or enjoy again”. I’d say that would be a really small number. Most would say the opposite. So why doesn’t a joke fit in there from some random person?

What I find much much worse in these cases in Wikipedia. Go look at Whitney Houston’s page. There are as I write over 310 edits. That’s 25 an hour, one every 2 minutes almost. There is much pettiness in there. But hey, those people want their name in history too.

And yes, there was one that made me laugh. There always is.