Next tattoo decided

Was talking to Polly – my youngest – and we’ve decided that she is going to design my next tattoo.
It’s going to be a significant break from my existing tattoos. With the exception of the one on the back of my left hand the others all have human biology as the theme. Polly though wants me to have a butterfly.

She has the outside of my left calf as her canvas (yes, I have already forgotten just how much that area hurts) and it will include some bio elements. But at a glance it will be a butterfly. Mainly purple, with some green and the bio. Up to her.

In other news I had to drop the double nostril piercings back to their original size as they are being stubborn about healing. To make up for that though I actually got my lobes up to 28mm. Good stuff.


Pics soon of just how many bucky balls I can hang from my finger.

Biohack – I have 8kb more memory

Just got back from a few hours with Jenova Rain. Had two new implants one of which does have 8kb memory.

Here is the complete list:

Left hand:
– Magnet in my ring finger. [Details]
– NExT RFID + NFC Chip Implant [Details & specs]

– White LED. This lights up when an NFC detector reads it.

Right hand:
– Vivokey Spark [Details & specs] [More on Vivokey]

– xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC [Details & specs]

What’s next?
– Start playing with these properly as time hasn’t been on my side recently to do so.
– Go to an Apple store and test the new iPhone’s NFC detection. If it makes my hands work I’ll buy one.
– Get another LED in the middle of the steel implant in my right hand.
– Get a payment chip in my left hand as soon as they are released.

No other photos of today’s implants. There were a couple of guys from the BBC there taking stills/video so I’ll copy those when they are published.

Jenova has done all the above and I absolutely recommend her.

And in case you ask Why do this?

Why not?

New ink / holes

Both tragus up from 1 2mm BCR to 1.6 Ti segment ring

Left ear cart up from 1.2 segment to 1.6 horsehoe. Target is 2.44mm Ti horseshoe

Semi-colon tattoo on right ring finger existed, and now does not. Infection blew the ink out

Double nose piercing added. Currently steel, will be rainbow Ti as soon as

Leg tattoo healed perfectly

Left arm had more work today. It’ll have more in a few months


Progress pics in the usual place later / tomorrow

First post in a while…..

I closed the site, moved to Tumblr, moved to a jekyll static site, moved back to Tumblr, tried a couple of other blogging options, went back to Jekyll (and GitHub) and over the last few weeks decided that I wanted to re-open this site. It’s been here since Jan 2004 so why not.

Apart from the grieving, crying, depression, getting used to but still hating the silence, losing weight and some other things I’ll never write about here, what’s happened then?

Been to Birmingham to meet up again with the very wonderful UK Bodyart bunch and to wish Claire – that’s the Claire in the tagline up top – a fab time in Boston where she moved to.
Been to Bristol twice to see Jennifer and Matt
Been to Gdansk and met the brilliant Team Neptune who I work with at Automattic (Gdansk is beautiful. Really cool place, one I’d love to go back to)

Started volunteering at the local library and I’ll be sorting out their website for them.

Started a Widows/Widowers group. We’ve had 3 meetings so far and more will happen.

Got a VPS on Ramnode so I can learn more command line and play with interesting things I find on Github.

Started learning CSS properly (for work)

Started learning python (to exercise my brain)

Now the PS Vita is discontinued bought another and implemented the Trinity exploit so I can load a stack of different games onto it.

And I’ve done a few things to my body:

– retired venom piercings done in January and have since had another tongue piercing. Centre tongue stretched to 5mm.

– Was suspended by two hooks in my back.


– Had a magnet inserted into a finger


– Had my chest tattoo touched up


– Got a leg tattoo


– Had a chip implanted into each hand


– Got a bright semicolon tattoo


(More pictures on Smugmug)

Next month I get my left arm finished (or very close to) before the Automattic Meetup in Florida.
And on the 27th of this month I am in Bristol to get hung up again – this time with hooks in my back and my legs.

I find the world without Jacqui to be a very different place. Very lonely, very quiet. It’s hard sometimes. Rattling around in this house with only the dogs to talk to still feels weird. It’s only in the last week I’ve finally got all the paperwork sorted out following her death.

Twitter is shit
Mastodon is cool
Tildes is cool
Zoho Notebook is very cool, as is Marsedit


I had forgotten how much it hurts to stretch up an ear cartilage piercing. It had been about 2.4mm and going to 3.2 stung. (Healing Tip: never do both ears at the same time. Makes staying asleep impossible). The goal is 4mm so one more bout of pain yet to go.

No idea what to do with all this old metal.

Post-ink glow

Had 2 hours of tattooing done earlier and I am now in this strange but wonderful state of relaxation which is unlike the norm. Very pleasant indeed. The purple and green ink is embedded into my left forearm with some hours of work left to so. No pics yet.

Along a street

Wandered to and around Camden Market – – with some friends yesterday. Some of the shops are below. What you can’t see here is the wide variety of people wandering round too. The last image. There is a shelf on the wall above them. You sit on the seat to eat the food. There was one overlooking the river but the pic isn’t as nice to look at. Inside the market there is probably every cuisine you can think of being cooked right in front of you. Fantastic place to go.

A sophos child.

So the Submissive relationship breaker and overall “Mr Ego” from Mold (who now lives in Boston MA) who now works for Sophos (Paul – you missed your extra-curricular activities from your LinkedIn profile. Surely there is a boss just looking for you?) will be a dad. You do have to wonder about someone who is apparently working for a reputable firm who tries to erase all trace of himself and his activities on the net as his green card application approaches – I would love the images from the hidden directories on the old UPB site. And still his old sites (and hers) remain apparently offline. Nothing to hide is there?
It’s amusing how you can have a private profile on facebook but your gallery images are public. Still, at least we know the unfortunate child will be law-abiding – his parents will surely whip him into shape.

(And I know that only 3 people will agree with me but hey, like I care)


The veins tattooed on my left arm have been beefed up. Slight shading, more blue, tiny bit of black and some purple. Should look perfect. Took 2 hours. First colour (black) was easy, no pain. Purples were next and they stung a touch where they overlapped with the previous black. The blue was last and it crossed both sets of angry skin. Ouch it was esp on the inner elbow. Or maybe I’m a wuss :) Felt fine when there, came back and felt ill. As always. Even now some 5 hours later I feel ill. Not bad ill but as if I’ll wake up with the flu tomorrow.
Neil at abody (the tattoo studio) has an apprentice. She’ll not be tattooing for a while and seeing as my arms are now complete (bar a little colour top-up in the right arm) I’m thinking of taking her in a copy of Bartleby Anatomy and suggesting that my right calf could do with some action. I think the neck would be better but that’s an expensive place for a mistake. Should be free though and Neil could oversee. This of course depends on him and her and me so it may not come off. But it’s a thought.
Photos will be taken tomorrow in daylight and then in a couple of weeks.

And best of all they don’t want their site changing yet – – and they have a vacancy for a tattooist.