Covid and NYE

Coronavirus: Family Christmas get-togethers being considered (BBC)

It’s not Christmas they need to worry about IMO.

In my years as a nurse, with kids, I would say to younger staff that I would do the Late shift on 31 Dec and the Early shift – even a Long Day – on Jan 1 to cover their shifts. They could then go out and party freely. But I wanted my Christmas day shift covered.

I never missed a Christmas day with my family.
I worked every 31 Dec / 1 Jan.

So while Boris and his clowns talk about Dec 25th as something sacred, I honestly think they have no clue.

Shutting down 31/21/2020 for pubs / clubs / bars etc?
Do Boris and the twats seriously believe that will work?

All kudos to the Police and NHS staff.

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