Task complete

The area behind the rear garage door is now pretty much complete.

The weed membrane is working really well and the bindweed looks to be dead.
The gap between the walls is – while not pretty because membrane can be seen – is covered in pea gravel.
The mess that covered the block paving is clear.

The rear garage door does not really need to open, so that area could be used, but I’ve no idea what for.
Eldest suggested a brick BBQ, but why build something that would be used a handful of days only? Same for her other suggestion of an outside pizza over (my g3ferrari works perfectly and predictably).

If anything I’m leaning toward building a walk-in cage for some ferrets.

Or maybe nothing.

2 thoughts on “Task complete

    1. No fire pit. I have a chimnea on the other side of the patio and I burn wood of an evening. Very nice to look at and chill away from a computer screen 🙂

      We had two ferrets years ago – Cheese and Onion – so we are no strangers to them and they are fantastic little beasts.

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