I dislike sleeping

Two nights ago I had another long dream about being unable to navigate around a hotel. The dream never seemed to end, it wore me out. These dreams screw up my following day. I was subdued, did no domestic tasks, just sat with the animals while the TV droned on. I remember thinking that I am so very fed up of hotel dreams.


Last night. In the dream I was leaving work. What that work was is blurred, but I knew that I could never find a pen, so I left work deciding to buy a pen on a lanyard and went into the city. No idea what city, but it was a city. (I have NO idea what shop in my city would sell such a thing).

Each street had a full market going on. Lots of stalls, masses of people, very little room to move, having to follow the stream of people. I had some sort of bag, or backpack, or something that made this movement difficult and slow. It would catch products causing them to fall – so making progress slower – or catch them and take them – so causing me to get stopped which slowed again. These streets went on and on and on. I could not escape, I could not find the pen I wanted.
Then something happened – no idea what, could have been Zelda adjusting position next to me – and my mind started saying “It’s a dream, it’s a dream, it’s a dream”. I woke up. Got up, went downstairs to get a drink of water.

Back to bed, back to sleep and right into another fantastical dream in some sort of flying object with targets to reach, targets to hit, being pursued. Just as the chasers closed in I woke.

Again my mind has been screwed for the day. It’s like a bad hangover.

I wish I could stop dreaming.

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