A month on a bike.

In my first full month of cycling for decades I rode 622.1 miles, spent 41hr 7m in the saddle and climbed a total of 21,286ft. Set my longest single ride which was 62.3 miles and the most in a week was 155.6 miles. Have to admit I would have been shaking my head 6 weeks ago had I been told I would have done this.

A pain developed 3 rides ago on the outside of my left knee. After looking around a lot of sites I’ve moved the cleat position on the shoe and raised and moved the seat back a smidge. A ride tomorrow (with the multitool handy) will tell me if I have made errors or improvements.

Things I have learned:

    that I still hate the wind
    that car drivers cannot be trusted at all
    that riding with others is really enjoyable
    that riding alone gives valuable time for thinking
    that the warm glow of tiredness after a ride when I push is a wonderful feeling
    that the numbers on the Garmin and on Strava are motivating me
    that I look good in lycra 🙂


    Riding over 100 miles a week for 4 weeks.
    Riding 1000km in the month

Goals set:

    Continue to ride 100 miles each week
    Ride 1250km in September (The Extender challenge at Strava). I have a week off where I might, just might, be able to put the miles in to hit that target. It’s 777 miles though which will be tough – for me at least.
    Ride the 100 mile Leicester Circle Audax on the 22nd

This ‘accidentally getting fit while sitting down a lot” is fun. Like it a lot.

Garmin or Strava

Garmin Connect:
– has some personal best records
– has weekly goals
– can download courses directly to the garmin
– not very social

– no personal records
– no weekly goals without Premium
– no download of gpx file without Premium
– more social

I want Strava to let me have more records (best 5km, 10km, 20km etc, elevation, segments). Their social aspect beats Garmin but Garmin’s records beat Strava. When I’m biking I’m trying to beat me. He’s the target but he can only be that target if he has a time. Numbers motivate me. The day Strava let me have some personal records is the day I will upgrade.

Current goal: 1000km in August. Have done 568 so far so it’s very doable.

On a bike

According to Garmin Connect in the past month I’ve spent 24h37m sitting on the saddle while moving at 21.5km/h and I have travelled 528km. That’s not bad considering that a month ago it was have been a zero for all those. By the end of Sunday I’ll pass 600km. Longest ride so far is 51km and I’ll beat that either tomorrow or Saturday. It’s good fun out on the bike. Lots of space to think, no distractions. Recommended.