Automattic Marketing Lies

I used to complain about this when I worked there, but it must work as it continues.

“There are lies, damned lies and marketing speak”

Couple of days ago they sent out an email about a ‘flash sale’. Part of the copy was:

Attract more viewers, make more sales, share more content

If you upgrade will you attract more viewers? No.

If you upgrade will you make more sales? No.

If you upgrade can you share more content? No.

Three lies.

It was annoying when people paid and would ask in tickets or chat about what Marketing sent out and for me it just reads as spam. Unsubscribe? Could do, but then I’d miss out on these amazing offers!

Om Malik

Automattic. 2006, maybe 2007. San Francisco. Outside a pier restaurant. Lots of ‘cool’ people, Matt is circulating (as you would) and he comes close with Om Malik. Matt introduced me as part of the team correctly and as far as Om was concerned he may as well have been introduced to a stone. I was not ignored, I was just not there at all.

So any site, by anyone, that says it abides by Om’s Practice Pledge? Bollocks.

Unrealistic Automattic

So Matt says teams should take time off together. How about Happiness Teams?
Why not?
Support has done a massive amount of work recently – along with the 3rd party Support services that have been paid to help – but I’ll bet anything that people in Support are being denied leave because of the workload (currently 1500+ tickets).