A bitchy post

I make no apologies at all for this.

At some point in my last few months at Automattic I got up at my usual 6am, walked the dogs, showered etc and sat down at my computer at my usual 15-20 mins before my 7am start.
I liked to take the time to read the some internal P2’s, slack channels and get up to speed.

There was a power cut.

I could do nothing but wait and a couple of minutes after 7am the power came back. The router did it’s thing, I connected, opened the Live Chat and started work. This is maybe 5 minutes past 7am UK.

I have a Slack DM from one of the schedulers. She demands to know why I was late, that I should have let people know. I told her it was a power cut, that I had no idea it was about to happen so how could I have let people know? She went on about the fact I was late. I told her that I had been at Automattic forever and that if I was late it would been for a very good reason. She didn’t care. She was wielding the power she thought she had to come down on me. All it did was make me despise her.

The schedulers are not above the HE’s at Automattic. In fact, with this particular female I reckoned she wanted the scheduler job because she couldn’t do Support. And she wanted the power.

And the 7am? She was in Canada. She was up watching people sign in despite it being very very early in Canada.

I heard some news.

A Team Lead is stepping down. Perfectly normal event. And guess who will be taking that place? The person who wanted to be a scheduler so she did not have to do Support. This female will now be telling others how to do a job she cannot do herself.

Whoever said Yes to this Team Lead position is either desperate or crazy. This female will hurt those she will be the lead of. It’s a terrible terrible appointment.

Jen McF as a Team Lead? If I was on that team I’d be taking HR for a move.

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