A welcome visit

Haven’t seen my youngest in months so seeing her today was excellent. Caught up on stuff, learned the names that she and her fiancé have chosen for their – not yet conceived – firstborn and generally nattered as you do.

She also brought back a pile of gaming stuff I’d lent her over time but they don’t now use. So I have two PS Classics, two Megadrive Minis, two Gamecubes, I think two N64’s, heaps of controllers and Wii games I’d forgotten about. Good, very good.

Long time since I’ve played Pikmin


I remember this site being reported way back when those reports came to me. I wonder if it looks any different in today’s light? Does humour travel through time well?
(Nothing was done because it had internal company fans)



I had no marshmallows

Not that it mattered as I don’t really do sweet stuff, but I can’t think of anything else I’d toast.


Crumpets. Apart from crumpets.

Teacakes. I have a memory of toasting teacakes as a kid at my (*) grandparents as the football results were read out.


I would pay for a hug.

Priti Damn Stupid

– “Travellers to the UK from Monday will have to quarantine in one specific address for 14 days when they come into the UK”

– “But they will be allowed to break the two-week coronavirus quarantine to pop out for food, attend funerals and can use public transport”

So people can arrive, take several buses / underground to a shop of their choice, takeaway, Nandos, McD’s etc

Priti Patel just redefined quarantine.

Still happy you voted Tory?

The mundane last week


– started watching Spooks from S1 (BBC iPlayer)

– got a new correctly sized cast iron pan/griddle and seasoned that properly

– cleaned the thing outside that I can burn wood in. No clue what it’s called. Cast iron, shaped like an onion bulb with a chimney. Will test fire later

– started stripping the paint from the garage before I power wash, then seal, then repaint. Decided front garage door will be yellow, the back green

– decided how to tackle the block paving weeds

– put some blue ink into my R little finger

– avoided all injury while using a mandolin

– installed the 3rd (and last) security cam to cover the front door

– had a lovely chat with Heather from the Widow/ers group who randomly called

– moved up from 5kg dumbbells to 6.25kg for my daily weights

– preordered Good Food for Bad Days by Jack Monroe and I really hope it’s not geared to “Serves 4 / 6”. Bad days are individual so a recipe for – to be honest – more than one is nearly pointless

pic unrelated

the banality continues


Note: When he wants to be taken seriously he does not ruffle his hair. This means that as he normally ruffles his hair he does not take his role seriously.

Note 2: The NHS tracing Big Brother app? No.

Note 3: The Apple / Google app? That’ll be a FUCK NO. I mean, GOOGLE? If you install that you are stupid. Very very stupid. Trump voter stupid.

Stay Alert? Drink more coffee?

Fuck Off Boris


This is the state of the top knuckle on my left hand following the cooking incident.
Big finger
I was going to say ‘middle finger’ but as we have 4 fingers and one thumb, you cannot have a ‘middle finger’ unless you demote the thumb to the role of ‘finger’ so it’s Big finger. Not universally true I’m sure, but it does here.

Anyway, the slice was, for that area of a finger, pretty deep.
I have since used the mandoline twice and my fingers remained intact.

I found my cautery pens, so I’m pondering a scar on a finger.

Burnout Paradise Remastered on Origin is fantastic. None of the PS4 crashes, looks better and you know it’s faithful when exiting the west entrance of Wildcats Stadium that invisible ‘whatever’ causes you to cresh. SATYR77 runs a good room if you see them online. (I’m mrkx2x2 there)


This isolation is starting to really get to me. Whatever day it is matters not. Not hearing another real live voice is weird. Not being able to talk to someone / anyone is odd. It has shown me, not that I really needed telling, how superficial some/most relationships are. It has shown me how much I need a real relationship.
A friend will happen, more than that will not.
It is what it is.

The testing thing

I believe that the UK Govt should have tested widely and repeatedly for Covid-19 for months now. It’s the only way to know the size of the problem. The main part of that though is it has to be done again and again to individuals.

Covid 19

What I absolutely do not get is single individual tests. They are utterly meaningless.

If I go and get a test for an STD (fat chance that’s happen) and they say “Hey, you do not have syphilis” then that result will be good until/unless I engage in behaviour that would transmit syphilis.
But Covid-19? “Hey, you do not have Covid-19”
You exit the room
and you could then inhale it from the next person heading in.

The former requires deliberate behaviour, the latter does not.

So individual tests make zero sense.

Test and test again and again and again. Unless of course you (a) don’t care about the numbers or (b) are too scared about a leak of those numbers

Boris is meant to be back Monday. I bet he didn’t use BUPA the first time because they don’t cover for the same issue twice.

Oh yes, Matt Hancock. Useless fuckwit.