Writing things down

In the very early hours of this morning I woke in a lot of pain, called the NHS 111 and they blue-lighted an ambulance to me. Over 2.5 hours later they left after the situation (no, not self-inflicted) was resolved to our mutual satisfaction. It was pretty scary at one point.

I’ve pondered before about ‘what happens when I go’ given I now live alone so today started – I do have a Will – a txt file. It covers what I want for my funeral, who to tell, money stuff, passwords to get into machines and then to get more passwords.
It’s not done as I’m sure I’ll think of new stuff in the next few days.

But then what to do with a txt file?

I can’t send it unencrypted.
I can’t store it unencrypted.
But it could end up having a dcent amount of info that should not be just slung around.

My two girls have POA if needed, and are joint executors.
But I don’t have control over how they might store this info, regardless of what I say (though they are in no way daft)
So my initial though is to encrypt the resultant file with a 32 char password.
Test it does extract correctly on a second machine, then send half the password to each.
That too has it’s flaws though.

Pondering will continue…

2 thoughts on “Writing things down

  1. Sounds scary.

    We have wills. The legal bit that makes things less hassle. The other thing is what I pleasantly call ‘The Death Book’ although it’s a word document in reality.

    I’m looking at something like Yubikey to secure it. Haven’t figured it out yet so if I drop dead I’m buggered

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