The Zoom issue

When I did a clean reinstall of Catalina I – obviously – had to reinstall the apps I used. Zoom was one. I noticed everything about it’s installation that is now being reported and I thought it strange. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times to make sure. I asked someone at work if they saw the same process – I forget who – and they did.
26 July last year I emailed and laid out what I had found.
17 August I got a reply saying they were looking into it.
I cannot have been the only person reporting it so it’s safe to assume that Apple knew all about Zoom was doing and as nothing changed Apple were totally cool with it too.

Happy to stop using Fitbit

I’ve several fitbit devices – the clip-on, Flex, Charge, Charge 2, Charge 3, Surge and was until very recently looking to buy a Versa 2. I like them, I like the focus and on some days it did motivate me to get to 10k steps. The Charge 3 was easily my favourite – the perfect size, display and functions.

The Versa 2 comes in at over £200, so when I was in the Apple store recently and say the Series 3 watch was £199 I was suddenly interested. I’ve dumped the Samsung S8+ I was using for an iPhone 11, bought an iPad so the Apple watch made sense. It does everything the fitbit did and more and it does it better. It’s a neat device.

Why dump the S8+? Two reasons, in order: (1) the camera placement right next to the fingerprint sensor is a really really stupid design. I’ve been unable to take a ton of pics because the lens would be blurry and (2) Google.

The fitbits. I’ll never use them again. Ever. Partly because the Apple watch does more – and better – and partly because I’ve stopped really caring about 10k steps. But now I’ve an even better reason – Google again. It looks like Alphabet – effectively Google – will be buying it.

Yeah, like Google having even more of my data would be a good idea.

The dog ate a bovine trachea

Finally, finally, we have a new care package in place for Jacqui which starts tomorrow. Better times than the previous one, more flexible than the previous one and they do provide specialist Multiple Sclerosis nursing care. So that’s all good.

I updated to macOS Sierra last night and today my wifi has randomly dropped the connection at least a dozen times. That’s the last time I update an Apple OS on the initial release. In contrast my Windows 10 PC has been perfect.

Have an image:


and yes, bovine tracheas are a dog treat thing. Koda loves them.

iTunes still broken

Attach iphone to Mac, open iTunes, sync – and still it does not update apps on the iphone. So it is still very much broken and requires that you double download to the device and to iTunes to keep everything up to date. Inane.

I have far less computer issues on my Windows machines than I do this macbook.

Maybe I should buy a Windows phone.

Apple problem? No, must be me.

My iTunes library recently passed 250gb and since then every.single.time I have started iTunes it grabs several hundred files and does some Gapless garbage on them. I have searched. I have deleted files. I have re-added one-by-one but it does it every.single.time. Expecting nothing I looked in the Apple “Support” forums and it’s my fault. Yep. Can’t be the Apple code. Oh no. It must be me. Well fuck that.

All music removed from iTunes, now using Clementine.

All movies removed from iTunes, now using Usher.

Apple could do themselves a big favour by lining up there ass-licking fanbois, shooting them and then admitting that maybe, just maybe, their software had bugs.

Hey Mark, you seem a little angry these days, wassup? If I thought it would help to say then I would. It won’t.

No privacy in Safari


  1. Open Safari
  2. Navigate to
  3. Tap the screen to bring up the browser nav tools and in the bottom left click ‘Private’. Accept that and the nav bars should go dark.
  4. Return to the browser and tap in the url bar
  5. Navigate to
  6. Press the Home button to exit Safari
  7. Double press the Home button to show all open apps
  8. Flick Safari off the screen

Now that should have completely exited Safari and as you were in Private mode nothing should have been saved.

  1. Open Safari
  2. It will open to
  3. Tap the screen to bring up the browser nav tools and in the bottom click Back
  4. You will go to

Now where is the privacy in this?

Space solved

First time using Dropbox on iOS. Took some photos of the dogs while out – about 20 – and the app just wouldn’t upload them all. No reason why, it just sat there as if crashed. Restarted it, changed it’s permissions and the changed them back but it gave me no clues as to what was going on. It just sat there saying ‘2 left’ for over 2 hours. Screw that. If they haven’t got this right then why rely on them. App uninstalled. App removed from computer. All data on Dropbox deleted then permanently deleted. What was there will now live in Spideroak. Skydrive can have the photos.

Younited. They already have a forum wannabe Expert who insists that his answer is my answer and it isn’t. I removed his decision to set his reply as MY solution and he went and replaced it. If I had just launched a product I’d have my staff in the forum and answering everything. But then F-Secure seem to not care so if they don’t, I don’t. App removed from phone, app removed from computer. I can share from Skydrive if I wish. Or Spideroak.

And hey, it’s Friday. Why doesn’t iOS have a ‘weekend’ setting? Or is it expected that every Friday and Monday you jump happily into Notification Center and disable/enable noises and badges?

So far I am failing to fall under this OMG ITS AN IPHONE spell.

Yes, I’m irritable. Tech should ‘just work’ by now on this thing and it quite obviously does not.

Some words on news

Mr. Cutts of Google says it is impossible for the company to respond individually to every Web site owner with a question, because of sheer scale; there are 240 million domain names and people search Google more than 3.3 billion times a day.
Google Casts a Big Shadow on Smaller Web Sites –

What has the number of domain names and number of searches got to do with Google not having a Support department? The two are not related.

In news about that other company I don’t like I really hope Apple get hit extremely hard by the UK judges. Their moving of the judgement is scummy. As a (now deleted) comment there said yesterday there is not a monitor in the world big enough to display that text without scrolling. And related – I watched as that thread was moderated – don’t those HN mods just love Apple.