And it’s not even Wine time!

Paid the tax bill I was sent.
Found a cheque from the taxman dated Feb 2020, rang them and another is on the way
Changed Home Insurance company (saved £400)
Renewed BT (saved £36)
Cancelled various direct debits
Jacqui would be amazed 🙂

And finally got round to installing youtube-dl on Windows. I found this guide the most helpful – Might set up the Mac but I use Win more these days. Many thanks to Wes for helping me with a final tricky bit I stumbled on. Download time!

Writing things down 3

I will have two txt files.

The first will deal with practicalities, notes about stuff. There will be no need for encryption because there will be nothing super secret in there. So I can send it plain text (or more likely upload to a hidden directory on a domain of mine and ask the girls to download it. This gives us the chance to read it, check for anything they think I’m missing and so improve it.

The second will have financial details.
That has to be encrypted.
I could send the girls the file and half the password each.
I could send the girls the file and give the password to someone else.
Still pondering that one.

The second one is pretty much done. Get into 1Password and off you go.
The first less done, and that’s why sharing it in the family is a good thing.

In other news, I feel fine 🙂

The mundane

. Lots of kitchen cupboard sorting out and throwing out
. Fixed the security floodlights at the back of the house
. Painted a wall white before a projector for TV is fitted
. Bikes now back in the garage and anchored with 2 heavy duty locks to the floor and also to each other. Photos taken for insurance purposes if needed
. Heaps of books sorted for a sale at the Library whenever that is allowed to open. Will hopefully be able to sell a huge pile of CDs there too. Not for me, all money goes to the library
. Diablo 3 is going better than it has before. Current Necromancer

. Decided to get electrolysis for my eyebrows. Plucking isn’t persistent. There are some flashy-light things you can buy but would they work…? Might as well go for electrocution. Or is there a better way?

All ears

Sunday sunday

Needed to clear up the kitchen today but if you are going to clear up make it something you really need to clear up.

So first up was make a heap of coleslaw. Katy Beskow’s recipe with a little added chilli / yellow pepper / white onion. May not look great but it smells and tastes lovely

The kitchen counter now has grated carrot / onion / cabbage flecks everywhere.

Needed to make more pizza dough.
This time I actually read and followed the recipe.

Turns out that adding warm milk and warm water makes a difference. Whodathunk?

Now I have future bases frozen.

It’s been sunny here so I sat out in the garden as much as possible. Not so much for me but Zelda will entertain herself with the ball launcher again and again and again so long as I’m there.

Koda : text detector

This is koda
Koda 1
I am sitting downstairs, the phone volume is muted and when I get a text my apple watch vibrates. No noise, just the wobble

I login to Paypal, get a 2FA text, watch vibrates, no other noise
I get a BBC alert, vibration, no noise
I get a security cam alert, same
No matter what arrives – and this has been happening for quite some time, it’s just that vibrate

This is koda
Koda 2
but when Jennifer texts?
Before the watch vibrates, koda starts barking
We are both downstairs, koda is out of my line of sight yet she will spring up and start barking – and then my watch vibrates.

Just now I had 3 texts, 2 from Jennifer, 1 from another source. Koda barked only at the two from Jennifer.

Koda cannot be ‘reading’ my reaction because (1) she can’t see me and (2) this happens before I get a notif about the first text.

Odd. Sort of cute, definitely noisy, but odd.

Eating alone

Widows on the Pain of Dining Alone

I’ve not made a proper cooked meal since Jacqui died.
The oven has been used maybe 4 times for a frozen pizza
The rest of the double range machine has not been used
The air fryer once for home made falafel
The slow cooker, maybe once a week I’ll chop some onions, mushrooms, throw in a tin of beans and make it warm.

The dining table is dismantled.

Tesco keeps a list for you of what you have bought online over the last year so in 5 or so weeks all the food I used to buy for Jacqui will drop away.

I loved cooking, cooking for the family. When the kids were at home we always ate at 6pm watching The Simpsons, or Hollyoaks. I loved cooking food that Jacqui wanted. Now though there’s no point. I don’t do takeaways, I don’t order food at the pub. I live on hummus, coleslaw and tortilla wraps. Maybe rice cakes. Easy, no fuss, little prep or washing up.

In many ways it is easier for me as life transitioned slowly from 4 to 3 to 2 and I knew she would go. It must be so much harder when it comes out of the blue. The effect is the same though – what was a pleasure, what was a good time of day turns into an empty experience every single day.

When I die

Jacqui used to all the money stuff but she has not been able to for a few years now. Everything is now locked behind passwords that are in my control. And that’s a problem.

If I get hit by a bus (unlikely as they stopped bus services to this little village, but you know what I mean) then all the accounts are locked away from my daughters who would have to step in and help.

So I’ve written out a text file and printed it off. It’s sitting over to my left in the printer. It has the following passwords detailed:

2 Phone banking apps
Windows PC

I think that covers it….

The dog ate a bovine trachea

Finally, finally, we have a new care package in place for Jacqui which starts tomorrow. Better times than the previous one, more flexible than the previous one and they do provide specialist Multiple Sclerosis nursing care. So that’s all good.

I updated to macOS Sierra last night and today my wifi has randomly dropped the connection at least a dozen times. That’s the last time I update an Apple OS on the initial release. In contrast my Windows 10 PC has been perfect.

Have an image:


and yes, bovine tracheas are a dog treat thing. Koda loves them.