My kitchen window

IMG 0759

Some years ago we had to have a ramp fitted at the back so that Jacqui and wheelchair / stretcher could get in and out. After her death that was broken up. Turned out that one piece of that wood fitted the kitchen window perfectly – it sits on the top of the tiles, no other adjustments needed. Today I decided to sand it back from the ‘very rustic’ look to something still rustic but less … brown. I like.

Added two screws so I have my steel measuring spoon sets handy.

There are 3 pestle/mortars, but I only use two.

Tiny cauldrons. I think I have a dozen around the house, just ordered more Stamford Incense Cones as I’m running out.

Spider plants. They insist on growing.

Also cleared the gutter at the back – and found the two tennis balls responsible for the blockages.

I have a house todo list that is long. Very long.

But covid … there’s no rush is there?

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