Therapy dogs

Lottie’s been voted of GBBO. Just the latest in the bad choices the judges are making so I’ll skip the rest of the series.

Walkers Doritos have got much thinner. Not good.

The weighted blanket has been chucked in the spare room. Back to just a (single) duvet. My sleep quality remains terrible. I can go to sleep just fine, I can sleep for 7/8/9 hours and yet I wake feeling like crap, wanting to go back to sleep. If it wasn’t for the dogs I would. No idea at all how to change this.
The bad dreams continue.

Youngest’s wedding was nuked by the bastard bozo. It’s now set for just before xmas.

Currently reading:
– Atheist Manifesto (Hitchens)
– Blackwater (Scahill)

Thought about staying up overnight to watch the USA burn but hey, the flames will still be there in the morning and beyond.

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