Two weeks with a weighted blanket

Few weeks ago my eldest and I got to discussing weighted blankets and the good reviews they get. Had a look on Amazon at prices and I’m not shelling out £50+ for a single blanket. A few days later she sees two in a store for £25 and grabbed them.

The blanket is enough for one person, weighs about 7kg. I’ve used it every night since.

Has the quality of my sleep improved?
I cannot remember the last time I woke up feeling good. I still get the freaky dreams about loss and being lost.

Does it help me get to sleep quicker?
That remains as variable as ever.

Am I sleeping more?

So overall I am finding no benefit to using it. In fact there’s a drawback. If the blanket slides off you, it takes much more effort to drag it back over than a duvet or sheets would.

Keep using it? Unsure. I suspect it’ll end up being a bed for the dogs / cats.

3 thoughts on “Two weeks with a weighted blanket

    1. Yeah, there are far too many reviews and studies that show weighted blankets do provide a discernible benefit. That’s why I spent the money. Sadly though, not for me.

      That said, I’m switching back to just a duvet so if I miss the blanket I’ll notice.

  1. I got one of those.

    About an 8kg thing (which can be comedic). Double sized.

    First night I slept really well. Since then…errr, no idea if it’s helping. But I keep it on in case it is. Some nights great sleep others not so much. Possibly more better nights now. My side of the bed as Herself has banned it from her side.

    I once managed to kick the side of the bed in a deep sleep. Woke myself up! Imagine that. I spent a good hour the next day trying to figure out how I managed that. Obviously far more flexible when asleep.

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