You can’t cook burgers in a wok

You know that you speaking is strange when at the moment you do speak both your dogs look up and at you. And I was only talking at the TV. (I was allowed – Crystal Maze, daft person).

Lost love

Have I mentioned I replaced my PA bar which is 10mm with 15mm balls? It was steel, it is now Ti, same 10/15mm. 44g down to 26g. Good move. Plain Ti though … no skittles chat up line for me.

New cautery pen ordered which has disposable tips. My scarring plan continues.

A wok is too thin to cook a burger properly. This is not the fault of the wok, it is mine. It seemed a good idea at the time. Will not repeat.

I have it better than so very many, I know this.


I really miss her.

A Seal

Imagine a garden rake.
Imagine a perfectly okay lawn.
You duct tape the rake to an electric drill.
Place the rake against the lawn and press ON.

The new tattoo rotary arrived yesterday.

The middle section of my right R finger is … interesting as a consequence.
I might stay with hand poking there after all.
Live and learn 🙂


Finally felt okay today after the veg/salad incident.

Amazon replied with a “Not us!” which I expected. The seller will now get even worse feedback.

I really like this (src: reddit)

Didn’t realise my Gaming page had gone – it’s now back (scroll up)

Inky time soon

I’ve been hand poking some colours into the middle part of my R little finger. I was it to be a mush of colours, no pattern, representative of nothing. It’s very slow work though and the results aren’t quite as I’d like.
Spent some time last night trying to get the tattoo gun working. I have two, both coil models. But for some reason I couldn’t get the needle working correctly. No voltage would produce a consistent result.
So I just ordered a rotary model from Amazon. Has decent reviews, easier to use. So late next week I’ll be able to doing more colours faster.

No intention to touch the ink that Neil put in me, but I’ve plenty of skin to play around with. Could even do my own Mr Knee 🙂


This is the state of the top knuckle on my left hand following the cooking incident.
Big finger
I was going to say ‘middle finger’ but as we have 4 fingers and one thumb, you cannot have a ‘middle finger’ unless you demote the thumb to the role of ‘finger’ so it’s Big finger. Not universally true I’m sure, but it does here.

Anyway, the slice was, for that area of a finger, pretty deep.
I have since used the mandoline twice and my fingers remained intact.

I found my cautery pens, so I’m pondering a scar on a finger.

Burnout Paradise Remastered on Origin is fantastic. None of the PS4 crashes, looks better and you know it’s faithful when exiting the west entrance of Wildcats Stadium that invisible ‘whatever’ causes you to cresh. SATYR77 runs a good room if you see them online. (I’m mrkx2x2 there)


This isolation is starting to really get to me. Whatever day it is matters not. Not hearing another real live voice is weird. Not being able to talk to someone / anyone is odd. It has shown me, not that I really needed telling, how superficial some/most relationships are. It has shown me how much I need a real relationship.
A friend will happen, more than that will not.
It is what it is.

Tattoos completed

The usual Wednesday coffee was off, Neil had the day free so yesterday I spent a couple of hours under the needle. The calf sleeve is complete. Pics when I get round to pulling them off the phone.
And while there I saw my next tattoo. It’s a perfect mix of what my youngest is designing and my need for ink to be body related. It’s dot work. Once I have the location, it’ll happen. I’m pondering neck as I want this one to be visible but no decision yet. And it’ll be only the second tattoo that Neil has not done – same studio though.

The Library is closed now so my plans are shot but that’s okay.

Otherwise life trundles on. Covid-19 is not really affecting me

Pic unrelated


Did everything right Wednesday evening – ate properly, 2 pints only, early to sleep. Thursday I made sure I was hydrated, ate breakfast, smoothie and yet the 3hr session on my calf was really ouchy. The body is odd.
Left feeling okay, got out of the taxi back home feeling ill. Wandered dogs, bit of housework, sat down and 15 mins later my heart took off. Ranged between 160-183.
And then for reasons unknown it reverted back to normal. Still is. The body is odd.

Session 8

I have added another part of the body to the Do Not Get Tattooed! list
The upper inner arm is ouchy. It was when outlining and the shading will be more ouchy. Anyway, here’s one of a few pics

More colours yet to go in, it’s not finished.

Had another cardiac event yesterday early evening. My Apple watch has heart monitoring on since the hospital visits. This time though it lasted only a few minutes so no calls needed. I suppose a GP visit might be in order.

And I have sorted the dining area of downstairs at last. It’s much tidier, more functional. One emotional task down, more yet to go.

Session 6 – calf

I think I’ve skipped my arm pics as they alternate
Anyway, as I’ve said before, don’t get your calf tattooed

Made a decision last week. Thought about it. Decided after a week it was the right decision to make and Saturday started the process. Today was the second step. The third is some way away…..