Sunday sunday

Needed to clear up the kitchen today but if you are going to clear up make it something you really need to clear up.

So first up was make a heap of coleslaw. Katy Beskow’s recipe with a little added chilli / yellow pepper / white onion. May not look great but it smells and tastes lovely

The kitchen counter now has grated carrot / onion / cabbage flecks everywhere.

Needed to make more pizza dough.
This time I actually read and followed the recipe.

Turns out that adding warm milk and warm water makes a difference. Whodathunk?

Now I have future bases frozen.

It’s been sunny here so I sat out in the garden as much as possible. Not so much for me but Zelda will entertain herself with the ball launcher again and again and again so long as I’m there.

I made a pizza

This actually the second made using the G3Ferrari. The first wasn’t quite there as I left too much moisture on the mozzaerella and it more steamed the top. This one though was good, very good.

I used the recipe that Jayne linked me too and just as she said, using after freezing it really benefitted the base. I’ve two more lumps in the freezer from that first make and I’ll definitely be making more. It’s just so quick to prepare the pizza.

As you can see from the stone I’ve been experimenting with different frozen pizzas. I don’t like deep pan so not tried those. Thin pizzas cook just fine, but the stuffed crust ones I’ll still use an oven for.

Next up is perfecting to tomato base. I’m thinking a mix of passata and paste and of course chillies. Lots of chillies.

I bought a pan

I wanted a pan that I could use on the hob, under the grill and in the oven. The cast iron pan I own has a wood handle so wasn’t quite suitable. Hop on to Amazon, find what I want and ordered. It arrived.

Pan 1

Nice. All steel, looks just like the picture on Amazon.
One problem.

Pan 2

That’s a perfectly normal sized pepper. The pan will hold a single stuffed mushroom, and that’s about it. Amusing it is, and next time I’ll check the actual size 🙂

Jack Monroe on TV

I love many cooking shows – the Masterchefs, Great British Menu, the Bake Offs, anything with Gordon Ramsey, Hairy Bikers, anything Keith Floyd and more. I watch / record them all. I particularly love Saturday Kitchen and Best Bites. It’s on the third monitor when I work at the weekend without fail. Matt Tebbutt is a great presenter so it was really cool to just read that not only will we be getting a new cooking show and that Matt is presenting it but that Jack Monroe is co-presenting.

I’ve got all her books, have a fair number of favourite recipes and wish she would create a “Cooking for One’ book. Splitting down recipes for 4 or 6 is harder than it may seem.

I’ll be watching and recording each of this new series – as work will be too distracting – and I hope it goes well enough that it gets recommissioned. I really do think that Jack is the best cook to be on TV right now.

Crispy pizza

The G3 arrived. I have the ingredients for pizza dough, but no mozzarella, fresh basil so after I tried a regular frozen pizza in it. Much much better than the oven. It was quicker and proper crispy. Very very good. Recommended.

The review which got me to impulse buy is this one:

Tomorrow is a ‘make more vegetable stock’ and ‘make coleslaw’ day so no mozzarella for a week.


How to bake a potato.

An exploding spud is nothing.

I once put a Fray Bentos pie in the oven without taking the top off.

It was cheaper to buy a new oven then get a replacement door.

The Leeks & Blue Cheese filling looks good there.

I’m in the skewer camp. And I eat all the skin.

Respect the pepper

A thread on Reddit links to Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls at Think Geek. The thread the mentions how hot this Ghost Pepper is. From wikipedia:

In 2000, India’s Defence Research Laboratory (DRL) reported a rating of 855,000 heat units (SHU) on the Scoville scale,[10] and in 2004 a rating of 1,041,427 units was made using HPLC analysis.[20] For comparison, Tabasco red pepper sauce rates at 2,500–5,000,

Tabasco is not a problem but 171 times more powerful?

Bhut Jolokia is used as a food and a spice as well as a remedy to summer heat, presumably by inducing perspiration in the consumer.

I can believe that one.
I hope if I ever come into contact with one that I am told. Washing hands would be really important.

A real breakfast

My fellow Automattician Mike has posted what he believes is the “Breakfast of champions“. I beg to differ because this is the finest of fine breakfast foods:

There’s fruit, some carbs, a little chocolate for that energy boost. There might even be a fibre in there somewhere. And it’s low fat, highly portable, no washing up and prep time is seconds. Healthy in a handy size.

Jaffa Cakes. You know it makes sense.