I bought an iron

Wednesday. It’s my Saturday and on Saturdays I head into the city for matcha latte. Last year I started a Meetup.com group for widow/ers in this city/shire. 41 people joined but only a few turned up to the regular Wednesday meeting.
IMG 0290
It then became really just 4 of us. Given that Meetup.com charge around £28/month just to have a group and between the 4 of us we could use text message I stopped the group. Saw no reason to keep it going.
One lady has been there more than anyone – Aruna – and today, like last week and next week we met up.

Chat ranges around many subjects and it’s always lovely to talk to her. I talked today about my plan for this coming year. No-one else at all knows, so it was good to talk about what I want to do, how, etc etc. It’s good to get suggestions and validation.

I love matcha latte
Photo 2020 01 29 17 59 45

Last week, this was at Orso in Leicester.
Really cool indy coffee/tea/matcha/chai place.
How cool? Every drink comes with a custard cream biscuit.
That’s how cool.
No fancy stuff, just a proper British Biscuit.

Tomorrow is more tattoo time, leg or arm, whichever Neil wants to do. And twice this week I’ve has a comment about my left hand tattoo. Both guys recognised it as Persian which was cool.

MUST remember to do my tax return tomorrow.

First post in a while…..

I closed the site, moved to Tumblr, moved to a jekyll static site, moved back to Tumblr, tried a couple of other blogging options, went back to Jekyll (and GitHub) and over the last few weeks decided that I wanted to re-open this site. It’s been here since Jan 2004 so why not.

Apart from the grieving, crying, depression, getting used to but still hating the silence, losing weight and some other things I’ll never write about here, what’s happened then?

Been to Birmingham to meet up again with the very wonderful UK Bodyart bunch and to wish Claire – that’s the Claire in the tagline up top – a fab time in Boston where she moved to.
Been to Bristol twice to see Jennifer and Matt
Been to Gdansk and met the brilliant Team Neptune who I work with at Automattic (Gdansk is beautiful. Really cool place, one I’d love to go back to)

Started volunteering at the local library and I’ll be sorting out their website for them.

Started a Widows/Widowers Meetup.com group. We’ve had 3 meetings so far and more will happen.

Got a VPS on Ramnode so I can learn more command line and play with interesting things I find on Github.

Started learning CSS properly (for work)

Started learning python (to exercise my brain)

Now the PS Vita is discontinued bought another and implemented the Trinity exploit so I can load a stack of different games onto it.

And I’ve done a few things to my body:

– retired venom piercings done in January and have since had another tongue piercing. Centre tongue stretched to 5mm.

– Was suspended by two hooks in my back.


– Had a magnet inserted into a finger


– Had my chest tattoo touched up


– Got a leg tattoo


– Had a chip implanted into each hand


– Got a bright semicolon tattoo


(More pictures on Smugmug)

Next month I get my left arm finished (or very close to) before the Automattic Meetup in Florida.
And on the 27th of this month I am in Bristol to get hung up again – this time with hooks in my back and my legs.

I find the world without Jacqui to be a very different place. Very lonely, very quiet. It’s hard sometimes. Rattling around in this house with only the dogs to talk to still feels weird. It’s only in the last week I’ve finally got all the paperwork sorted out following her death.

Twitter is shit
Mastodon is cool
Tildes is cool
Zoho Notebook is very cool, as is Marsedit

Pic unrelated

Brought back the tagline I had years ago on T2. Seems appropriate today……

Debating getting a new piercing. It’s been years since I had one, but with the lobe stretching, tongue bar being back and the PA back to 10mm I sort of feel the need.

Had some really great family news, and as with all silver clouds there is a dark lining so there is bad news too.

Donald does Vladimir

One day I hope someone will be immortalised in Wikipedia for assassinating the complete fucking drool baby that is apparently in charge of that thing called the USA.

Warhol mentioned 15 minutes of fame.

This fame would be forever.

What do Nike say?

Just do it

This GDPR junk

This is what I am doing.

1. There is no cookie banner/widget
Why? Because this site does not set a cookie unless you comment. You can read every post, every comment and no cookie will be set. Nothing.

2. Tracking
I track nothing. I use no stats plugin, I have switched off the Jetpack data collection.
There IS IP tracking at the server level but I have zero control over that. If it bugs you so much that your IP is stored then contact my host – http://krystal.co.uk – because I can’t help.

If you decide to leave a comment there is a checkbox. Read it. Decide what you want to do.

4. Comment removal
See the all-new super-shiny Privacy Policy page. Look up for the link.

5. Data processing
I don’t do it. WordPress plonks your comment data into the database. If – and only if – someone looks at the post then your comment is fetched and displayed.
It is not processed.
I’m sure a lawyer could argue otherwise but I don’t give a crap.

I don’t hold a gun to your head and make you enter information here.
I don’t try at all to find out any more about you.
I will delete what you ask.

That’s it. That’s the full extent of my complying.


On May 24 this site will disappear.

The database will be dropped.

Every domain I own will 404.

Can’t afford the risk.



And if my reasons are wrong please explain why.