Writing things down 2

I wrote an email and sent the same to both my girls.
My youngest replied thanking me for my ‘morbid email’
– I replied that she has spelt the word practical wrongly 🙂

My email, and the subsequent actions really are practical.
After Jacqui died the hardest decisions were “What would Jacqui want me/us to do?”

Writing this down takes pressure off.
Writing it down means those left have a plan to follow.
Writing it down forces me to think, to consider, to plan.

Jacqui’s death taught me a lot. I’ve never been the person left behind. Beiung the type of person who thinks “That was then, this is now” it makes me think hard about when my girls lose me.

Again, I’ve no intention of doing anything and if paternal longevity is anything to go by I’ve a few decades left.

The point is that so much of life is non-nuclear family and so much of (my) life involes passwords, two factors, a PIN for a phone and computers.

While just dealing with the Will requires no digital access , someone can have all my music, ripped stuff, Steam / Epic / Origjn etc accounts. Someone needs to manage my Smugmug etc

So what I am trying to do is not morbid.
It’s trying to be practical about an inevitability.

(Fot what it’s worth.. I don’t feel well but nor do I feel bad. Does going to sleep later worry me? More than it did last week, yes).

What will be will be.

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