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In my departure post at Automattic I said that I did not want to spend so much time in front of a computer. Reasonable I thought. But Covid….

I do not count gaming as ‘being in front of a computer’ even though it very obviously is. (Diablo 3 Season 22 starts tomorrow…). Gaming is escape. It was non-escape that I wanted to reduce. I probably have, but I have also amassed more sites to read/scroll/refresh.

After removing the reddit app from the phone/ipad I looked yesterday at browser bookmarks (Firefox is synced across devices). I had heaps and heaps of them. Time to pare them down.

Have I looked at it in 6 months? If not, delete.
Has it been useful to read? If not, delete.
Is the community positive for me? If not, delete.
I had other little rules.
While the TV was droning on in the background I opened each bookmark folder, looked at links and deleted a ton of them.

I then did the same with RSS feeds in Newsblur.

Apps on the mobile devices were purged in the same way.

This morning, after I’d got the financial stuff sorted (prev post), I started reading ‘my usuals’. Took only a very few minutes. Repetition of articles was massively reduced. That left me enough time to get up to speed on domestic chores. I wasn’t sitting there staring at a screen for so long.

Hopefully this stays as a positive.


One thought on “Bookmark purge

  1. I dig it! I do digital decluttering, too. I stopped making bookmarks unless it’s a tool/service I actually use often. Anything else I can find with a search, or just isn’t that important.

    My experience is that saving everything “just in case I need it” means I’ll never find it when I actually do.

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