Forced starvation is cruel

Debbie Purdy, who won a landmark ruling to clarify the law on assisted suicide, has died at the age of 51. Guardian.
That she had to starve herself her death because the law and our so called ‘civilised’ society is so wrong, so very very wrong.

“It’s not a matter of wanting to end my life, it’s a matter of not wanting my life to be this.”

Assisted suicide should be legislated for.

No MS care in Leicestershire

My complaint to University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust resulted in an MS Nurse visiting us last week.

Here is how I imagined MS Nursing would work:
The MS Nurse would be the central point of contact. They would have deep knowledge of the person’s diagnosis and current condition. They would be the person to contact other services – GP, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Services, District Nurses to name a few – and would furnish those services with not just a request for help but the ‘why’ along with other relevant information. The MS Nurse would be there to provide Support for the person with MS and to identify Support needs and refer as needed for other family members.

This is how MS Nursing in Leicester actually works:
“Let us know what happens”.
That’s it.
They cannot refer people. The political ‘why’ of that doesn’t matter. Well it does but for practical purposes it does not.
So it makes the MS Nurse role pointless.

Am I thinking the MS Nurse should do too much? No. I base what I think on my own nursing career (1985-2002) and my wife’s (1986-2003). What we expected is what really should be delivered but no, not happening.

The MS Nurse offered no practical help at all. Why? I really have no idea. Their next visit? November 2015.

Me? I have written off the MS Nurses totally.

There is no care for people with Multiple Sclerosis in Leicester / Leicestershire.


Lifehacker – no link as the site is garbage – has a post about the best shaving cream. That stuff is junk. Useless. A way to sting your pocket. Just use normal hair conditioner. It works just as well, is a ton cheaper and arrives in a variety of flavours (so to speak). Seriously – dump the shaving cream/gel/oil/gunk and just buy hair conditioner.

Homeopathy is bunk

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled homeopathic remedies made by a company called Terra-Medica because they may contain actual medicine.


Homeopathy is junk. Garbage. Complete bollocks.
And if you think otherwise? Oh you sad thing…. and you are allowed to breed….

More MS incompetence

I made a complaint online about the MS care we are not getting.
I made this complaint at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust website as that is the place that employs these (alleged) MS Nurses.
I just got a phone call. That trust had said “Nothing to do with us” and passed it on to another NHS Trust in Leicester. I gave names and details to the lady who called and she said Yes, I had made the complaint in the right place and that the UHL Trust had got it wrong. She will pass it back and tell them that they need to deal with this.

Clueless. And in charge of the UHL Trust? This bunch. They must be so proud.

Chairman & Chief Executive

John Adler – Chief Executive John Adler
Karamjit Singh (Chairman) Karamjit Singh CBE

Non Executive Directors

Colonel (retired) Ian Crowe
Prakash Panchal
Jane Wilson
Prof. David Wynford thomas
Sarah Dauncey
Martin Traynor OBE

Executive Board Directors

Dr Kevin Harris
Richard Mitchell – Chief Operating Officer
Rachel Overfield – Chief Nurse


Moira Durbridge
Kate Bradley
Nigel Brunskill – Director of Research and Development
Sharron Hotson
Carole Ribbins
Stephen Ward
Kate Shields – Director of Strategy
Mark Wightman

– And just as I post this I get another call from the UHL saying the email sent to that other Trust was an error, it is being investigated and that this is all logged in the system. That a computer is involved is meant to make me feel better? …… ffs

Multiple Sclerosis care in Leicestershire

Multiple Sclerosis care in Leicestershire is atrocious.
The MS Nurses have done nothing to help in almost 14 years.

Have they ever done assessments to check the progress of the disease? No.
Have they ever offered any practical support to J? No.
Have they ever indicated places where I could get support? No.
Have they ever asked about side-effects or efficacy of the many meds J takes? No.
Have they acted as a coordinator for any care at all? No.
Have they ever contacted us even by phone to see how things are? No.

And now when J is about to lose the ability to walk at all we have no idea how to cope because the MS Nurses have done and said absolutely nothing. Zero.

I spent 1985-2002 as a nurse in the NHS. My wife spent about the same. We know what nursing is, we know what a nurse should do and we know the standards of care that should be delivered.

It is shameful.

Hand braces

For a long time now I’ve been using this brace on my right hand overnight when I get pain.
have this one
Typically that is Thursday/Friday nights but it has increased recently which isn’t so good. And although my wrist is not that bad it’s my hand and fingers which hurt / burn. As good as this one is for the hand it isn’t helping my fingers any more as they can still curl inwards. So I went looking for something new.



This one looked good but I could find no other details on it and no images of the underside so I could see what finger support there actually was. Still, they had a Contact link on their site so I used it. This morning I got a reply simply asking where I was located. eh? All I want is a picture and it can’t matter where I am for that can it? So that one I ruled out.




This is the one I have opted for.
There are better but they are 3-4x the price and while I’m not against spending money for my health paying over £100 without some more input from a physio seems a bit wasteful.

Only a week?

The chair of the Royal College of GPs spoke out as NHS figures showed that one in six patients have to wait at least a week before they see a GP or practice nurse.
The Guardian

The earliest bookable one here is in November. Otherwise it’s a ‘walk in and wait’.
All part of the Conservative plan to introduce charges no doubt.


Apparently it is Migraine Awareness Week. Mine – I have Chronic Daily Migraines – have been under control for some time. I’m not pain-free but it’s at a level I have become used to and unless I get pain + nausea at the same time I can function normally.

They are back though for reasons I know not. I lost all of last weekend to 2 days of solid pain, nausea, dizziness. No meds helped (by that I mean Zolmitriptan + Tramadol + Paracetamol + Ibuprofen) so I just had to wait until it passed.
Then one day last week I felt it coming on, the triptan didn’t work (I must have mis-timed it) so I spent an afternoon lying very very still.
And then this weekend the pain and nausea are back. Was okay yesterday from about 4pm but woke in the early hours this morning with an epic pain, worst in quite some time. No meds have helped. It’s lessened enough now to a manageable level though blurred vision and nausea aren’t so great.

Nothing in the diet has changed, sleep pattern has been good, fluids are normal, amount of exercise is normal. Could be a stress but there’s nothing new there either. Odd. And very painful.