There are certain ways the English language is used that annoy me.

People saying betta instead of better. Saying gunna instead of going to. There are more but So is right at the top of the list.

I first became aware of ‘So’ being used to start both verbal and written communication soon after I joined Automattic. One of the US employees used ‘So’ quite a bit and it was amusing.

As I used Reddit and other US sites it cropped up more and more:
“So I work in a lively bar”
“So I was in the automotive shop”
“So it was Tuesday”
I instantly pictured the author as a yank.
The word ‘So’ in all the above in 100% superfluous. It is useless. It is simply noise that adds zero to the content in any way at all.

Listening to Radio 5 recently I noticed that brits calling in were using it. Annoying. And then this morning Adrian Chiles is interviewing someone who does Covid surveys. I imagine that she is well qualified. And she started just about every response from Adrian with “So”. Even Adrian upped his ‘So’ utterances.

I’m not about using the Queen’s English and everyone sounding like they came from 19040’s Home Counties, and I love accents and dialects. But FFS, the use of ‘So’ as the start word really should stop.

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