I need to measure my nipples

I had two days this week where I did not speak to another human. I walked the dogs 4x every day but passed no-one. I – I was going to say talk to the dogs / cats but that implies I’m either maaaaad (which I could be given paperwork from a Dr but has not been tested legally and ended in a positive and to be honest I’d never use as a defence) or that I’m Doolittle. Neither apply.
I speak to them, reassure them, fuss them.
But yeah, no humans.

IMG 0728
The pub I used to take the dogs too is open. Table seating, dogs can’t wander round, can’t stand at the bar chatting. That’s not a pub. So we don’t go.

I have my ear plugs for the wedding of my youngest ready – assuming that idiot Prime Minister and his sixth former moron Hancock don’t cancel weddings. If you are in a Slack channel with me, just ask and I’ll post the image.

Diablo 3, Necro, Solo 105, Paragon 1600 something.

I have titanium rainbow bcr’s in both nipples. When I go out, one of them shrinks/tightens and it stings. I assume that’s because of the ring curvature. So as winter approaches it’s time to measure the nips and buy straight barbells.

The bad dreams continue.

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