Writing things down 3

I will have two txt files.

The first will deal with practicalities, notes about stuff. There will be no need for encryption because there will be nothing super secret in there. So I can send it plain text (or more likely upload to a hidden directory on a domain of mine and ask the girls to download it. This gives us the chance to read it, check for anything they think I’m missing and so improve it.

The second will have financial details.
That has to be encrypted.
I could send the girls the file and half the password each.
I could send the girls the file and give the password to someone else.
Still pondering that one.

The second one is pretty much done. Get into 1Password and off you go.
The first less done, and that’s why sharing it in the family is a good thing.

In other news, I feel fine 🙂

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