You can’t cook burgers in a wok

You know that you speaking is strange when at the moment you do speak both your dogs look up and at you. And I was only talking at the TV. (I was allowed – Crystal Maze, daft person).

Lost love

Have I mentioned I replaced my PA bar which is 10mm with 15mm balls? It was steel, it is now Ti, same 10/15mm. 44g down to 26g. Good move. Plain Ti though … no skittles chat up line for me.

New cautery pen ordered which has disposable tips. My scarring plan continues.

A wok is too thin to cook a burger properly. This is not the fault of the wok, it is mine. It seemed a good idea at the time. Will not repeat.

I have it better than so very many, I know this.


I really miss her.

I dislike sleeping

Two nights ago I had another long dream about being unable to navigate around a hotel. The dream never seemed to end, it wore me out. These dreams screw up my following day. I was subdued, did no domestic tasks, just sat with the animals while the TV droned on. I remember thinking that I am so very fed up of hotel dreams.


Last night. In the dream I was leaving work. What that work was is blurred, but I knew that I could never find a pen, so I left work deciding to buy a pen on a lanyard and went into the city. No idea what city, but it was a city. (I have NO idea what shop in my city would sell such a thing).

Each street had a full market going on. Lots of stalls, masses of people, very little room to move, having to follow the stream of people. I had some sort of bag, or backpack, or something that made this movement difficult and slow. It would catch products causing them to fall – so making progress slower – or catch them and take them – so causing me to get stopped which slowed again. These streets went on and on and on. I could not escape, I could not find the pen I wanted.
Then something happened – no idea what, could have been Zelda adjusting position next to me – and my mind started saying “It’s a dream, it’s a dream, it’s a dream”. I woke up. Got up, went downstairs to get a drink of water.

Back to bed, back to sleep and right into another fantastical dream in some sort of flying object with targets to reach, targets to hit, being pursued. Just as the chasers closed in I woke.

Again my mind has been screwed for the day. It’s like a bad hangover.

I wish I could stop dreaming.

Pic unrelated

Bookmark purge

In my departure post at Automattic I said that I did not want to spend so much time in front of a computer. Reasonable I thought. But Covid….

I do not count gaming as ‘being in front of a computer’ even though it very obviously is. (Diablo 3 Season 22 starts tomorrow…). Gaming is escape. It was non-escape that I wanted to reduce. I probably have, but I have also amassed more sites to read/scroll/refresh.

After removing the reddit app from the phone/ipad I looked yesterday at browser bookmarks (Firefox is synced across devices). I had heaps and heaps of them. Time to pare them down.

Have I looked at it in 6 months? If not, delete.
Has it been useful to read? If not, delete.
Is the community positive for me? If not, delete.
I had other little rules.
While the TV was droning on in the background I opened each bookmark folder, looked at links and deleted a ton of them.

I then did the same with RSS feeds in Newsblur.

Apps on the mobile devices were purged in the same way.

This morning, after I’d got the financial stuff sorted (prev post), I started reading ‘my usuals’. Took only a very few minutes. Repetition of articles was massively reduced. That left me enough time to get up to speed on domestic chores. I wasn’t sitting there staring at a screen for so long.

Hopefully this stays as a positive.


Covid and NYE

Coronavirus: Family Christmas get-togethers being considered (BBC)

It’s not Christmas they need to worry about IMO.

In my years as a nurse, with kids, I would say to younger staff that I would do the Late shift on 31 Dec and the Early shift – even a Long Day – on Jan 1 to cover their shifts. They could then go out and party freely. But I wanted my Christmas day shift covered.

I never missed a Christmas day with my family.
I worked every 31 Dec / 1 Jan.

So while Boris and his clowns talk about Dec 25th as something sacred, I honestly think they have no clue.

Shutting down 31/21/2020 for pubs / clubs / bars etc?
Do Boris and the twats seriously believe that will work?

All kudos to the Police and NHS staff.

Cup of tea?

Coffee maybe?
Something fizzy?


If you can say those words to someone in the same house as you, or they can say them to you, you are lucky. Very much so.

It doesn’t matter how loud music is played, how loud the TV can be.
The lack of a real voice there in the room makes difference.

And I haven’t mentioned conversation.



No masks for me!

Went Costco yesterday with eldest. You need to be wearing a mask to get in. That’s exactly what I would expect and of course we both had masks. As we are wandering round though I noted something.

All the white shoppers were wearing masks.
The couple of black guys I saw wearing masks.
And most of the Asian appearing singles and couples had removed theirs.

Our city has been locked down more than most, covid is known to affect BAME people to a greater degree than others yet these complete idiots didn’t give a damn.

David Icke and the NHS

More than 10,000 COVID conspiracy theorists gather in London: Huge crowd of anti-vaxxers led by David Icke gather to argue that virus is a lie spread in secret global plot organised by Bill Gates (Daily Mail)

Hi, so what brings you to the GP, A&E, walk-in center today

“I think I have Covid”

Did you go to the protest in London lead by David Icke?

“I did”

Well… off you go home, after all, it’s not real is it?

I talked to someone!

I see my eldest and / or partner each Friday afternoon when they come to pick up the dogs. And I see them again Sunday afternoon when the furrballs return. We do chat but it centres around the beasts, events in our lives (very little).


I found out that the local pub I went to is open. Me and the dogs would go there a few times a week – I’d sit/stand at the bar and the dogs would wander round getting random scratches and fuss from others. All very civilised. Now though it’s table service, masks and very limited movement.
That’s not a pub.
I know they need the trade and I’m perfectly able to sink a few but the dogs – and me – would not like to be so restricted in movement.
So we just don’t go.


How bored was I yesterday? I dismantled a set of 4 saucepans we’ve had for years, scrubbed then til they were as shiny as the day they were bought. Stupid thing is that I don’t even use those pans.

Gaming – I did a solo GR100 (necro, profile link in a recent post if you care). This is excellent (for me)


The semi-detached house I own shares a hedge with next door. Several weeks ago Rob (from next door) trimmed the hedge complete back. I saw him, grabbed a 4 pack of large Stella cans and gave that to him to say Thanks. A few days ago he did the same again but I missed him.
We also share a verge and that hasn’t been looked after in forever. The grass/soil was creeping out which reduced the path next to it by up to a foot in places. So today the weather was good, I’d found a lawn edge trimmer in the garage months ago and I put it to work.
So now we have a much neater grass verge.


Anyway …. I’m about halfway through the job and I notice a woman walking up the other side of the close, glancing at houses. Whatever. I carry on. Minutes later she wanders down my side of the road, says Hi and we started chatting. She used to live in the village and was reacquainting herself with the place. We chatted for maybe 15 minutes about various things, but not covid. She bid goodbye and I got back to the task. Then it struck me that this was the first genuine conversation with someone other than my girls for ages.
Since Wed 19 Feb in fact (I checked)

You know how you wait for a bus, it’s late and when it arrives there are two?
Brian from abody called. His tattoo business is still shut down but we had a good 45 minute chatter on the phone about many things. Haven’t spoken to him in a couple of years so it was good to hear from him.


I can’t get Reminders on my phone/watch to work. Annoying.