A re-read

I’ve said for a long time that I thought The Stand by Stephen King was my #1 book. I read it on release, read it a few times and was amazed by the depth that the unabridged version brought when it was released in 1989.

I’ve changed my mind.

I first read Firestarter (by the same King) in Omni magazine back around 1980. Loved it and bought the book on release. For some reason I don’t think I ever re-read it, or if I had it’s not in the last 20 years.
I could remember the opening. I could remember the scene at the end. But the rest of the story arc I’d lost.
Wanting to take a break from reading non-fiction but not wanting to read a new book, I noodled through Calibre and saw Firestarter.


Over the last 3 days I read it again and I am so glad I did. It is amazing.

While I still love The Stand, and intend to now re-read the unabridged version again, Firestarter takes the #1 spot.

2 thoughts on “A re-read

  1. Firestarter was the first King book that I read, I was almost 13. I’m now 39 and have read pretty much everything he’s ever written, but Firestarter remains my favourite, too. The Tommy knockers and Dolores Claiborne are other older favourites. Under The Dome, The Institute, The Outsider and Sleeping Beauties are my favourites of recent years.

    1. I don’t recall Tommy Knockers, but Dolores Claiborne / Misery / the one involving bondage in a cabin marked the end of my “New SK book? Buy it”.

      The last 4 you mention I’ve not read, but Dome IIRC King himself didn’t like the TV version which I’d caught somehere.

      Golden Years pops into my mind.

      Firetarter joins The Stand and a couple of other books I’ve read where there is a film but I’d never ever watch it.
      Drew Barrymore might work at Charlene, but Andy / Cap / Rainbird… just like Flagg and Trashcan Man, nothing can match the image in my head.

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