Too much me

Realised middle of last year that there was too much of me and that diet and exercise levels needed to change. The way my mind works is that I ignore this for a while before chucking the issue to the back of my mind.
Over weeks the thoughts about what needs to be done pop up, I ponder them and then chuck them back where they came from.

I knew I needed to lose weight
I knew I needed to get fitter
I knew what I needed to do

The thoughts kept coming back and I kept ignoring them. This process takes time.
I would never make the conscious decision to change. I’ve tried that approach in the past for various issues and it dooms me to failure every single time.
I had to wait for the day – and it would certainly arrive – where I got up and change just happened.

And it did.

My diet changed both in what I eat and what I drink despite the fact that the unhealthy stuff is still in the kitchen/freezer
My activity level increased.
Neither of these are huge jumps, just incremental changes and it will work. Always has before.

Today – several days after the change – an exercise bike I ordered eons ago arrived. So that, plus the rowing machine (been unable to use that due to a back issue which is improving), plus taking Zelda on longer walks around the village will get my activity up. Combined with better food weight loss will happen and all should be good. Eventually.

I do like this as a mantra:

Skinny feels

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