Before there were 4 humans and 2 dogs living here. The hierarchy was fairly stable. But then eldest moved out and youngest went on holiday for 2 weeks. Storm – who is now 2 – saw a vacancy in the hierarchy so his behaviour has changed. Problem is it seems he is vying for position #2 in the house. In those two weeks we saw increased territorial behaviour and both dogs bark more. Youngest has come back – her Uni results are days away – so for now and with eldest visiting fairly often the behaviour can be ameliorated simply with their presence. But we can see what will happen when youngest moves out, when we are back to 2 humans, 2 dogs.
So we will have to put Storm back in his place and for him that is at the bottom of the food chain. Humans are #1 and #2, Winston is #3 and the little one (Storm – who is little by comparison to a Great Dane but is still bigger than a fully grown lab) is #4. Not entirely sure how we will do this but it has to be done.

Ginger guardian

StormAnd this is another of Storm. He likes to head out early evening – he’d be out there all night if he could – to protect the garden from the orange invaders. He gets told not to bark, he knows I go out every night, he wakes and gets to the door as soon as he hears words like ‘foxes’ ‘chicken’ but he still wants them gone.

Dog bites camera

I’ve got a GoPro which I took out for it’s first test. This is a few seconds from a longer video which shows one of the walks I take the dogs on. Not the most gripping of topics but it means Jacqui now knows what we see and what I talk about when we do this one from now. I plan to take the cam on a few routes as weather allows so she can get a getter idea of just how far we can go and what we see.
[wpvideo L4m29cFT]

Another try

Here is the new addition (second post as I lost the first migrating hosts)

He is currently behaving just as a puppy should – peeing in the wrong places, yapping, getting under feet. For some reason this irritates J and D. I keep telling them that it’s Storm’s job as a puppy but they aren’t impressed. And I’m sure Winston already knows who Storm is but Storm is still clueless – again that will be part of his career at this point.