Fantastic Sounds

The first part of this Ibiza Prom is excellent.

This though is even better:
Tony McGuinness from Above & Beyond selects a beautiful Chill Mix for the Radio 1 Dance Weekend and it’s been on repeat here.

One question though, which also applies to the Carl Cox stuff on R1:
At times they press buttons / hold buttons and there is an obvious change in beat, tempo, sound etc
And at other times they press / hold buttons and there is no change

So what’s with the button pressing?

Annita bloody McVeigh

BBC tonight it’s the “Director’s Cut” of the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony. The director was Danny Boyle.

Dear Mr Boyle,
Your work was, is, and will always be sullied by the inane drivel from Annita bloody McVeigh you left in the soundtrack.

Your Director’s Cut should have NO COMMENTARY. NONE.

Bob Monkhouse

I’m of an age that Bob Monkhouse was a TV staple, mainly in game shows, but sometimes in stand-up. If you too are of that age, you might like “Bob Monkhouse: The Last Stand” on the BBC’s iPlayer. Very very good and unless it’s on usenet (I’ll be amazed if not) it’s only around for another 27 days.

Watch it.