Tattoos completed

The usual Wednesday coffee was off, Neil had the day free so yesterday I spent a couple of hours under the needle. The calf sleeve is complete. Pics when I get round to pulling them off the phone.
And while there I saw my next tattoo. It’s a perfect mix of what my youngest is designing and my need for ink to be body related. It’s dot work. Once I have the location, it’ll happen. I’m pondering neck as I want this one to be visible but no decision yet. And it’ll be only the second tattoo that Neil has not done – same studio though.

The Library is closed now so my plans are shot but that’s okay.

Otherwise life trundles on. Covid-19 is not really affecting me

Pic unrelated


Did everything right Wednesday evening – ate properly, 2 pints only, early to sleep. Thursday I made sure I was hydrated, ate breakfast, smoothie and yet the 3hr session on my calf was really ouchy. The body is odd.
Left feeling okay, got out of the taxi back home feeling ill. Wandered dogs, bit of housework, sat down and 15 mins later my heart took off. Ranged between 160-183.
And then for reasons unknown it reverted back to normal. Still is. The body is odd.

Session 8

I have added another part of the body to the Do Not Get Tattooed! list
The upper inner arm is ouchy. It was when outlining and the shading will be more ouchy. Anyway, here’s one of a few pics

More colours yet to go in, it’s not finished.

Had another cardiac event yesterday early evening. My Apple watch has heart monitoring on since the hospital visits. This time though it lasted only a few minutes so no calls needed. I suppose a GP visit might be in order.

And I have sorted the dining area of downstairs at last. It’s much tidier, more functional. One emotional task down, more yet to go.

Session 6 – calf

I think I’ve skipped my arm pics as they alternate
Anyway, as I’ve said before, don’t get your calf tattooed

Made a decision last week. Thought about it. Decided after a week it was the right decision to make and Saturday started the process. Today was the second step. The third is some way away…..

Session 4 – Ink Ink Music and a VT

More time under the needle with the left arm being the focus.
3 Images: the pen, the outline, and where I called stop because it got really ouchy.

Tattooing close to the armpit is ouchy
Tattooing the same area with the 4th colour is very ouchy.

We had 45 mins left so Neil redid the semi-colon on my right finger. That’s the third time so hoping it sticks.

I introduced Inkling to the utterly fantastic Girl Talk – All day, The White Panda – Bambooyah and Bearly Legal, Milkman – Circle of Fifths with a guest appearance of Infected Mushroom – Bust A Move.
Very well received.

Tuesday. Hospital appt which went slightly better than I thought. I was also told all my blood values were okay.
10pm, started to feel odd. Could not catch my breath
Soon after, chest ached, could feel exactly where my heart was
Rang 111, they said go hospital
11pm got there, seen in two minutes, hooked up to ECG machine, bloods taken, whisked through to the Major area
Couldn’t see time.The ECG machine was sounding it’s alarm beep and each time someone scooted into the bay. More bloods. Doc came in and said I had Ventricular Tachycardia.


Yeah, that’s not good

Told at some point I was going to be transferred to a cardiac center. Was tired and dozing and feeling weird. I was given some oral medication – I have no idea what, I wasn’t about to ask questions. I fell asleep. Woken just before 2am to tell me all was okay and I could go home.
Got back, sat with the dogs for a while, went bed
And the week continues normally.

Session 3 – left calf

Two more hours. The images are left calf back after the drawing, then outined. The following two are left calf outside in pen then outlined.

I said I’d forgotten how much tattooing my calf felt. It took only a couple of minutes for the reminder to kick in.
All the touched area now feel like a nasty burn. Still, shouldn’t be touching that again for 2-3 weeks so it’s got time to settle.

Session 2 – left arm

A few more hours under the needle today.

and now I feel my usual post-session crap. No endorphin rush here, has never happened after a tattoo. Only happened after the suspension.

Tomorrow the left calf sleeve is started and each Thursday for some time will rotate between calf / lower left arm / upper left arm.

New Ink decided

Tomorrow I’m booked in all day with Neil at Inkling. Going to complete my left arm and turn what is currently about 40% coverage into a full sleeve with no negative space.
The following Thursday – and maybe a couple after that – will be a complete sleeve on my left calf (is it still called a sleeve if it’s on the leg?). Design will be 100% anatomical with the images coming from the lithographs in this Atlas of Human Anatomy. So muscles, tendons, veins and varying depths across the back of the calf. No bone though – that’s covered on my right leg.
Rightleg. I dislike black ink but I’ll have to concede some use of grey for delineation.
And I’ll get the orange semi-colon on my right hand changed to green (hopefully).

Yes, I have forgotten how much my right leg hurt and I’m not sure how my shin will react to a needle, but hey, needs to be done.

I’d really like the back half on my neck done. Again anatomical – on the left starting with muscle moving through to grey vertebrae on the right. But I have this thing that I want to be able to see my tattoos. I know I could have some amazing anatomical work – or other art – on the biggest canvas I have but if I can’t see it? Maybe if I run out of space on the front. And neck? So visible? I’m old, I’m in my last job so what the hell – it’s only skin.