Well they let me in. Frisked, questioned but no worse than that. My last time leaving the US was the bad though so there’s time yet.

Really good to meet up with people I knew before but also to meet with so many new teammates where we have only communicated in Slack before.

Really missing Jacqui. Last night we all went to Marvel Island – I ate mac’n’cheese for the first time – and so many things I saw that I thought about how she would like to have seen it, would have looked at photos, would have asked me about people, and she isn’t around now for me to do that. I’ll have the photos (on smugmug at some point) but I can’t share this experience with her.

The single best video on youtube

This has just over 3 million views. This means that just over 3 million people have a clue.

From personal experience this advice applies in the UK. It probably applies everywhere in the world.
Your words will be twisted.

If you have not seen it, watch it.

Do NOT talk to the police.

Don’t believe me? You will, after you do and you realise that you fucked up big time.

Away to be groped

Last time I went through an airport (to/from Poland) I got complimented on my tattoos and waved through without stopping. That has never happened in the USA and I doubt it will happen this time – heading USA way tomorrow.

When I had my leg done Neil covered it in saniderm that was relatively thick. Good stuff though – it stuck for days, itching was reduced and the tattoo looks great.
The left arm though he used saniderm again but this stuff was super thin, like onion skin. I can’t even feel the edge where it stops. That was Thursday, it’s Sunday and it’s still stuck perfectly. I plan on removing it maybe this Thursday.
Switched the initial nostril hoop things for Ti rings. Why wait for it to heal then stretch when I can expand it now and let it heal for the one time?

The meetup.com group I started is ticking over nicely. We don’t just talk about how we got to pass the entry requirements but it’s good when talking and a memory is triggered that everyone else knows why you suddenly went silent, or turned to stare out of the window. Everyone who has come along has been really cool.

Wanting to make a fairly significant life change but – like all of us – a money thing gets in the way. Not sure if it’s solvable.

My HOSTS file remains good – a solid week of blocking all things facebook, instagram and twitter. Will be adding a chunk of google domains to it soon.

Currently reading:

Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon

Fear: Trump in the White House

The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken

Click Here to Kill Everybody: Security and Survival in a Hyper-connected World

I’m still totally off fiction, just like I’m off films too. I don’t want pretend stuff.

New ink / holes

Both tragus up from 1 2mm BCR to 1.6 Ti segment ring

Left ear cart up from 1.2 segment to 1.6 horsehoe. Target is 2.44mm Ti horseshoe

Semi-colon tattoo on right ring finger existed, and now does not. Infection blew the ink out

Double nose piercing added. Currently steel, will be rainbow Ti as soon as

Leg tattoo healed perfectly

Left arm had more work today. It’ll have more in a few months


Progress pics in the usual place later / tomorrow


I nuked my FB account a few days ago. One person noticed (love you.)

I just deleted Jacqui’s. I doubt that will be noticed.

Mark Zuckerberg is a fucking lizard.

Jack Dorsey is a lowlife fucking slimeball.

I’m glad to be rid of them – and I love my HOSTS files.

Looking forward

This quote feels quite real for me:

“We have these big myths of addiction and sobriety, that getting clean is always a brand new start, that it’s all it takes. Sometimes all it does it let you have clear-eyed view of how badly you fucked everything up and how there’s nowhere else to go.” (Source)

I would change slightly

“We have these big myths of addiction and sobriety, that getting clean is always a brand new start, that it’s all it takes. Sometimes all it does it let you have clear-eyed view of how life actually is and that there’s nowhere else to go.”

That makes it very real.

Pain-free migraines

Some time last year I got a daith piercing. (This is not my ear, it’s just so you can see the placement)
Not my ear

Two reasons for getting it:

1 – because why not

2 – this piercing is anecdotally linked to a reduction in migraines.

I was diagnosed with chronic daily migraines some years ago. As with most continuous pain you get used to a certain level but it was tedious. Got the daith and the pain went away. It really did stop.

I had an odd sensation at the point in my head where the migraines always started but it did not hurt. Cost of the piercing was a good investment.

Recently though they are back, but they do not hurt. I get all the other problems, just no pain. So I feel sick, my vision is affected, I feel foggy in my head, sort of dizzy, can’t eat, just want to lie down and stay still because I feel better doing so. These all persist for as long as a migraine would – that’s all day. They usually arrive in the night and disappear the next night (unless food kicks one off). The not hurting is really odd though.

My diet has not changed to cause this. My liquid and caffeine intake has not varied that much. Nothing I can think of has changed, yet effectively the migraines are back. If I cannot identify why they are back and deal with that then I have to assume that my all too brief pain and sensation break from migraines is over.

I have tried a triptan (no success), tried seabands (nausea goes but nothing else), tried meditation (no success).

Odd and unwelcome.

First post in a while…..

I closed the site, moved to Tumblr, moved to a jekyll static site, moved back to Tumblr, tried a couple of other blogging options, went back to Jekyll (and GitHub) and over the last few weeks decided that I wanted to re-open this site. It’s been here since Jan 2004 so why not.

Apart from the grieving, crying, depression, getting used to but still hating the silence, losing weight and some other things I’ll never write about here, what’s happened then?

Been to Birmingham to meet up again with the very wonderful UK Bodyart bunch and to wish Claire – that’s the Claire in the tagline up top – a fab time in Boston where she moved to.
Been to Bristol twice to see Jennifer and Matt
Been to Gdansk and met the brilliant Team Neptune who I work with at Automattic (Gdansk is beautiful. Really cool place, one I’d love to go back to)

Started volunteering at the local library and I’ll be sorting out their website for them.

Started a Widows/Widowers Meetup.com group. We’ve had 3 meetings so far and more will happen.

Got a VPS on Ramnode so I can learn more command line and play with interesting things I find on Github.

Started learning CSS properly (for work)

Started learning python (to exercise my brain)

Now the PS Vita is discontinued bought another and implemented the Trinity exploit so I can load a stack of different games onto it.

And I’ve done a few things to my body:

– retired venom piercings done in January and have since had another tongue piercing. Centre tongue stretched to 5mm.

– Was suspended by two hooks in my back.


– Had a magnet inserted into a finger


– Had my chest tattoo touched up


– Got a leg tattoo


– Had a chip implanted into each hand


– Got a bright semicolon tattoo


(More pictures on Smugmug)

Next month I get my left arm finished (or very close to) before the Automattic Meetup in Florida.
And on the 27th of this month I am in Bristol to get hung up again – this time with hooks in my back and my legs.

I find the world without Jacqui to be a very different place. Very lonely, very quiet. It’s hard sometimes. Rattling around in this house with only the dogs to talk to still feels weird. It’s only in the last week I’ve finally got all the paperwork sorted out following her death.

Twitter is shit
Mastodon is cool
Tildes is cool
Zoho Notebook is very cool, as is Marsedit