Two nights, four dreams

I’m in a room somewhere, no idea where. Jacqui is in the room. I don’t see her, I don’t even hear her, but she’s there. There are various items laid out on the floor. Not big, bulky stuff. I know that I can take what I want and leave the room but whatever I leave will disappear. I cannot remember what the items were but I did not leave the room.

Two. (Same night)
I’m inside a huge hotel and inside a lift. I need to get to the 4th floor but there is no button for it. There is 4b / 4c / 4d but no 4.
Then I’m outside at the base of large mountains which the hotel is built into and onto. I, with others including one person I know, am in a hanging monorail gondola which can swing from side to side. It accelerates up the rail – and sometimes without a rail – swinging from left to right, swooping up and down. I can see the mountainsides, the flora, the rocks, the room windows, balconies. We got into the clouds.

The monorail switches to a cart, like a rollercoaster thing, but it’s more elaborate, coloruful, decorated with feathers and lights. It begins the descent, shooting around and through the mountain, around and through the hotel. The scenery changes like it’s a film. Underwater, in space, through clouds, through neon tunnels. There’s lots of music. Sometimes the rails for this too disappear, sometimes the cart changes shape and becomes enclosed, then open. The person I know is now sitting next to me. The ride goes on and on and it is wonderful.
Then it ends at the bottom and I go looking for the exit. I cannot find it. No-one else is looking though. I keep looking. Eventually the following ride ends and releases it’s passengers. They all walk directly to an exit I couldn’t see.

Three. (Next night)
I’m in a place and time that is focused around an event. The event is vague, I can’t see what it’s all about but then suddenly these shapeless colorful entities start floating toward us all, through people, through buildings. Whatever they touch turns grey and disappears. I run but I’m caught. I get transported to another place and time that is praising the consequences of the event and that changes to yet another event. The only one I remember – there were several – is one where the event was about someone ‘ordinary’ yet the immediate followup celebrated their life and accomplishments. The entities happened again but each time I became less scared and walked toward them.

Four. (Same night)
I’m in a hospital. Someone is attacking me. They have a large knife and I know they want to kill me. I’m yelling for help but the nurse who sees me ignores the situation. Students there ignore it. I keep fighting and pleading for help while punching and kicking the attacker. Even when I run from room to room I get no help. Eventually someone does see me, does call 999 and the person is subdued.

It’s weird inside my head at night.

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