From me to you tattoo

Seen a tackle box? Lots of little compartments for stuff. I have several which cover the amount of body jewellery I have accumulated over the year.

Wood, bone, stone, steel, titanium, glass, amber and more.

I usually just open the one that contains all the 28mm plugs/tunnels but after a sort out yesterday I opened the big box at the bottom. It has tattoo inks, the little plastic cups, sterile wipes and two of the old style tattoo guns. I never could get on with them. It also has some Reelskin which I had forgotten about (impulse buy).

I found a pack of flat Reelskins and a hand.
Then I dug out the tattoo gun I have – rotary – and started playing with the Reelskin. Some adjustments later and I was happy.

On the little finger of my right hand I now have two broad stripes – one blue, one green on the first section of that finger – and a blue ‘comma’ on the middle. They were done with the needle tip that composes 4 or 5 needles.

Today I checked the needles I have and found I have single tipped needles. They aren’t actually one-tipped. It’s one needle but is split into three fine points. Practiced on some Reelskin, all was good. Laid some ink into my finger, all was good.

My eldest came around and the above was mentioned.

She asked, and now she has a tattoo, by me, on her.

It is ornate, spectacular and award winning?
Hell no.
Is it cute?
It is a reminder of today that will live with her forever?
Hell yes.

That works.

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